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Posted By : Diamond20_UK - 8/19/2017 2:17 PM
I've not been on the forum for well over a week, due to waking up with a facial flare from my SCLE skin Lupus and it's totally shocking, now rashes are forming and i'm red and sore besides irritable besides leaking fluid from cheeks, lips and tongue cry


I'm used to having swelling over the eye lids and underneath plus swelling of cheeks from the glands but nothing to this extent with the flare I have going on.
Diagnosed with MCTD (Mixed connective tissue disease)

Lupus SLE/SCLE/Secondary Sjogren’s syndrome/Raynaud's phenomenon/Scleroderma/psoriasis/
Antiphospholipid Syndrome/Peripheral neuropathy/Pernicious Anaemia/Osteoarthritis/Chronic IBS/
Muscle Atrophy/COPD/Hypothyroidism//Epilepsy/Bipolar-Manic depression-OCD

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