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Posted By : JillmarieCz - 4/25/2004 1:56 PM
I have been getting migraines for about 15 years now. Some weeks I get them on a daily basis due
to my stress level. I've had years of tests, but really nothing has been diagnosed. I am currently
using Imitrex and I had the way it makes me feel, so I use it only when an absolute necessary, or
when I am at work.

I had two this week - one Monday and one Friday. Both Saturday and Sunday,
I woke up feeling like I was drinking all night. The right side of my head (temple area) has been throbbing
so bad that I almost had my boyfriend take me to the emergency room. I have had all of the normal symptoms,
but never this unbearable throb. It worsens when I stand up and it worsens when I sit. I'm ALWYAS able to sleep,
but the pain is so bad that I can't even close my eyes. Has anybody had this before in association with their
migraine? Please advise. I'm a little freaked out about a new symptom.


Posted By : amandap - 8/11/2004 9:30 PM
Jill (?)
I just found this site and saw your post. YES..I get the same symptom as you describe....hangover migraine afterwards and TERRIBLE throbbing pain on one side...too bad to sleep, worse when I cough, sneeze, cough, stand up, sit down, bend over, walk, etc. I usually just lay down and moan and try to cover my eyes with a washcloth and doze in and out and sometimes vomit (which of course makes the migraine worse!)

So SORRY you have this too. Not fair, I know. But I have heard many women describe your pain the same way.


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