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Posted By : Victoria72 - 3/31/2007 10:39 PM
My body temperature normally hovers around 97.5 to 97.7, this has been normal for me for years.  Monday at work I started getting a really sore throat, that by 11:00 that night was so bad that I couldnt swallow water or even saliva.  I was also very dizzy and weak (more so than normal, haha) so I went to the ER.  I was afraid to wait until morning because it was getting so bad so fast.  The triage nurse took my temp and it was 97.0.  The ER doc swabbed my throat and did a rapid strep test, which was positive, and put me on high milligram Amoxicillin.  He kept saying how weird it was that my temp was so low, (they even took it again)... he said that strep normally runs a low grade to high fever.  He told me to make sure I mention this to my rheumy at my next appt.
I was just wondering if any of you run low temps like this.  It worries me that he commented on it several times, I have never really given it much though until now.  sad

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Posted By : mom46 - 4/1/2007 5:12 AM
   ((Hugs)) Bless your heart! I'm glad you went to the ER and got some antibiotics for the strep. I hope you start feeling alot better over the next few days.
   My temp usually runs a bit low, but when I get the flu, strep or in a flare it goes up. I'm glad you will talk to your rheumy about this. Let us know what he says.
  You rest and take care. Update us when you can. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
                                                          ((hugs)) Babs

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Posted By : hippimom2 - 4/1/2007 8:15 AM
Victoria, I'm sorry to hear that you have gotten sick and have strep. I also have had a few experiences with low body temperature in the last few months. During some of my flares when I fully expected to have a fever, my body temp went the other way and ended up being 96-97 (my normal is about 97.5). I have no idea why this happens and I need to put it on my list of questions for my rheumy when I see him the middle of this month. I'm glad you are asking your rheumy too - I'll be interested to see what he has to say.

I hope you get some relief from your strep soon. Take care and get lots of rest.

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Posted By : okie - 4/1/2007 8:47 AM
Victoria, Hi there! Strep throat huh? Not sounding like much fun there lady. I'm glad you got somthing for it quickly it can be so bad. It's weird that with strep your temp would go down. Yes hippie and I have discussed this before about our temp going down when by all rights it should be up. I mentioned it to my rheumy and he wrote it down. Even asked me agian to repeat what my low temp was. He didn't say what the significance was though. I would be very interested in what your rheumy tells you about this.
I hope you feel better soon and let us know OK?

God Bless
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Posted By : emmi - 4/1/2007 8:37 PM
Hi Victoria,

Glad you got yourself taken care of so quickly--good move! The only good thing to say about strep throat is that is usually responds quickly to the antibiotic. I hope that's the case with you and that none of your kids get it! Take good care.

xoxo emmie


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Posted By : katchap - 4/2/2007 11:50 AM
I just read an article about low body temp.
you may consider having your thyroids checked, they may be good. but if they are sluggish, it will slower your thyroids and they willnot work properly. may sure your doctor has your history, because the golden rules about thyroids my not be exactly your body regulations. ( hope that made since) the golden rule may be if your iron is 11.5 that is great andyour normal iron is 9.5 and your test shows 11.0 well, the gold rule makes it look perfect when reality is. it is too high for you. good luck!

Posted By : Bsime - 4/2/2007 10:06 PM
Everybody is a little different and studies have shown that "normal" body temps range from 97.6-98.8 and average 98.2F.  Some individuals can be above or below that range.

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