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Posted By : monkeyme - 4/1/2007 4:33 PM
I am new to lupus.. am still learning so much about it and what it can effect within my body. I woke yesterday morning with the area on the front of my neck where my thyroid gland is, very sore. It hurts to look up, and I can kind of feel a thickening when I swallow. Can Lupus effect your thyroid gland? I am kind of afraid because everything I have read about sore thyroid has to do with thyroid cancer.

Thanks for your help


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Posted By : Ginny - 4/1/2007 4:50 PM
Hi Monkey,
Yes, lupus can affect your thyroid gland.  I'd make an appointment to see your doctor or rheumatologist. Don't get all worried okay.  Sometimes, it can just be a glitch in your system that will work itself out.  Don't automatically think it might be cancer, okay. Let your doctors do the diagnosing first.
You're in my prayers,

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