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Posted By : rocky4518 - 6/6/2008 4:00 PM

(sorry this is so long..)


For over nine months now, I’ve had chronic DAILY headaches. I’m a 26-year-old female. At first, they behaved like sinus infections and improved with antibiotics and steroids. Now, NOTHING seems to help. I had sinus surgery in November 2007, but it did nothing to help my pain. In fact, my pain has been worse since the surgery!


My main symptoms are:

-          a deep, aching pain/pressure in my cheekbones

-          dental pain on my upper-left teeth…was so bad once that I went to the ER

-          pain all over my forehead/temples


These symptoms never leave…they’re present ALL day…the intensity just varies. It usually gets worse and worse as the day goes on. Simple things like talking, laughing, or smiling a lot tend to REALLY exacerbate the problem. It also gets worse if I go outside for awhile…not sure if it’s from the sun or from the allergen exposure (I have VERY bad allergies…I started allergy shots in February 2008). It also gets worse if I lean forward.


I’ve tried many medicines to no avail:

-          amitriptylin

-          topamax

-          zanaflex

-          dexamethason

-          round after round of antibiotics

-          prednisone (seemed to help, but I obviously can’t be on steroids forever)

-          indomethicin (seemed to help for awhile but doesn’t anymore)

-          naprelan

-          magnesium infusion via an IV

-          advil, tylanol, excedin, etc.


I take Allegra D and Singulair daily as well as the nose spray Nasonex.


I had an MRI…it was normal. I’ve had several CT scans…they show nothing that could really be causing these headaches. I do have one remaining, relatively minor structural problem that was MISSED during the first surgery, as well as some scar tissue in the ethmoids…I intend to have a second sinus surgery to fix these problems. My new ENT told me, though, that it’s statistically unlikely for the surgery to help my headaches.


I am well aware that migraines can often FEEL like sinus headaches…however I don’t have any of the other migraine symptoms (nausea, sound/light sensitivity, throbbing, etc.) My headache specialist thinks that I most likely have chronic daily headaches which, I’ve learned, are the hardest to treat. He just gave me a triptan to try and see if I respond to that...mainly to be able to cross that off the list. The problem becomes that, since my head hurts ALL the time, I would be taking a triptan ALL the time, and I know that can cause rebound headaches. I have yet to try it.


I’ve found a few people with similar problems on forums like this, but they seem to usually have vision problems, lightheadedness, etc. that I don’t have. I’ve also never found anyone who SOLVED their problem. Does ANYONE have a similar-sounding problem? Any solutions??? Any advice would be most appreciated.

Posted By : arinama - 6/8/2008 5:04 PM
I have gone through something similar. I still have daily headaches (but not as intense). I have had MRI's, CAT scans, and gone to every type of doctor imaginable. I did determine finally about 1 1/2 years ago that I have TMJ. You don't have to have your jaw lock up on you, or have it click or pop all the time to have it. It can be that your bite is offset (especially if you a clencher or a grinder). Anyway, I found a doctor in my area that specializes in TMJ. I got a splint (that I wear all the time with the exception of when I eat) that evens out my bite. At first my headaches got worse, but that was because there was a foreign object in my mouth and I kept biting down on it (or rather clenching on it). Once I got used to it they eased up some. Before my ears would ring, I thought there was always something wrong with my sinuses, my ears would clog up, I would get dizzy, pain behind my eyes, my temples were sore, my teeth hurt, my neck, etc. Anyway, if you look up TMJ or TMJD and look up the symptoms, you may find that you have this. You certainly sound like you have some of the typical symptoms. Hope this helps.

Posted By : oley1972 - 6/25/2008 12:17 PM
I also suffer from daily feels like sinur pressure headaches...I got my very first Migraine headache about 3 weeks ago here at work and was taken to the ER b/c it felt like the left side of my head was going to burst...It was just a Migraine but also with my Migraine's I do not have the sensitivity to light or nausea, just the pain on the left side of my head, right behind my eye & temple area. I had a CT Scan done and nothing was wrong so they gave me a shot of Imitrex and that took the pain right away so my Doctor said well Imitrex only works on Migrane's so if it was something else it wouldnt have worked and said I was stressed. She did refer me to a Neurologist and I have an appt w/ one coming up in the next couple of days...your not alone...

Posted By : Annuk - 6/25/2008 1:25 PM
Hi Oley,

Welcome to Healing Well. Sorry to hear about these headaches. Imitrex works for Clusterheadache as well as Migraine - it even says this on the box and in the Doctors prescribing bible!!!! So I think the ER need to do their homework!!!!

What is the pain like behind your eye and around the temples? Is it stabbing, throbbing, burning or pressure?? How long do these attacks last if you do not abort them? Hope you have some success with the Neuro, please let me know how you get on?

take care


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Posted By : oley1972 - 6/25/2008 1:41 PM
yeah the ER Nurse Practioner I say that day said the Imitrex will work on Migraines and Cluster headaches...the pain behind my left eye is more like a low throbbing pain...dull but there. I have been to the eye doctor and he didnt see anything wrong w/ that eye & my rx for my contacts was regular Doctor just keeps saying I am stressed and my response was "well i am stressed now b/c why all of a sudden at 35 am i getting headaches that i have never had before"...of course no Dr can explain that! I can have the pain behind my eye most of the day so another reason why my Dr says could be sinus pressure...b/c if it was a brain tumor or stroke i would have other symptoms, blah, blah, blah....i am just praying & waiting to see the Neuro Dr and get an MRI to make sure nothing else is seriously wrong.

Posted By : Annuk - 6/25/2008 1:57 PM
I wish you well when you see the Neuro, it sounds to me as though this is migraine but I am no Doc! But I would point out that Imitrex would not take away the pain of Sinus pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know how you get on?

take care


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Posted By : Stayce92 - 7/7/2008 9:09 PM
Hi Oley,

Many of us have been in your position; I was 32 when I had a headache for 3 months straight before the doctors could finally break it. I have had MRIs, CAT scans, sinus surgury, infusions, more pills prscribed to me than I can list. They honestly don't know when it comes to headaches, it is so frustrating. They can come on one day out of no where and take away your life and everyone is clueless as to why.

I wish you luck.

Posted By : oley1972 - 7/8/2008 7:57 AM
Well I say the Neuro yesterday-really great Doctor, she was awesome.  Didnt look at me funny when I was explaining my symptons.  She also stated that a woman's body changes many times on its own or after having kids...My daughter is 2 and I am 35 and still on birth control...she said all of that can produce Migranes...she also said stress is the best cause...which I guess we all stress every day over something sad ...she scheduled me for an MRI, MRA and a Visual Field Test...She did make me feel good when she said the CT Scan I had done a month ago would have shown anything really bad so that takes away the fear of a tumor or stroke.  It seems like everyday I get some type of headache weather its sinus pressure or the starting of a Migrane.  I go back to the ENT next week for the Vertigo issues which also can cause Migranes...I feel for everyone who is having the same issues I am but its nice to know I am not alone in my pain. eyes The nasal spray, Veramyst the ENT gave me gives me nose bleeds so can't really take that every day for the sinus pressure...I take Advil and/or Aleve almost every day to relieve the sinue pressure...Maybe seeing the ENT next week and telling him the repoisitioning didnt work and the Vertigo is worse-we can get that fixed & the headaches will go away!  How awesome would that be?  My sinus hurt so bad sometimes they feel like there burning...I am really hoping the MRI will show whats going on b/c that looks at the nerves and sinus cavaties!  Oh well...Will keep posting with updates. scool

Posted By : patticat - 7/9/2008 7:37 AM
I can totally relate to you and your situation.  I am a 37-year-old mother of three.  I have had headaches for 15 or more years.  I have had 2 sinus surgeries that provided temporary relief only.  It was very hard for me to accept the fact that these were indeed migraines.  I have mainly pain behind my eyes.  It is very hard to describe because the pain may be behind the right eye one minute, and behind the left the next.  Sometimes the pain moves to my temples and to the sides of my head, but the central pain remains in my eye sockets.  The pain gets worse when I stand quickly or bend over.  Sometimes I think the headache is gone because I feel fine, and I might move my head and WOW...there is the pain stabbing my eye socket.  I feel very isolated with this.  Sunlight is rough on me as you all well understand.  I have run the gammet of tests and everything has come back "normal."  I currently take elavil and topomax, although I think the topomax has maxed out its effectiveness.  I actually had about 4 months of no h/a, but maybe it is the summer heat, or just a reminder that I am not done with them, but I have currently had a headache now for about 1 1/2 weeks.  It really wears on you.  People around you can't understand how you feel. 

Posted By : oley1972 - 7/9/2008 12:18 PM
My pressure is behind the left eye & in the left temple...There are times when it will move over to the right side but no that often. My new symptons is head tingling...Like my head has fallen asleep...Today I have walked around with a sinus headache and took Sudafed Sinus Headache and that took away a lot of the pressure but the pain never really went away completely. Talked to my Neuro and she is wanting the MRI and MRA done but the girl won't call me to set up the appointment. I mean insurance pays for it so whats the hold up? The pressure is so bad from sinus my face tingles and feels like it numb but when I tough it I can feel it. Getting nose bleeds too! Great it just keeps getting better & better. I will feel better once all these tests are done & I can be told "its not a tumor"!

Posted By : SGC - 7/29/2008 4:37 PM
I have had similar symptoms daily ~6 months. Pain just below the eyes and behind the eyes. I feel best when I wake up and it is worst in the late afternoon and early evening. Some very mild clear sinus drainage on occasion but nothing to indicate a sinus infection. Also my head hurts when I bend over to pick something up off the floor.

A cat scan was negative on Monday. Veramyst does not seem to help nor antihistamines. I usually get some pain relief after 2 advil.

Sounds like I am going to have to learn to live with this. Not a pleasant thought. I was thinking of an ENT visit next but sounds like no one here has gotten any relief. Maybe the ones who get better don't post on bulletin boards!!

Posted By : oley1972 - 7/29/2008 8:35 PM
Well had my MRI and MRA done and both came back NORMAL! I am really starting to just love that word...Still have the daily sinus pressures, some days are better than others. Going to the eye dr tomorrow so they can dialate my eyes and make sure nothing is wrong w/ my optic nerves...had blood work done, its not diabetes...starting to think now it could be MS or spinal issues b/c I work on a computer alllllll day...sitting at a desk on the computer. thinking about seeing a chiro dr next to see if that helps...even stopped taking bc pills thinking the headaches could be hormonal. my ENT gave me xyzal to take for the sinus but i am not a pill popper person & scared to try something new but who knows one night b/c you have to take it at night b/c it makes you sleepy, i will try it & see if it brings me any relief. I go for a balance test on 8/11 b/c of my vertigo which has made its way back into my daily life. Feels like I could just fall over or I am on a roller coaster just sitting at my desk! fun, fun, fun...

Posted By : SGC - 7/30/2008 4:52 AM
Here is a common thread. I am a programmer and work on a computer all day too!

Posted By : oley1972 - 7/30/2008 5:51 AM
SGC...I am starting to believe it is b/c I sit at this uncomfortable desk and work on this wonderful computer all day!

Posted By : SGC - 7/30/2008 3:43 PM
Oley1972...I am starting to believe that no doctor is going to help me. I have decided to exercise more and de-stress my life as much as possible. As of today, I am using one of those soft ice packs on my head and face for about 5-10 minutes every hour (as possible) when I am at home. It seems to help some. Other than Advil, no med has helped me at all.

Today my internist referred me to a neurologist after finding that the CT scan was negative. I do not think I will even go. I am reading other places on the web that headaches are the most common complaint to doctors. I tend to think that with the exception of migraines and brain tumors (as a cause) that there is not much doctors can do.

We are on our own and may as well take responsibility for our health. Am I being realistic here or just negative...I can't tell.

Posted By : oley1972 - 7/31/2008 12:57 PM
SGC...I think you are being realistic...I truly think the only reason my Doctor sent me to a Neur Dr is b/c she knows how I am...I would have gone anyway...I like to rule out all the bad and then everything else I can deal with, with less stress. I also really bad bouts of Vertigo so I see an ENT for that and the Sinus Pressure. I go for a balance test on the 11th and we go from there. I was just in WV over the weekend and man going over those high mountains was killing my head. Felt like I was on an airplane. But its amazing to feel the difference when Im not working to when I am working...all my muscles hurt when Im here at work and at home they dont. Nuts

Posted By : SGC - 7/31/2008 4:16 PM
Oley - Yours sounds more complicated than what I am experiencing. I don't have any vertigo but I am hearing low frequency noises at times. Also day before yesterday, I ran after my dog and every time my feet hit the ground I heard a noise that was like a highway traffic noise in the distance, but when I stopped running, the noise stopped. So weird...makes me think maybe I am schizo!!!

Good luck ruling out all serious illness. Then try standing at your computer for part of the day and/or working on the ergonomics of your sitting arrangement. Take a 5 minute break every hour and look off in the distance. All of this is cheaper and less time consuming than taking off work and going to the doctor... Sounds like a stress component may be part of the mix.

Also try my ice trick. I swear it is helping...I think it reduces the swelling of the tissues if you can get the cold right over top of the sinuses. I also do the top of my head for part of the time.

Thanks for chatting with me. I will continue to look for your posts.

Posted By : oley1972 - 8/2/2008 9:03 PM
I am more and more starting to think my Migraines are either Hormonal or maybe Menstral, which doesnt explain why all of a sudden I am getting them now BUT...or they could be stress related or tension related. I have noticed that I am tense a lot & try to really relax but again working on a computer, sitting at a desk all day, its not comfy by any means! I am just dealing with them as they come & still have a balance test on the 11th to see if maybe its been sinus all along........

Posted By : SGC - 8/3/2008 7:11 PM
Oley, I am 58 so I don't have those issues any more...age has its own drawbacks but the hormonal issues have now passed for me! I have been suffering with the eye headaches for over 6 months but just in the past week I am getting some control over my life back. This weekend I have been using the soft ice pack on my head and face and back of my neck, maybe 8 times a day and 2 advil once or twice a day and a morning walk and an evening walk. I read that exercise helps headaches. The pain is much much less. Of course, it could be some allergen is not present...who knows...

Week before last I was coming home from work with bad headaches and extreme tiredness...feeling totally miserable and going to bed at 8:30 or 9 pm. every night. That was no life.

Posted By : Alilstar23 - 8/11/2008 11:59 AM
I am 28 yrs old about 2 months ago I developed pressure in my head, sometimes face area, and chronic burning sensations. Had MRI no tumor although they found a Arachnoid cyst in my brain and said has been there probably since birth and has NO SYMPTOMS benign and like a mole on the skin told me ignore it and that wont be causing pressure headaches and burning sensations. NO over the counter meds work, doctor now wants to send me to neurologist. I cannot take this anymore it is truly affecting my life. Everyday my head BURNS I have massive pressure in my head people do not understand me. I had blood work all normal, MRI no tumors or any type of problem, eveyrthing normal have not seen Neuro yet however what can I do about this? How can I continue with BURNING, PRESSURE 24-7 and not a doctor knows why?!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I feel slightly dizzy other times weird sensations in my arms, light numbness once in a while otherwise, its the head pressure and excessive burning sensations. I am trying to figure this out on my own because doctors seem to say its nothing. Hopefully the neuro can run some tests. I was thinking I need to go have my wisdom teeth removed maybe its that althought I have no teeth pain my wisdom teeth came in partial and maybe their adding pressure to my head? Or TMJ? Or who knows, can anyone relate out there?

Posted By : oley1972 - 8/11/2008 7:24 PM
Alilstar...I too have daily sinus pressure in my head that seems to move all around my head w/ the burning sensation...I take Ibuprofen 800mg that was an Rx for something else but it takes the edge off...again I have had a CAT Scan, MRI, MRA and some other tests that have all come back normal...MY ENT Dr just diagnosed me with Vestibular Neuritis and have given me yet another Rx to take and says that I must take this if I want the dizziness to stop but it wont happen over night...YIPPIE SKIPPIE...I would see an Ear, Nost & Throat (ENT) Doctor who also does sinus issues, most do, but some do more...and go from there. I also take Veramyst which is a Rx nasal spray that takes away a lot of the pressure and burn but it can cause nose bleeds...

Posted By : ChronicHeadPain - 11/13/2008 8:13 AM
I feel everyone's pain and frustration.....I am a 30 year old female who has had a constant headache for at least 5 straight years. The eyes are always involved, I am sensitve to light, and have pressure when I lean over. I have had sleep problems since early childhood (sleepwalking, talking, insomnia, teeth grinding) and a long history of occasional migraines. I have had MRIs, an MRA, blood tests, and a sleep study. MRI showed lesions on the white matter of my brain, which I was told was indicative of someone with a history of migraines, but no other results were found on any test. I have been on about 40 (not exaggerating) different medications in the last year alone for the daily headaches; everything from Lidocaine nasal spray to Neurontin to Topamax to Triptylines. I don't think there's a category of medication I haven't tried, and nothing has worked. I have trouble getting out of bed some days, and most days entail working and laying down because I really can't do much else since everything seems to exacerbate the pain.

I was put on Klonopin at night for anxiety-related insomnia and parasomnia which helped tremendously with those isues, and helped a little with the headaches, but my last visit with my non-helpful, ever-judgmental (now EX) Neurologist told me to stop taking it and would not refill my prescription because she thinks I should be able to sleep just fine on my own. Now I am back to little sleep at night and waking up with bumps and bruises from getting out of bed when I am asleep. Anyway, I sit at a desk at least 9 hours everyday, which I know is terrible for my health. However, the constant headache precedes my current desk job, so I don't think it's a cause....

I get dizzy sometimes and also faint on occasion. The fainting happens generally with abdominal upset or nausea or vomiting (which, thankfully, is infrequent), but can also happen out of the blue. My Neuro disregarded this issue completely, even as I said I have fainted enough times that I have whacked my head off many a hard surface (toilet, bathtub, metal railing, I have even landed face first on a hard tile floor), especially since it happens when I am walking or sometimes running to the bathroom. I have learned to recognize when this might happen, so I try to get down to the floor as quickly as possible, so when I go unconscious, I don't have far to fall! I have not seen other doctors since I have lost a lot of hope in them after spending over a year of frequent disappointments with medications and Neurologists insinuating that there's no reason for this, so I can't possibly be in constant pain. I have tried acupuncture, massage therapy, and help there either. I am at the end of my rope and do not know what to do at this point. I was thinking about seeing a Chiropractor, but I have really low expectations at this point for ever getting any relief.

Posted By : cbubbles2 - 11/13/2008 3:58 PM
I just signed up on this website as I have had a headache for one year now and i need to talk with other people who are dealing with this as well! the pain started instantly one day and a year later it's still here! every minute of every day my head hurts to some degree and no doctor or medicine has helped. This is so frustrating and nobody really understands and I'm so tired of complaining, going home sick, and not being able to do anything! I am just wondering if anyone is dealing with the same symptoms as me and where you're at right now. My head hurts all over, in my face, jaw, sometimes ears, and it goes into my neck really bad sometimes and my neck is super stiff and sore. I get really dizzy sometimes and its hard to focus because things seem to just get fuzzy. i've also had a bad runny nose for awhile...anybody have that too? ive been under a nuerologist but she just put me on one medicine that didnt work after another so I got really frustrated and stopped seeing her. chiropractor seemed to help at first, but then i got totally dependent on being adjusted and that created more problems than it fixed! another thing is that i have endometriosis pretty bad and I think they are somehow related, but maybe not. I just got married and went off my birth control and i am a complete mess. my head is about as worse as it's been (and the first few months were terrible) but i have to be off them to get pregnant because after having surgery for the endometriosis my dr told me i dont have much of a window for getting pregnant :( So, i was hoping that i'd find someone going through the same problems (endometriosis and migraines) because i feel like i have no life and its so depressing to be in pain all the time!! i feel so bad reading some of these posts because i know how you feel! I look forward to chatting and maybe finding some help or answers or anything!

Posted By : Minsh - 11/26/2008 2:02 PM
Yikes, looks like all of you are talking for me.  I know mine aren't migraines and are sinus related.  Pain has been for 3 months constant above eyes, cheekbones, sometimes jaw and ear and neck too.  Some minor clear drainage down the back of my throat.  I had sinus surgery about 6 years ago which helped for a few years but it's back and they (doctors) just always want to give more drugs, which never help.  Advil helps some but I'm taking it several times every day.  Going to try a Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist next since no other doctors help.  I know changing to a probiotic (no wheat, sugar, corn or dairy, caffeine) diet would help, but that's hard to adhere to all the time.  Most all medical conditions are related somehow to diet and we (Americans) have crappy processed diets.  If you do only one change get off the dairy, calcium is more readily available in green vegetables anyway.  I know its hard to do but you'll feel better.  Now if I can take my own advice we'll all feel better.

Posted By : jfb42 - 12/5/2008 8:57 PM
Hello Everyone,
A 'headache' like this may actually be caused by infection.  Maybe ask your doctor if it's a possiblity or google around.  My daughter has had a constant headache for going on 5 years.  The first 2 years some anti-siezures or anti-depressents seemed to take the edge off, but still there and started to get worse (especially after prednisone treatment which suppresses the immune system).  Went to Thomas Jefferson Hospital and they looked at on-set (intense Headache, visit to ER, flu-like illness a few weeks before it started) and thought she had meningitis early on that was not treated when acute.  It started to affect her peripheral nervous system and she had random pains, sleep, cognitive issues, anxiety etc.  This can be caused by viral illness (unfortunately no good treatment) or a bacterial illness such as lyme disease (unfortunately a more controversial diagnosis although this is starting to change).  The tests for these illnesses are not accuarate enough.  After intensive antibiotic treatment she is greatly improved and functioning (in college and doing well after having to be home schooled), but still has a constant headache but at a lower level and says she forgets about it sometimes.  Best of health to you all.

Posted By : kms904 - 12/9/2008 7:04 PM
Reading everyone's comments has made me feel a little better about the headaches I've been having. about a month ago I started getting horrible pressure headaches. I went to a clinic and the doctor said it was a migraine and gave me maxalt (rizotriptan) but I never took it because I have never had a migraine before, and I was unsure about that kind of medication. I decided to go to my normal doctor and he told me I had a sinus infection and prescribed me erythromycin since I'm allergic to amoxicillin. It seemed to work but the headaches starting coming back after a few days. This time the doctor said I was having tension headaches and prescribed me amitriptyline but i was making me sleep for at least 12 hours a day and since I'm a student I can't really afford all that time wasted so I stopped taking the medication and the sinus pressure came right back. Sometimes I get pains in my left temple and behind my left eye. I bought a netipot to help with the sinus pressure and it seems to be working fairly well, I'm just really worried that I have something more than a simple sinus infection or tension headaches.

Posted By : ladyG - 12/11/2008 12:25 AM
hi all,

I'm new to this site, i'm so happy I found this forum. My headaches started 3months ago, for the first month, they just come and goes like an ordinary, normal headache so I was not too worried about it, but since two months ago, I started to have sleepless nights because whenever I tried to get some sleep, these stabbing,shooting pains in my head would start out of will start just right after I would lye down and try to get some sleep. The pains are unbearable, it's like something is stabbing my head and there's burning and itching, as if somthing is crawling inside my head. I haven't been sleeping well for the last 3 months, I will only sleep now if I take sleeping pills. My doctor thinks In have serious migrane and anxiety problems so he prescribe tritptan, it works a bit for the headache but i get chest pains and palpitations. I do have arrythmia for a long time now and I'm taking verapamil. My doc thinks it could be the reason why I'm having these headaches, but this is the first time I had this kind of problems. My left eye feels sore and gritty all the time and it twitches when I blink, also I get some muscle spasms in my legs and hands and body. My left leg feels weak and I have pain behind my knees that doesn't go away. At the moment I'm suffering from runny nose and my left eye feels like burning. I only have a slight headache but I still can't sleep at night. I'm only taking paracetamol to ease the pain but it will only help me for a while. The burning,stabbing and itchiness in my head would still come back at night as soon as my head touches my pillow. I'm wondering if anyone had this kind of problem. I'm just waiting for an appointment to see a neurologist but here, it takes a long time to get seen if you don't have an insurance and I don't have one unfrtunately.

Posted By : ms5806 - 12/12/2008 5:45 PM
I am new to this forum but I wanting some theories to why I am getting frequent headaches. I have had a history of migraine headaches, around 3 a year and more frequent sinus headaches but, the migraines have become more frequent (at least one a week). The pain feels like an ice pick behind my eyes, with the pain more frequent on the left side. I also noticed my vision had gotten blurry over the past 6 months, so I went to get an eye exam and found out my prescription had doubled in the past year and a half. I am 41 years old, not diabetic or hypothyroid and had a CT scan recently that came back normal. Anyone have any ideas what would cause this? My doctor just prescribed me Verapamil, has anyone had any luck with this for migraines?

Posted By : abbyann - 12/16/2008 2:10 PM
that is so sad about your daughter having to live with headaches like that. I have frequent headaches that feel like sinus headaches, but my ENT says it is not. Don't know what is causing them, but I think I have an allergy to dairy. I take the triptan Maxalt and have developed rebound headaches, so now I have to get myself off of them. THe rebound headaches come everyday, so I have a headache everyday now. At first I thought I was just going to have to deal with the pain (I've learned that it can take 6 wks-2 months to get of off the triptans) until my body got used to not having them. However, Gabapentin has worked for stopping the pain for now. I take 600mg 3 times a day. I'll see how long that last. hope it last till I'm off the triptan. I read that you develope the rebound pain if you take the triptan 3-4 times a week or more. You should use no more than 2 a wk. I have also started taking fish oil

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Posted By : golden66 - 12/29/2008 9:00 AM
Hello to all fellow sufferers !

I'm a 66 year old senior citizen. I've been having all those symtoms you all have been posting. I've tried all the tests for allergies and balance. I've taken many medicines and the problem is still with me. I now take a plain old 550mg aspirin, one in the morning and one in the late evening and they work just as well as anything else. I am not belittling anyone else's pain believe me. I have just found over the years that all these intense prescription medicines have too many side effects. With the aspirin the pressure, head pain and even the dizziness go away for a few hours, (4 usually) and I can function thru-out the day. I still wake up every morning feeling sluggish and a little dizzy, but this seems to be it is what it is! I'm guessing that maybe the aspirin is thinning my blood and this may be the source of the temporary relief. I stop taking the aspirin daily after ten days and wait awhile and then start again. Yes, I am tired of being sick and tired but life has to go on and I refuse to let this crazy thing beat me. Once I get started doing my daily activities I forget about the misery and I try to focus on the task at hand. ( I admit this doesn't always work, but it helps to not give in .)
Oh, by the way, I did have to stop drinking anything with caffiene in it as I noticied the minute I drink anything with it I got a head splitting pain.
Pray, or meditate and be well, dear fellow sufferers.

Posted By : Ziporah73 - 1/25/2011 9:32 AM
Hi there
This sounds very much like the progress of my sinus suffering which was treated although I still have facial pain ( nose; forehead. gums, teeth) and nothing gets rid of it permanently.  I chanced on a site describing trigerminal neuralgia and this seems to make more sense...  I would like to know what others feel about this possibility in their case.

Posted By : wonderfulKate - 1/26/2011 6:00 AM
I have suffered with migrain, SEVERE migrain for 15 years in the last 2 years every day and night, no rest, no life. You know how it feels.
Please try something i tried, stummbled accross it by pure chance, on internet studies, through research and people commenting. All positive comments, all positive results!
in my case i havent had A SINGLE MIGRAIN since i started taking the hormone melatonin. It is natural and is safe. From what i know at least. I studied responces from different countries in different languages (me being russian)- ALL POSITIVE and after all I TRIED IT and the pain IS GONE. I'd like to help by this comment if i can to those who will experience similar results if they only try. It is cheap, can be bought on internet, nature shops. Please dont give up on your life, i hope it will get better for you too...

Posted By : Cherlin - 12/17/2012 10:31 PM
53 here, "migraines" that are not migraines all my life. Running out of ideas. I'm used to the 3-7, but nothing works completely; and nothing helps if the pain level hits 8+.
I think they are the source for constant exhaustion, I'm not tired, I feel like how it was when I pulled all nighters as a kid.
I'm very stubborn and won't give up and just live with this. Seeing new doctors and dealing with the "new patient" attitude is depressing. If one more doctor tells me they refuse to give me pain pills / narcotics when I haven't even requested or hinted in any way I want this... (Growls).
I've read that celiac disease and food intolerances cause constant painful headaches, but I've heard that if your body isn't flooded with gluten you probably won't get a true test result. I eat healthy and have for decades, I've "Undiagnosed"ulcers in my digestive tract. I do have Crohn's disease but its been in remission for years.
I think the ulcers is just stress from all the pain.

I'm wondering if the food idea is a good idea to research. I'm gluten free now, but that was easy because I'd had it maybe 3-4 times per month. I cook from scratch so that helped when I researched where gluten hides :)
My other guess is scent overload? I probably have a better sense of smell then a bloodhound :) Alergies and what ever this is related to keep my sinuses inflamed, so much so that my hearing changes by the hour. I had sinus surgery 15 years ago, to widen the passages. I was getting constant infections and super antibodics were no longer working.
No more infections, but the inflammation and pain remained.

I'm tired of being tough, dealing with this level of pain daily. Only time I get a break is if I stick my head over steaming bowl of water. Unfortunately I can't hang one around my neck ;) Humor and music is my drug of choice, but unfortunately I do have to take pain pills. I tried taking as many as I was "suppose to", and that's no way to live, in fact your a walking coma. So I'm as active as I can be until the pain makes all mobility impossible, but that leaves me (at worse) 3-4 hours per day (at best) 6-8 hours per day active before the pain is too much. I can always take more drugs, but you develope tolerànces and what hardly works now, never works later on, and your zombiefied.

Any advice, ideas, etc. would sincerely be appreciated.

Cherlin (53 years of this and haven't gone crazy... Yet ;). )

Posted By : Tobbe - 4/1/2013 3:08 PM
Hi! my mother has this same symptoms. I was hoping someone found out what caused it and if there is a cure?
my mother has given up on finding a solution so i am trying to help her.
Please update me on how its going for all of you.

Posted By : irvinemom - 8/9/2013 12:26 AM
Hi Cherlin,

I'm also 53 and can totally relate, especially when you say "I'm tired of being tough." I have chronic allergy-induced sinus headaches very similar to migraines. The pressure gets really bad in dusty, stuffy, air-conditioned or perfumed environments -- car, carpeted offices, etc. Sleeping always triggers the headaches these days although I've switched to an expensive latex mattress, high quality sheets that I wash regularly in hot water etc. I also use only unscented products -- shampoo, soap, cream, detergent, dishsoap, dishwasher powder, cleaning products etc.

A couple of years ago I finally got tired of waking up with horrible headaches every morning and started taking 25 mg Imitrex (Sumatriptan) every morning at 4 or 5 a.m., whenever the pain woke me up. Then I thought why let it start in the first place? So nowadays I take it an hour or two before bedtime. The good news is that it still lasts for 11 hours and still works for me pretty reliably. The bad news is that Imitrex (in tablet form) takes an hour to kick in, never works during or right after a meal, makes you drowsy, brings on a hot flash, and makes the digestive tract sensitive. I try to avoid taking a second one during the day, but sometimes that's unavoidable. If I'm too nauseous to take the tablet (actually morsel off a 100 mg -- cheaper that way), I use the 20 mg nasal spray.

I think you're really onto something with food. Blueberries do wonders for me. I also keep carrot juice in the fridge. I try to tell myself that if chocolate, alcohol and coffee mess me up by dehydrating me, there must be the opposite effect if I have lots of fresh fruit, veggies, vegetable juices or diluted fruit juices. Here is a daily breakfast that makes me feel better by reducing the swelling and cooling -- I soak organic rolled oats in apple juice in the fridge overnight (1/4 cup each), then in the morning add plain greek yogurt, frozen/defrosted raspberries, half a grated apple with the peel on, and whatever other fruits are in season. You can add crunch on top, such as chopped walnuts. This very moist and delicious mix is known as Bircher Muesli. It carries me through the morning. It is cold, but I have it with a cup of tea, so it's not too rough on the stomach. I discovered it a couple of years ago, quite by chance, and find it delicious. Whenever there's a lull in dinner preparations I quickly get my oats ready for the morning. You can also double it. It lasts for 1-2 in the fridge.

I also see improvement when I either swim in a sal***er pool (no chlorine) or do stretching exercises for 20 minutes a day. To get started with the exercises, let a physical therapist guide you. My doctor sent me to one, and I loved everything about those six sessions: the neck and shoulder exercises, the massages, the stretches that make me yawn -- I still use those when I have a hard time falling asleep.

I hope you keep searching and manage to keep up your sense of humor. I wish you all the best.

Posted By : Debbie Boling - 8/13/2013 2:13 AM
Have you guys considered Trigeminal Neuralgia? This is what I have and it won't show up on an Mri unless you do an Mri on your neck. There are several different kinds... some that is continuous chronic pain, some sharp stabbing, and others that go around to the back of your head.

Posted By : Debbie Boling - 8/13/2013 2:14 AM
Oh...and I thought mine was sinus for two years.

Posted By : anna-cool - 3/22/2014 12:18 PM
Hi there! I am "lucky" to suffer of both migrane and constant sinus infectios. I also have rhinites and a small deviated septun, which causes a lot of my sinus infectios. I had my first migrane at about 10 e sinus infections, i guess since i was born. I can tell clearly the diference between both headaches. Sinus can be a constant pain or as pulsing as a migrane. Migrane is usually on the sides of your head. If you place your fingers on each side of your forehaed, you would feel the vain pulsing. Sinus is more about on the face. Most of the time feel i am carying a small peble inside my forehead. I am 35 and have 2 children. Since i had them i get sick mpre often. I guess they bring bugs home from nursery and school. I guess life is a bit more stressful as well.

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Posted By : lizmorgan - 3/23/2014 1:05 PM
Hi, new member here and hoping for some help/advice with my problem,, It started one week ago, I have a cold and I coughed several times, this was followed by a sharp pain in the back of my head and headache, it is now 7 days the headaches are very severe and the prescribed pain killers are non effective.
I have pain in my head, neck, forehead and a small reddish rash like patch at the crown of my head, I have a good pain threshold but have been crying every night and only managing a couple of hours sleep at a time as my skin is actually painful to even touch a pillow when I try and sleep.
Doctor has said its a pulled muscle caused by the coughing and would ease in a few days but the pain is getting worse every day.

Posted By : tmac_tom - 1/13/2015 8:13 AM
Well I hate to hear of people in pain, but I am glad not to be alone. :-)

I have had this headache for over 6 months now. Started one day when I got sick and will not go a way. The pain is on my left side right under my ear, temple, eye, jaw. At times it feels like stiff muscles, other times it just hurts. I cannot bend over without pain, I cannot have my daughter sit on my chest without pain. Sneezes and coughs are pure agony. Advil is the only thing that will make the pain go away. I have had the same treatments and have been diagnosed as everyone here, sinus, dental, TMJ, etc. It was my dentist though who made the suggestion that has really helped.

She suggested I go to a Chiropractor to look at this. And sure enough it has helped. Some days it is so good I don't need any Advil at all. And it is still getting better. If I go slow, take his suggestions, don't strain, and limit myself to walking or very limited exercise then everything is good. He does think that this will eventually go a way, but that I have to be patience with this and don't over do. I am here looking up advise because I had to move Christmas boxes up stairs and help replace a heavy toilet and my head has been killing me and my patience is gone. But just reading all of this does help. For those out there who are suffering with headaches I really recommend going to see a chiropractor. Just to see if they can help. They are WAY cheaper than an ER or even a doctor visit and they really can help in ways traditional medicine cannot.

Posted By : thorn - 1/26/2015 7:55 PM
I feel like some of you are explaining my headaches to a T. I guess my headaches started about 5 yrs.ago. I've tried all kinds of drs.(including an Amish dr and natural herbs) so far nothing helps not even Tylenol,ibuprofen Excedrin) my headaches sometimes go away and sometimes have for days. It is like pressure in my left temple and sometimes across my forehead. My jaws hurt and I tried a mouth piece and I just bit on my mouthpiece. So I don't wear it anymore. If anyone has any advice or solution please let me know.

Posted By : BnotAfraid - 1/27/2015 11:13 AM

sounds like you might have TMJ. I also grind my teeth.

I find that meditation helps with this. I focus on relaxing my jaw and slighty opening my mouth.

It takes practice, however after a while it does reduce the headaches, your muscle memory in your jaw remembers to relax.

the only issue is sometimes at night I still grind my teeth.

I take prescription meds for the migraines. I see a neurologist at Thomas Jefferson Univ in Phila, Pa.

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Posted By : edward1239 - 1/31/2015 1:43 PM
So glad I stumbled across this forum and found others with similar issues. I started experiencing sinus pressure that turned into headaches about five months ago. It feels like someone taking a hammer to my forehead a few seconds when it is at its worst. I am very frustrated right now after being passed from regular Doc, to ENT, to a neurologist in the past month. My CT Scan came back normal and I discussed my recent brain MRI with neurologist yesterday which was mostly normal, but she said there could be signs of past migraines. She said she would need a comparative brain MRI from the past or in another six months. :( In the end she is prescribing for me to try the generic for Topomax and after reading about it last night I am not thrilled about the side effects. During the visit when I mentioned the original cause of the headaches being my sinuses closing off and causing pressure she said that would be the ENT's realm. So frustrating because it was the ENT that referred me to them because he didn't think it was his realm anymore. I am really hoping someone has found some success dealing with my type of headaches as the doctors just seem to want to throw drugs at it then have you come back in a few weeks.

Posted By : Al_bog - 2/4/2015 2:17 AM


Posted By : miss. bee - 2/16/2015 6:37 PM
I was diagnosed with migraines. The doctor said I have had them since I was young. Well I don't remember that . Ur he said well you wouldn't because migraines cause lost of memory. In 2009 I was diagnosed with fibromyaglia. It got worse over the years and the more I think about it i use to put a heating pad on the back of my neck and on my head. In 2012 I had a fall if which I fractured my back and cause sacrum problems with a nerve. Fractured my tail bone. I just iced my back that night and went to work the next day. Need mind you I was already on pain pills but felt pain in my back. Just thought it was muscular . I was going threw a bad divorce and kept going cause I had bills. A year later when I finally got diagnosed with my back. And whipped my neck. Don't remember hitting my head on the stairs. This occurred in my basement. Then I was diagnose w post concussion syndrome and now PTSD. So I am on a lot of meds. But I get migraine every day . Since then from the fall my fibro got intensely worse. So for my migraines I take topamax daily. Sumatrphan and diflocen sodium if needed. Well the sumatrpban works well but the insurance only covers 9 pills a month. I wish I could take them every day. I have had nerve block shots and botox shots for a year until the last nerve blocks gave me three bald spots on back if my head. So in due time my primary told me to go to a radiology place to have my nerves reset. It is sulllse to lessen your migraines. They place a catheter up both nostrils and put lidacaine on them. It was a difficult procedure for me as I have anxiety . I get so depressed because of all my pain. I don't like taking antidepressants because they make me tired and bring me down. I take xanax and that helps to level me out more. I have sleep problems and have to take three at night 0.5mg each. And another during day if needed. Well k need more then that but it also helps my migraine. It has been two weeks since I had procedure done. The first day I smelled better heard better but my anxiety was everywhere and is. But then again I just started depakote which is suppose ty help migraines but makes very nervous and can t sleep . But they are red and I am allergic to red dye as it makes me hyper . Going to see doc tomorrow about my meds. But I have tried everything . The boss procedure helps a bit. I now don't wake up in morning with migraines. Now they start mid afternoon and last all day still. Going to get docs opinion tomorrow. And go over meds. Have u ever thought u may have fibro? As they can go hand n hand....but trust me I know the pain. I have to hold the top of my head sometimes just to have a conversation. I hope u will get better....or some type of relief!!

Posted By : miss. bee - 2/16/2015 6:38 PM
I was diagnosed with migraines. The doctor said I have had them since I was young. Well I don't remember that . Ur he said well you wouldn't because migraines cause lost of memory. In 2009 I was diagnosed with fibromyaglia. It got worse over the years and the more I think about it i use to put a heating pad on the back of my neck and on my head. In 2012 I had a fall if which I fractured my back and cause sacrum problems with a nerve. Fractured my tail bone. I just iced my back that night and went to work the next day. Need mind you I was already on pain pills but felt pain in my back. Just thought it was muscular . I was going threw a bad divorce and kept going cause I had bills. A year later when I finally got diagnosed with my back. And whipped my neck. Don't remember hitting my head on the stairs. This occurred in my basement. Then I was diagnose w post concussion syndrome and now PTSD. So I am on a lot of meds. But I get migraine every day . Since then from the fall my fibro got intensely worse. So for my migraines I take topamax daily. Sumatrphan and diflocen sodium if needed. Well the sumatrpban works well but the insurance only covers 9 pills a month. I wish I could take them every day. I have had nerve block shots and botox shots for a year until the last nerve blocks gave me three bald spots on back if my head. So in due time my primary told me to go to a radiology place to have my nerves reset. It is sulllse to lessen your migraines. They place a catheter up both nostrils and put lidacaine on them. It was a difficult procedure for me as I have anxiety . I get so depressed because of all my pain. I don't like taking antidepressants because they make me tired and bring me down. I take xanax and that helps to level me out more. I have sleep problems and have to take three at night 0.5mg each. And another during day if needed. Well k need more then that but it also helps my migraine. It has been two weeks since I had procedure done. The first day I smelled better heard better but my anxiety was everywhere and is. But then again I just started depakote which is suppose ty help migraines but makes very nervous and can t sleep . But they are red and I am allergic to red dye as it makes me hyper . Going to see doc tomorrow about my meds. But I have tried everything . The boss procedure helps a bit. I now don't wake up in morning with migraines. Now they start mid afternoon and last all day still. Going to get docs opinion tomorrow. And go over meds. Have u ever thought u may have fibro? As they can go hand n hand....but trust me I know the pain. I have to hold the top of my head sometimes just to have a conversation. I hope u will get better....or some type of relief!!

Posted By : CHRISTINASIMENETA - 3/4/2015 5:21 PM
I have these symptoms too. My sinus CT was "clear". I never had migraine or regular headaches before this started. Has anyone found any answers? I have an MRI tomorrow. Please if anyone found answers, let me know. I am a mom to 3 little kids and this is ruining all our lives.

Posted By : Sethlessness - 3/14/2015 11:14 AM

I had chronic headaches for years and overcame them. 4 doctors were not able to help me but I did my own research and found the truth.

Unfortunately there is no "One Answer for Everybody." Each person will have to address this slightly differently depending on them.

What have you already tried? What has worked and what hasn't?

If the doctors' orders aren't working then clearly it's time to try something different. :)

Posted By : Maarilyn - 5/20/2015 9:32 PM
I have suffered from sinus migraine for 12-15 years. (menopause started it). Previously, my optic, stomach vomiting, sometimes headache migraines were clusters of 3-5 every 7 years. After menopause, typically monthly or cycle related. this took me 5 years to figure out that there was a pattern, and only when they got worse and I had to take time off work over an 8 month period, did I figure this out!!!

My sinus problems lately got worse and worse to the point that I had them all day every day. and were triggered hours before a hot flash. After a hot flash, my sinus cleared up for an hour or so and the sinus problems returned. Drs, specialists, refused to believe that my hot flashes were related to my thyroid medication. (I had acupuncture to correct hypothyroid problem!!!), alas, I am the one in one hundred where my blood levels that don't match symptoms. But I solved my extreme hot flash problem!!!! Two years later, I began to suffer allergies, chronic sinus problem for 10 months, every day stuffed up. I had a coughing spell that latest 3 days.. so my doctor prescribed a puffer, Advair, which I took for 2 months. Still had serious sinus problems all the time. I had a complete hearing blockage and had been oral steroid for one week, hearing blockage slowly cleared up 3 months. I had another coughing spell about 4 weeks after finishing the oral steroid. So I reached for my puffer, Advair and interesting enough, my sinuses felt relief. So I took it again the next day and instead of exhaling through my mouth, I exhaled through my nose.... more relief... (yeah!!) The next day, I used Adviar, and pushed some of this by popping my ears and then exhaling though my nose. even more relief with both my hearing blockage and my sinus migraine.
I am still using Advair ... stopped it for one day.. and chronic sinus problems returned. I reported back to my doctor that I wanted a refill of Advair as this worked better than any other product that I have been using for one year!!!!

I am hoping that by using Advair for 6-8 weeks, that it snaps my sinus from over-acting.

(BTW- I tried going back on thyroxin and my sinus migraine & more migraine symptoms & significantly more hot flashes returned!!!!!!)

Posted By : Maarilyn - 5/20/2015 9:57 PM
I have used amplitripline for general menopause symptoms (daily cluster headaches, sleep distribuances for extreme case of hot flashes). I find that my need for amplitripline varies. I can get by with one night of restless sleep but not two days. If I don't get restful sleep, then I take two of them for two -three days and then go back to one a day then sometime half dose. It does help me.

One neurologist told me that the thing about migraines is they are always changing!!!!! I find that to be very true. Mostly, I had stomach migraines, then I had optical migraines, then I had headache with aura migraines, then I hit menopause .. and that's when I had OTHER problems!!!

Posted By : LoCo2011 - 5/22/2015 5:47 PM
I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. I've had a headache every day for almost 6 months. It started with dizzy spells and almost fainting, now it's a constant sinus pressure and headache. I've had chronic back and neck pain for many years so I thought it was related. I've been to every kind of doctor and had every kind of test. I have two kids, one a baby. It's severely affecting my life, my family, and I feel like I may go crazy. I just want to feel normal again. I'm still breastfeeding my baby so even if I wanted to go on medication I cant. Nothing I've tried works. This doctors are all so ignorant and just send me along to someone else. I'm scared that I have to live with this the rest of my life and it's very hard to be a good mommy when I feel like crap all the time. Plus I own a fitness studio and its hard to even exercise bc I get dizzy. I'm glad I found this forum!

Posted By : daviesmith - 5/12/2016 2:15 AM
See a dentist named, Davie Orthodontist, and ask about massage therapy chances are someone in your twon can work on it for you if it is TMJ.

Posted By : EliseJ - 8/25/2016 12:54 PM
Hi everyone,

I've been reading through the forum and feel I have a similar story to share. I've been suffering from headaches/sinus pressure off and on since I was a child; however, within the last 5 years I have probably had a headache every day of my life. It doesn't seem to ever go away, only has varying degrees of intensity. I was wondering if anyone (females) who are experiencing these symptoms have had the Gardasil vaccine? I can't entirely say I think this is the main trigger, but I'm wondering if it isn't a contributor?

I've been allergy tested, and seem to be mildly allergic to EVERYTHING in Ohio... but they told me my allergies weren't severe enough to be treated with shots. I've tried every nasal spray imaginable. I probably abuse Benadryl and Excedrin for congestion and pain... My Doctor put me on a prescription strength pill (maxult) for migraines, and when I do take them they are little miracle pills... BUT I'm tired of using drugs as band-aids. My husband and I would like to have children in the near future, and pregnant people aren't supposed to be on medication...

I've had an MRI and CT Scans that have all come back normal except for that I do have a deviated septum and I'm TERRIFIED of having the surgery done. My Doctor also told me that I shouldn't do the surgery in hopes of making my headache/sinus pain go away...

I'm currently going on a dairy free, and gluten free diet to see if those are contributors, but so far, I'm still 100% in constant pain.

I'm at my ropes end, and I'm so very tired of being in pain. Any suggestions would be most helpful.

Posted By : vinchuh - 1/20/2017 9:40 PM
Dear All,

I can understand the pain that you guys are feeling.

I had my sinus surgery(FESS) and septoplasty in June 17 2015.
My Headache started jsut after two months of surgery and it is still there. I am suffering headache from last 1.5 year daily. Telenol does not work.
I am just going round and round in between ENT and Neuro. Nobody able diagnose my problem.

before surgey I never had daily headche.
Could somebody guide what to do ?


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