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Posted By : montecarlo - 4/3/2007 7:51 PM
I made it! after the 1/2 hr consult,it was on to the needles/pins-which start to finish,was another hour. wow,is there ever alot! pin things from upper abdominal to low first it was okay,but there were about 5 painful pins,all low region-coughing is not recommended with those pins in! holy smokes,DON'T cough!! LOL!
NO coffee,cigarettes,or alcohol.,BUT,he said since I have smoked and drank coffee for so many years,he would allow MAXIMUM 1 cigarette per day ( 1-2 drags,then butt it out-only enough to get through the moment) and max. 1 cup (small) of coffee-suggested just a few sips.........
I am to go everyday for the next five days for the herbal tea and acupuncture,then will re-assess,then will set a new schedule as to how many times per week etc., this guy does very aggressive treatment and is determined to help me. Amazing,a doctor that actually wants to help! He is
a Traditional Chinese Doctor,and though some things are different,I'm willing to give it a try.
The acupuncture is highly recommended , I've spoken to many others and was told how it helped them .
WEIRD,one drag was enough,go figure...He did talk to me about all the stuff in the pills we take,etc, so though this may not be up everyones alley, I will certainly be on board.
Some do acupuncture in other areas,but the abdominal cavity is where he finds the best results for lupus , fibro,kidneys, liver,ovaries,etc.
Though I don't expect to wake up tomorrow feeling 100%,I will have NOTICABLE results within a few days-some areas felt better by the time he was finished-overall,it is better,but hope those same spots are not such a problem in future
crystal yeah

Posted By : okie - 4/3/2007 8:01 PM
Hey crystal, You know why he doesn't want you to drink to much coffee don't ya? he's afraid you'll leak! LOL . Actually I am really interested in hearing more about how things continue to go. Also how the not smoking goes. Please give us updates. I hope you don't have any more pain next time.


God Bless
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God Bless our Troops!

Posted By : omega - 4/3/2007 8:36 PM
Good to hear that acupuncture works for you.  I do believe in good acupuncture can relieve our pain.  I saw that you are drinking hebral soup.  I drank it before.  I do need to let you know that if the doc tells you to stop your medications, never ever do it.  Also, if u are taking hebral soup, take your medicine at least 4 hours after, because they do not mix together.  I think the C. doc should already hv told u this.  I am an asian and I do know about hebral soups and drank it before.  It healed my stomach problem but not SLE.  I had two experiences of stopping the medications according to the instructioin of the Hebralist and ended up having bad flare.  One of my friends who also seeing/saw?? a Chinese Herbalist and never stopped the medications.  I am not thinking that you will stop the medication, but I just want to let you know about this and be conscious about it.  Most C. Hebralist nowadays will use multiple methods.  According to them, the soup will help to clean out the toxic from our medicines, and it helps the kidney too. 

Posted By : montecarlo - 4/3/2007 9:09 PM
LOL! OKIE!! you crack me up! My husband brought me a T-Shirt that says:
''Still a Hot Babe'but now it comes in flashes! ''LOL!
It is a tea that is very simple to use,-my daughter had the kind that we had to boil down from 4 cups to 1 cup-I think that was a root soup type thing.
I gave up all medications due to the fact there were multiple problems and reactions,but will certainly keep in mind your information,and will watch for a possible flare to come. I have been in midst of an on going flare for about 3+ yrs, so will take my chances. Several of my doctors surprised me with their support of this path-part of me wonders if they had just given up.
The Ch.dr.,said my kidneys are weak at this point,the pain for that does seem better-I can actually touch my side without horrible pain!
Do you have stomach problems associated with medications? some medications were very hard on my stomach, I just hope this path will help with that. How come some of the needles hurt so much?
Thanks again,fingers crossed this works! crystal

Posted By : omega - 4/4/2007 10:52 AM

Oh yeah.  I used to hv bad stomach problems and always had pain due to medication.  The C. Hebralist cured it, and now I am perfectly fine.  The C. Hebral is pretty good at stomach and kidney problems.  My friend had hep-B and took C. Hebral route and made it absolutely under control and maintaining good condition.  My mom had thyroid and doing pretty good by seeing C. Hebralist. 

I took acupunture b/4 but not really working well.  May be the acunpunture isn't good enough.  I knew that some areas will hurt when doing acupunture.  I did not know where, but some part of the body will expeirence pain.  That's what my other friend who had acupunture told me.  I don't know why though.


Posted By : omega - 4/4/2007 10:53 AM
BTW, according to their philosophy, our health problem is due to the weak kidney.

Posted By : Peaceful Harpist - 4/4/2007 2:49 PM
Montecarlo, I would like to know more too about your accupuncture. This is something I want to try too. I have chronic pain from my back and fibro. Did your doctor suggest one accupuncturist in particular? I want to go to one that is trained in China and know Qui Gong too. I'm waiting for my next appt. w/ the pain management dr. that I go to. How long is the appt? How many times do you have to go? Do you have to keep going for appts when you feel better?

Omega, have you tried Qui Gong with acupuncture? I was told years ago by a Chinese Acupuncturist that I had an excessive Yin condition and should avoid sugar, caffine, alcohol, meat, alot of salt. He also told me that my pancreas, liver, gall bladder and kidneys were weak. His opinion was right on with me. He could tell just by looking at me what organs were not healthy. He was visiting from another state to a Health Center. He could give advise, reccomend diet, give accu-pressure points, but wasn't allowed to do accu-puncture in our State. Now Accu-puncture is allowed.

Blessings, Cecelia

Nesting is healing, Live well, blessings, peaceful harpist 
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Posted By : canuckgirl - 4/4/2007 3:28 PM
I would see if on your second time there were any needles that still hurt as that should not happen. I have being doing accupuncture for over 10 years now had it done in several asian countries while travalling too it should NEVER hurt or something is wrong. My friend is a Natro Path Dr and a trained accupunturist and also advises there should never be any pain what so ever. I have never been told to not smoke or drink coffee after either but then again I don't do either so maybe that is why. I love accupuncture and reiki treatments they have been a fundamental part of my life for a long time now even before I got sick.

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Posted By : montecarlo - 4/4/2007 5:17 PM
The area of pain yesterday, was not there today(thankfully),the large cysts are painful without being touched at all-wearing clothes hurts-he said it will be necessary to go again tomorrow again,but I don't know how many more times for the acupuncture-the kidney pain is already a minor ache,my chest doesn't feel as tight,my ankles&knees are able to bend without pain,the ear ringing lasted about 15 seconds today, and I actually slept for 5-6 hrs straight! sleeping pills didn't even do that! YEEHAA!
I am not a patient person,but realize I have to give it time,but have to tell you,that tea is a little gross! I still ache and my tailbone and hip are still giving me some trouble,but hopefully it gets better...I went outside briefly without sunglasses and the migraine I usually get from any light source is about 50% better already.
I will go now and then for ''maintenance'' (as he calls it) once all treatments are complete-like an oil change-
It has been good in the fact I do feel some relief already,and my husband has noticed improvement as well,my energy is up a bit,so I hope that helps the crabbiness(LOL)- I don't know,I think it is certainly worth trying,this guy is known for very aggressive treatments,so I am actually relieved ,there is someone willing to give it there all(he opened 1/2 hr early to get me in yesterday and today).
Good luck to all who give this a try,I hope you also get some relief.
It is not a cure,but if I could be in remission,I'm all for that!!
Thanks for all the interest! Blessings,Crystal

Posted By : omega - 4/4/2007 8:14 PM
Do u mean Qi Gong? I never tried that, Cecelia. But I do had two friends (not too close) who had cancer tried. You need to find a good one though. If it is in the initital stage, it will help to maintain the body. But if you go in deeper, it will involve something spiritual and it is in the other worldly realm.
Well! The Chinese med. strands believe that people who are sick because the kidney, and whatever organs around those areas are weak. I was also told that my kidney was weak. And yes, my kidney, the right one is not good.
I heard that Tai Chi will help to relief the pain. My mom had arithrits and she always urged me to learn because she said it helps to relief her pain. I never learn it cause lazy and no time.

Posted By : Peaceful Harpist - 4/5/2007 7:02 AM
Omega, thank you, I meant Qu Gong? I used to do the long form, but my knees are in very bad shape as well as my back. My PT suggested Tai Chi too. Maybe I could start with the short form. My son is a Chinese martial artist, Budhist Monk training. He knows the form and could get me going on it again. He's comming home this weekend and can help me remember. My PT will be happy than.

Crystal, I'm so glad that you have improvement!! Continued good luck!! You're both in my thoughts and prayers, gentle hugs, Cecelia

Nesting is healing, Live well, blessings, peaceful harpist 
Lupus(SLE & Sub-Cutaneous),chronic pain,degenerative disc disease,hypothyroidism,severe anemia,luekopenia,asthma,R.A.,Raynaud's, Sjorgrens's,Rosecia,vit. D and iron deficiencys,fibromyalgia & sleep apnea.Too many meds to mention. Yoga...Meditation... Music

Posted By : montecarlo - 4/6/2007 3:25 PM

Each day is a little better,I am just crabby today,this no coffee or cigarettes thing can be tough,but only 2 cig's this week! That is darn good , I don't know why I ever started again after the kids were born-but I made the commitment to this doctor. I had acupuncture again today,and will go again tomorrow,I don't know how many times will be needed-the burning in my face is about 90% gone,mood swings still suck,but each day there is a little more improvement. It is $70 a day,and almost an hour drive each way,but has been totally worth it. The chronic sore throat is gone,migraines are like mild headaches,my cold (chest) is gone,now more like aches and not pains...hope you are all having a good day,I feel guilty about me feeling better though,I don't mean to dampen anyones spirit-sorry if I have.

           Blessings, crystal

Posted By : omega - 4/6/2007 6:05 PM
I am so happy for you. Don't be guilty. Yes. I do beleive in acupuncuture and Chinese Hebralist, but just couldn't find the good one. They r good to cure migraines, flu (slow but good), stomach illness, kidneys.... Gee....I wish I could see one too, but expensive for me right now.
I remembered those days when I had to on a straight diet. I did not smoke or drink, but I could not eat seafood, red meat, spicy food, no icy drinks, no cold stuff......It was miserable for me, but it's worth it. My stomach problem due to medication was healed and was still good up to this moment (more than six years now).

Posted By : montecarlo - 4/7/2007 3:32 PM
This doctor said I need to see him everyday until there is no more than 20% pain,then he will do aggressive herbal treatment-it is very expensive,but worth it-I feel like I am slowly getting some life back-I don't flop on the sofa for the day all groggy and cranky,still am a bit tired,but normal type . I still have some pain,but not nearly what it was,the worst is my lower back, tailbone&hip today,yesterday it was good,I think it is the hr drive home afterward that gets me. I think I need to see a chiropractor , if that doesn't help,than I don't know what will! Other than that,it is going great...and has helped with the emotional outbursts and my eye feels close to normal(95%) the ulcers and redness are almost 100% gone,but the discoid is a fighter! A bit red and mild burning,but is completely tolerable now!
Thanks for all of your support ,love,crystal!

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