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Posted By : Ashleigh - 4/26/2004 5:35 PM
I am 18 years old and I have been suffereing from Migraines since I was about 15. I started taking OTC pills like advil, then advil migraines, but they stopped working shortly after I started taking them. My doctor them moved me onto Propranolol or Cafergot as a preventative, (I can't remember which was first) with T3 when I got a migraine, but they both stoped working and the T3 was making me naseaus. After the Propranolol and Cafergot, I was moved onto Maxalt, which did wonders for a while, and then I couldn't keep it down after I took it. I took the pill at the onset of my symptons and within 5 min I was puking up everything that was in me. I am now on Zomig and it doesn't look good either. I took my first does 2 days ago at 4am before I headed to work and it did nothing, so 2 hours later at 6am I took my second does and nothing yet. So i left work early and tired to get to sleep. It's so frustrating because I am missing shifts form all this.
The worse part is that when they get bad enough I go to the ER for Migraine Protocol which takes about 3 hours to complete once I get into see a Dr. The protocol works wonders but I am so tired after it that I can't function for the next day, and I can't drive myself home either. It's an inconvience for me and my parents. Sitting on a 30min bus ride home, falling asleep sucks.
I already have an idea of what causes them and what doesn't.
It has nothing to do with my period, or that I am on the pill. It is not caused by MSG either.
I know chocolate causes it and when the pressure changes, and full moon.
That's about all I know.
My Dr. has NOT ran any tests at all and I am afraid that they are getting worse. I am getting more and more symptoms inbetween my migraines and the after effects are lasting longer and longer.
Comments? Suggestions? Anything would be helpful.

Posted By : amandap - 8/11/2004 9:35 PM
How are you doing? I just found your post. I am so sorry about all of this. I am 32 and have had them since 13. You are not alone..but mine have gotten worse and worse as I get older. I think you should get the typical C-Scan and other major tests out of the way just to rule out a tumor or anything..that's what I did..and then start working with a Dr. to get some better meds and start experimenting with some preventative meds. I'm now trying to look at weather forcasts and if I think a drastically different pressure system is movign in, take meds before I go to sleep.

How can you tell that your pill and/or migraines aren't causing them? The pill made mine worse. I also get worse ones right after my period and right during ovulation.

Good luck!

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