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Posted By : carlysan - 5/23/2004 11:16 AM
hi all
I have ahd pressure behind my right eye and some pressure and tingling in my right temple for about 2 weeks...very strange. Of course i am afraid that it is some sort of tumor or aneurysm or something like that. Has anyone had this before? I have been stressed out lately and i may have some allergies, is this a symptom?? any suggestions or comments are appreciated...thanks, Carlysan

Posted By : Dakota5 - 5/30/2004 7:23 PM
Hi, I have the same problem.  I have been seeing a neurologist for oveer two years now for my migraines and that is a systom of migraines.  I usally get my migraines on the right side, and they are concentrated around my eye and temple area.  The more stress I am under the more intense the tingling around my temple and pressure behind my eye becomes.  My doctor told me that this is a common side effect and that my body is trying to tell me to slow down and relax.  I did go through a CAT scan and a MRI to make sure there was nothing wrong, but these are common side effects to migraines.  Hope this helps.

Posted By : carlysan - 6/2/2004 8:37 AM

Thanks Dakota5...i rarely get migraines, maybe one a year, I am fortunate. But I think that this is stress helps to know that I am not the only one experiencing 'weird' sensations in my body...take care,


Posted By : Woodworm - 7/14/2004 10:27 AM
I don't want to worry you! BUT you need to get a diagnosis for this as soon as possible. I had a drooping right eye with a feeling of pressure behind it, and slight dizziness, for about a year. I dismissed it partly through laziness and partly through fear. Only when it got worse did I finally get to see an eye doctor, and they found an orbital tumour about the size of a walnut growing in there. I have just had it removed, and it was benign (most of the slow-growing painless type are benign, but they can eat through bone and other tissues if you don't get them whipped out quickly). Of course there are lots of other explanations for yours, like possible hyperthyroidism and diabetes etc, but specific pressure behind one eye is not normally just due to stress. Does the eye feel especially bulgy and firm when pressed? Can you move your right eye and see as far upwards with it as you can with your left?

You'll feel happpier when you've got it tested and scanned. Best of luck and take care

Posted By : foxylady - 7/19/2004 12:18 PM
I have left eye pain real bad when I get my head aches so bad it hard to think O say go see a doctor to make sure that it nothing your feel better about it huggskathyjo

Posted By : Chessnut - 8/13/2004 10:59 AM
My wife suffered from pressure behind her left eye. A CAT scan revealed a walnut sized bulge behind her eye. An MRI revealed it to be a tumor (not fluid). Orbital surgery removed it. It was NOT benign! Biopsy showed it to be Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the lacrimal gland (tear gland). Because the surgery showed invasion of the bone of the orbit she had proton beam radiation.

She is doing well 2 1/2 years after the surgery. But, her family practices doctor gets a superstar for being persistent and getting the CAT scan and following it with an MRI. Her ENT reviewed the CAT scan and sent her home with a diagnosis of "nothing found, see an opthalmologist in a year or two."

Since then we have learned of dozens of people with the same symptoms and the same results. If treated promptly and the tumor is slow growing then a good prognosis is likely.

I just came here because my own migraines- I've had them since childhood - have become an almost daily occurence with several trips to the emergency room when the Imitrex doesn't work. I first remember having a migraine at the age of 9 during the final rounds of a chess tournament.


Posted By : Eye Pain - 3/5/2007 4:21 AM
Hi, I wonder if any one can help me...........I am 26 years old and I have quite bad pressure behind my left eye.  I seem to have it most of the time and some times Its so bad, I get a terrible headache.  I have been to an optomatrist and he said that my vision is 100% and he said my actual eye is fine.  I have also been to a doctor and she said that I had sinus so she gave me antibiotics and awhole lot of other medication.  It is now roughly 4 months later and I still have the pain.  I am scared it is a tumor.  When both my eyes are open it feels like I have not vision in that eye but if I close my right eye, I can see perfectly fine.  Does any one know what this could possible be? 
Thanks SO much for ANY advice!

Posted By : JENMILLER81 - 3/5/2009 11:31 AM
Hey! To the person who is 26. I'm 27 and having the same issue! Mine has been going on for about two years or maybe more and I've just been too lazy and scared to do anything, but now it's getting worse and making me worry. I've had some issues with feeling like something crawls across my brain too when this happens and I get dizzy, but that hasn't happened in over a year now. But the pressure gets so bad that it almost feels like either my eye is getting bigger or like it's being pressed out of my head. It's scary and I do get really bad migraines, so I had just chalked it up as a sympton. Please keep me updated with what you find out.
Thanks, Jennifer.

Posted By : SmurfyShadow - 3/7/2009 2:43 AM
Ok guys...Last october I woke up one morning with my eye swollen shut, double vision when I physically held my eye open with my fingers. Thought it was a sty, made sense I had one a few months before this. Went trying varios treatments for two weeks. Finally the doc sent me to hospital for MRI...MRI showed major inflamation, they thought it was a serious infection and hospitalized me for a week with iv antibiotics. Anyhow that didnt work (hmm stump a hospital wow) so I was discharged and sent to a world known teaching hospital, they decided to cut me open and biopsy the inflamation. Hell, I had a triple diagnoses with results... 1. AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE 2. NECROTIZING GRAMULTOUS INFLAMATION 3. TUMOR. Please, all of you with this....get your ass to a teaching hospital. Sooner the better! Ran out of options for chemo, and I start radiation next week. Woodworm, did you do radiation? All of you, dont take I dont know for an answer...keep pressing til you get someone to listen...saved my ass, now I'm trying to get a tumor shrinked. Saved woodworms ass too. can be begign or cancerous...why risk your life?

Smurfy Shadow
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Posted By : Kepi - 8/31/2009 9:50 AM
Hi guys, just been diagnosed with a tumor behind my right eye after a CT scan following a fall over a week ago. The CT scan showed something and I am now told after an MRI scan this morning that there is a tumor and it is larger than first suspected. Strangely I don't feel that worried or panicky, but I put that down to my ignorance LOL.

For me, the most amazing thing is that in less that 24 hrs of going to hospital regarding a fall I am due to see an oncologist, the treatment and care by the medical staff has been amazing and all of this in Eastern Europe ( I am a brit living in Latvia)

Of course, my next big decision is whether to stay here and receive treatment or return to the UK where there is the possiblity of newer/better treatment, but possibly worse medical practice..... looks like coin tossing time :)

What I have read here is, although sad, encouraging news that it is treatable.... best of luck and best wishes to all u guys

Posted By : headcase3 - 9/12/2009 5:26 PM
I get the pain behind the eye all the time---sometimes so bad just want to put a steak knife in my temple. When I had an MRI two years ago I was kind of hoping they would find a tumor so there would at least be an answer----sick, huh? Whatever treatment you decide on, you have my prayers and best wishes behind you.


Posted By : Timmy77 - 11/8/2009 1:01 AM
I get these headaches where my left eye hurts like a bad headcold I have had sinus problems so I thought it was that my sinus dr said it was fine and sent me to a eye dr. he said it was fine and sent me to a nueroloigist . My pain is very bad left eye, also left ear like an ear infection and a headache in the back left side on a knot above my neck. the Dr has been giving me anti siezure cocktails and it has finally helped . down side is I never want to get up out of bed. which can be a problem. I have suffered Migrianes since i was a wee lad so headaches are not new to me sinus or migraine. but this was bad all you could point right to. other headaches you would say over here it hurts somewhere or somewhere over here this is spot on is this what yours seems to my dr calls them cluster headaches.

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Posted By : iamhappy2be - 11/20/2009 6:04 PM
hi! i have pressure behind my right eye. it's worse in the a.m. and after reading. no headaches but the pressure is really bad- all day. my eyelid has gotten saggy. do i visit my g.p. first? am a bit concerned. m

Posted By : MarieVTB - 11/21/2009 5:11 AM
I have a similar issue. I have a great deal of pressure behind my right eye. It began a few months ago. I figured I needed glasses, but I'm far more concerned after doing a bit of research. Not only is my eyelid starting to sag, but my eye is starting to twitch- which I've read may be because of something (either a tumor or an artery) pressing on nerves that control the face. I was diagnosed with Migraine maybe five or so years ago, but my neurologist never found anything odd in my MRIs (save for a caved in sinus, also on my right side). I've just received a health insurance card in the mail this week, and am looking for a new primary and eye doctor. I'm getting nervous as to what the verdict will be...but as someone wrote before, I hope there's something there, because at least it gives me an answer. If this is all happening for no reason then I think I may just go crazy.


Posted By : eskie - 1/24/2010 5:39 PM
this is the first time i've found something close to what i've felt for numerous years. my pain feels like i am pressing on the top of my eyes with my fingers. sometimes when i sleep (i am an on my side sleeper) especially on my right .... i have to keep the pillow pressure quite far away from the eye as the pain is way too intense.

when everyone mentions pain in back of eyes .... can they be more direct on where exactly they are referring? again, mine is centered over each and is worse in the winter.

Posted By : eskie - 1/24/2010 5:54 PM
I forgot to mention that for the most part I would rather close my eyes or sleep most the time. There is also some burning (part of the same or more part of the winter and forced air heat.)

Posted By : Shep49 - 1/30/2010 7:57 PM
Hi I had Rotator Cuff repair surgery August 12 2009. about a month before the surgery I started getting some pain behind the right eye. I still have the pain ( It comes and goes) after the surgery. I think it is a tendon problem. I have had an MRI and Eye test and all is ok. Could this be a post surgery thing?

Posted By : lisa100986 - 2/7/2010 5:36 PM
hello my name is lisa im 23years old for the last year 1 1/2 i have had really bad sore head sometimes cant cope with them, been back and forward to the eye clinc at hospital they said my eyes are fine, but for the last 7 months i have had this pressure behind my right eye and it's getting worst sometimes goes blured i dont know what to do, can any one help me i just want to be safe as i have ma little boy's to look after xxxx

Posted By : Shep49 - 2/7/2010 6:03 PM
Hi Lisa to be honest with you I think it is caused by stress. Stress tightens up the tendons in the neck. I know when my eye pain flares I always push on the tendon running up my neck to the back of the head and it is sore. I think I will try a massage. have you been stressing at all?

Posted By : lisa100986 - 2/8/2010 2:28 AM
i have been stressed a bit but not much, my neck is not sore tho, i woke up this morining ma head feels worst and feels more pressure behind my eye ...

Posted By : Shep49 - 2/8/2010 4:28 AM
Well I had an MRI done and I went to see an Optometrist and the eye is ok. I need to try and re train my shoulder ( Surgery from a tear) to relax as I tend to over protect it. Its been damaged for so long that I compensated all the time. Now that it is fixed it is coming back to where it should be so I am having troubles. Maybe you are sleeping wrong or if you hug a pillow you may have pinched something. You should have it looked at though. Sinuses may cause it as well .

Posted By : waugh - 2/10/2010 7:15 AM

as a new member, I would like to offer the following opinion re pain behind the eye. I have had this for at least 25 years - it occurs haphazardly - and I have put it down variously to stress, sinus, allergy.


Recently, a lump grew on the side of my neck; the lump grew overnight, and it was the size of a golf ball - 6 cms across and very visible, and very rare for a male in their 50's. I now have to have my thyroid removed as the thyroid is bleeding into itself, the lump re-grows after being drained of fluid, and the  lump is too large to keep performing FNA's. My theory is that given bulging eyes is a common symptom of hyperthroidism, couldn't pain behind the eye be related to an overactive thyroid? My right eye goes blurry from time to time, and then returns to normal a few days later.  - the left eye is ok. This may also be associated with the thyroid.



Posted By : 315brandi - 2/25/2010 6:14 PM
waugh..... I am also a new member! I have for years thought that the pressure behind my right eye that leads to a bad headache was from my sinus'. I had a CT scan done and the allergist said I do have slightly swollen sinus'. I was put on prednisone (steroid) and it really didn't help. I finally, today went and talked to another dr and she is now saying that I have been having a migraine and gave me some meds. She also felt my neck and asked if I have ever had my thyroid checked (which I hadn't). She then sent me for a thyroid test. I have since come home and found that yes, pressure behind the eye (mostly right) can be a cause for an under active thyroid. I am now awaiting the results to see if this is the all or part of my eye pressure/migraines.

Posted By : majordepress - 3/27/2010 2:20 PM
took effexor about 8 years had this same pain behind my right eye doctors were inconclusive last few years of effexor it was added to the side effect label {pain behind right eye} yet i quit taking this medicine it stile comes n goes not as bad ... believed to be a permanent side effect form an ingredient
in the medications and other medications as well

Posted By : presh - 8/29/2010 1:35 PM
you may want to got to eye, ear nose and throat doctor.  They specialize in these areas and will do more extensive studies.  There is definitely a problem.

Posted By : presh - 8/29/2010 1:37 PM
Also, there are little blood vessels in this area and they could have a little clot causing those symptoms.  Go to an EENT doctor.

Posted By : dirtyhead10 - 1/19/2011 9:45 AM
Hello. I am a 23 year old male, suffering from pretty intense migraines for over 8 years now. I have recently begun to notice my right eye lid is a little droopy, getting progressively more droopy over the past year or two, and I am now feeling constant pressure in that eye. My girlfriend and I have noticed on multiple occassions that the same eye is sometimes dilated more so than my left eye. I am playing this all off as migraine side effects, but she is insistant on seeing a physician. What do you guys think?


Posted By : dirtyhead10 - 1/19/2011 9:47 AM
I forgot to mention, I do also go through some dizzy/light headed spells randomly. I have had back problems ( multiple disk problems) from playing football. Doubt they are related, but I figured the more info the better. I also had open-heart surgery when I was 14 mos old.

Posted By : heavyz - 2/15/2011 8:34 AM
I think I solved my left eye migraine. After 3 weeks of a dull ache in my forehead that went almost every day to my left eye as a migraine (sound & light sensitive) that only lasted from 10 to 30 minutes. Some days it happened 3 - 4 times. My background is my left eye lost the retina twice after laser surgery that fixed with crystal clear silicon oil in my left eye instead of the gas bubble that the body replaces with your normal vitrious that failed the 1st time. My family doc sent me to the outpatient services to get the doppler ultrasound pictures  of my carotid & leg arteries to see if any were plugged. I passed that. My doc said I had no sinus infections as the previous week when this started and he was on vacation to India, his office prescribed the antibiotic z pack for 5 days that seemed to help but not, after it was gone. Then I went to see my eye doc to check my left eye and he said the pressure is high & prescribed 2 eye drop solutions to get the pressure down (28 left, 20 right - should be around 20). He said to take for 3 months then return. I thought that long and after my family doc told me yesterday when I went to see him, that I should have my eye pressure checked at least once a week until it's back to normal. He also found a post nasal drip that is sinus caused and said to use the $2 bottle of saline nasal spray, which I remember doing every winter in the past when this sort of thing happened (I forgot about it this time - altzheimers coming you know). The nasal spray has already worked and I am waiting for that migraine to occur today even though the dull headaches is gone. The eye pressure will be comfirmed lower today, I hope, so I should be normal.
The whole reason I'm replying is to warn all of you about making sure the eye pressure is taken care of as it leads to glaucoma (a desease that prevents the eye from circulating the inner eye vitrious to the cornea & back through some sort of filter around the eye's lense & damages the optic nerve when this happens in the log term. The drops should reduce the eye's liquid that reduces the pressure that eliminates the headaches.
Another point is my eye doctor who did my laser surgery said eye pressure doesn't cause headaches. My eye lense doctor also said eye pressure doesn't cause headaches but can cause glaucoma, even though he didn't say that in words to me. My family doc, who is internal medine, said eye pressure does cause headaches, and prescribed the fix.

Posted By : jodavicha - 2/15/2011 10:42 AM
lisa100986 said...
hello my name is lisa im 23years old for the last year 1 1/2 i have had really bad sore head sometimes cant cope with them, been back and forward to the eye clinc at hospital they said my eyes are fine, but for the last 7 months i have had this pressure behind my right eye and it's getting worst sometimes goes blured i dont know what to do, can any one help me i just want to be safe as i have ma little boy's to look after xxxx
I've been having daily headaches for about 4 years and was recently put in contact with a physio who reckons I've got a damaged neck and shoulder and the pain from that is being felt in my head because that is where the pain receptors are. The pain starts at the base of my neck and moves across the right side head, ending up in my right eye. The whole process takes.about 1 hour and is now being dealt with by neck and shoulder massage, heat packs on my neck and shoulder and correct posture. He.says.its my muscle.going into spasm when its cold.

Posted By : heavyz - 2/15/2011 4:00 PM
No luck today after my eye doc visit. Had 1 left eye headache before appt then left eye migraine as I waited for doc to arrive after his attending surgeries. He says I do have glaucoma, as that is what high eye pressure is and needs to be lowered somehow, else it can cause blindness by damaging the optic nerve. My eye pressures are 21 left, 20 right now after 1 week eye drops. He thinks my headaches should subside in a couple weeks when the saline nasal solution completes in 2 weeks when my family doc said it should. He also gave me a prescription for a head mri but I will use it if this keeps on. Today the migraine has lasted at least 4 hours since me eye doc appt the most it ever lasted

Posted By : EvilFluorescents - 2/16/2011 12:39 PM
@ dirtyhead - It could be quite a few things causing the headache. Your GF's right you need to go see your doctor. It could just be a change in your migraine pattern. It could be opthamolplegic migraine (this is pretty very unlikely though given the rarity and the way your symptoms are presenting quickly). The sudden increasing pressure and droopy eyelid is worrying. You should probably push to get an MRI. Disc problems can cause headache. It's called secondary headache or referred pain. Go see your doctor. Best of luck!

@Jodavicha - your physio could definitely be right. Have the exercises helped at all? I don't know if they would do this 4 years after the pain started, but a course of corticosteroids from your doctor may be helpful. Go to your doctor. While s/he's at it ask him/her to rule out occiptal neuralgia. Best of luck!

Posted By : Cadjay1 - 2/28/2011 12:20 AM
So i have been trying to be my own doctor the past 2 years when it comes to my eyes.  I have had a constant ongoing pressure in the back of my right eye, it never goes away!  It makes the bottom of my eye/cheek bone numb.  Looking to the sides hurts and im extremly sensitive to light! I have to close my right eye whenever i am outside and its sunny!!  Looking directly at me, my right eye is smaller then my left and that is a new thing!  I have gone to numerous eye doctors, and specialists for them to look through there eye scopes and see nothing.  They tell me to wear my glasses which don't help the problem at all!  I dont know what the next step is, i dont want to keep pushing it off because the eye doctors dont see a problem.  The pain is enough for me to think something is wrong!

Posted By : vulcan - 3/29/2011 6:11 PM
mYgraine and psychotropics could give you these side effects but is always great to check you for glaucoma, I don't know how old are you guys but is always important to clear you. I know a guy, this was the only symptom he had and they check him for glaucoma and BINGO... he is 27 years old and he is diabetic.

Posted By : Glacier - 3/29/2011 6:29 PM
carlysan said...
hi all
I have ahd pressure behind my right eye and some pressure and tingling in my right temple for about 2 weeks...very strange. Of course i am afraid that it is some sort of tumor or aneurysm or something like that. Has anyone had this before? I have been stressed out lately and i may have some allergies, is this a symptom?? any suggestions or comments are appreciated...thanks, Carlysan
Yes, in both eyes at once or one at a time but not since I got my blood pressure down.
I also have similar symptoms when my allergies act up especially when my indoor plants flower and there is pollen flying in the air. Sometimes it gets so bad I cut all the flowers off, put them in a bag and close it up then open all the windows for a bit.

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Posted By : eye pain 2 - 4/10/2011 11:03 PM
I was reading "EYE PAIN's post on 3/5/07. I have never posted on a site like this and am wondering how to follow-up to see if she ever got a diagnosis? I have the EXACT same symptoms and she is the only other person that described it the same way.
I feel like I don't have vision in my left eye but yet I do. I described it that way to my doctor and even saw a neuro opth and they both have no idea and don't see anything wrong with my eye. Should I insist on an MRI?
Also, yesterday my eyelid was swollen and painful but the swelling went down today, but still sore. I am just constantly aware of my left eye and it is so hard to explain, but it just doesn't feel right, but my vision is perfect.

Posted By : ducky654 - 4/25/2011 9:05 AM
iamhappy2be said...
hi! i have pressure behind my right eye. it's worse in the a.m. and after reading. no headaches but the pressure is really bad- all day. my eyelid has gotten saggy. do i visit my g.p. first? am a bit concerned. m

I have had the same problem since March 2009 with pain behind my right eye after reading & also when writing. I have done research on it & it is referred pain from my neck. I also get this pain when I'm looking through the windshield while driving & when I'm in the sunlight. Anyone else have this problem?

Posted By : mikab - 6/9/2011 6:17 PM
about 4 days ago after a rather large weekend i noticed pressure behind my left eye ball top left. It has been completely intermittent for the last 4 days but i can now feel light pressure there permanently. I am a 31 Year old and have had a fairly all round healthy lifestyle apart from the odd binge drink once every 2 months or so. The only other thing i could put it down to would be the computer screen which i have been staring at alot lately because of a change in jobs about 2 weeks ago, i now stare at a screen for almost 8 hours of the day which i usually get sore eyes from. I realize staring at a screen is obviously not good for the brain or eyes and realize this job is not for me, i do enjoy using my sight. Have any of the eye pressure world had any binge drinking, eye pressure, computer watching related symptoms before LOL.

Posted By : SeminoleKat - 7/25/2011 10:11 AM
I had a similar problem with pain behind my left eye & intense pressure. I get a couple migraines per year and knew it was not my "typical" migraine. I went to several different neurologists & 2 optometrists who couldn't find anything wrong and all dismissed it as an ocular migraine. I was experiencing all kinds of other symptoms and I finally had to quit my job because of it. I tried yet another neurologist who ran different tests which all came back negative and he referred me to a retina specialist. After a day of multiple tests, the last one was a fluorescein angiography and it clearly showed a CSF leak behind the eye. He suspected pseudotumor cerebri and ordered a lumbar puncture. My results ruled that out, but (luckily) I got a debilitating post-lumbar headache and had to have a blood patch in the ER. As the neuroradiologist suggested might happen, the procedure in essence sealed the leak and the pain & pressure was gone! The retina specialist re-ran the test and the leak was no longer there. After a month or so all symptoms resolved and I was able to pick up where I left off.
My suggestion to anyone experiencing something out of the norm is to be persistent if you can, even though others may think you are going to the extreme in trying so many different doctors. It was time-consuming and cost me quite a bit of my savings & a job, but in the end the mystery was solved. Sometimes it just takes finding a doctor who has already treated someone with the same unusual symptoms you feel.

Posted By : fabford - 8/4/2011 12:55 AM
My wife woke up @ 2;30 am with a headache,tried numerous things to get it to go away. She then left for garden @ 5 am, stayed till  10:30am and drove home, puked once[brkfst] on the way. her right eye is a little swollen, she says it feels like something is going to push her eye right out and she has tremendous headache. no spots before her eyes or anything floating in it.
she already has diabetes and an almost non functioning thyroid.can't quite convince her to c doc but looking for other checks or relief treatments, any suuggg?

Posted By : Jadiee-x - 8/12/2011 4:24 AM
Hey FabFord
I suffer from an arachnoid cyst/hydrocephalus- which is water on the brain, increased intracranial pressure.
What you mentioned with your wife, about waking up at 2:30am with a bad headache and puking etc, very much sounds like raised pressure inside the skull.
Please do get her to a hospital for an emergency CT scan or lumbar puncture to determine if its the case, or even go to specsavers and ask for a test to look at behind the eyes for papilledema.

The reason I say this is because, when my shunt (the device in place that drains off the pressure inside my head) becomes blocked, I will ALWAYS wake up in the early hours of the morning in terrible pain, eyes would hurt when the sun would come up and i would also projectile vomit.
These are my specific symptoms when Ive got high pressure inside my head.
I joined just to tell you that! tehe turn

I hope its not the case but good luck!!

Posted By : Jadiee-x - 8/12/2011 4:35 AM
I have raised intracranial pressure (hydrocephalus) and also a large fronto-temporal arachnoid cyst on the right side of my brain.

I have a shunt in situ (a device which drains the pressure away from my brain and into my heart by a thin silicon tube under the skin)
Also since Dec 09, I had a subtemporal decompression done on the right side of head only, the left side was left alone. However since having this done I get these terrible pains in my right temple, when it happens, the artery is more prominent than normal and thumps under a finger, the only way to stop the pain is to keep a finger pressed firmly onto it, well atleast it was!

Over the past month or so, the pain is more frequent (even though it happened several times a day anyway!) but ever since I went several days with a terrible headache, and then another day with this temple pain consistently, I have had frequent pain behind/on top of my left eye.

The thing that confuses me is that, my arachnoid cyst couldn't be more to the right of my head, yet all my symptoms that ive been having is affecting the left side of my head- driving me crazy!

Another thing that happens with me recently is, when getting up onto my feet from either sitting or lying, I will get up my eyes will gradually black out over a period of about 10 seconds (this had happened for as far back as i remember tbh) but after this happens its then accompanied with this overwhelming terrible pain in my head, all over as if my head is going to burst. It last about 10 seconds, but is that time the pain is unbearable, i will have to squeeze my eyes shut, grit my head and try to breathe steadily, even though breathing hurts it more!

Its no fun having a dodgy mysterious head, thats for sure! shakehead

Posted By : Udit Satsangi - 8/13/2011 3:52 AM
Hi im Udit and 20 years old.

I started experiencing pain behind my left eye for the first time since summer of 2009.It was after i wore my contacts for more time than i was actually comfortable with. The pain happened on the left back side of my head and a pulling pain/sensation behind my left eye, almost like a string connecting both the parts together. in extreme situations, even my left ear went red.This continued for 6 months. I am not exaggerating. Visited ENT specialists, neurologists, ophthalmologists etc., got MRI's done but nothing was found to be wrong.

i was pretty devastated at the perennial pain which was present and it occupied me for most of the time.However, after a grueling experience i said i had to distract myself from the pain and started exercising and doing other things but refused to let it occupy me. I started getting 1 hr windows(in a day) without pain, 3 hr windows, and 6 hr windows. eventually the pain went away.

It still visits me, although only when i get stressed out or wear contacts, which i think i am not suited to.

my current explanation to myself along with the diagnosis of various doctors is that it may be due to a combination of :
1.pulled nerves which affect both my eye and the back of my head when i get stressed.
2.and dry eyes, which may irritate the nerves.(which my contacts make worse)

i think, the best thing for people with similar problems is to get the basic investigation done, but importantly stop dwelling on it. Its very difficult, because the minds natural response is, omigod, its paining me so much, it sure deserves attention. But sometimes, its what you focus on , expands.

Posted By : Mamudoon - 8/16/2011 7:05 AM
carlysan said...
hi all

I have ahd pressure behind my right eye and some pressure and tingling in my right temple for about 2 weeks...very strange. Of course i am afraid that it is some sort of tumor or aneurysm or something like that. Has anyone had this before? I have been stressed out lately and i may have some allergies, is this a symptom?? any suggestions or comments are appreciated...thanks, Carlysan

Hi, Carlysan!

My primary migraine symptom is severe pain and pressure behind my right eye. I've had MRIs of my brain for an unrelated condition and eye exams (also for an unrelated condition), and there are no tumors or aneurysms or anything. My physicians have said that it's very, very common for migraine sufferers to experience pain and pressure behind the eyes. I don't have allergies, so I can't say anything about that.

I wouldn't worry about it.
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Posted By : max1n4t0r - 8/17/2011 4:18 PM
heya guys ;) my name is max im 14 and for the past year ive had this really high pressure behind my right, and sometimes left eyes... my neck is really stiff and when i like stand up after watching TV first all goes black even when i have my eyes wide open and then i kinda loose balance a bit then if hurts like **** and i just feel like i wanna put a knife thru my eye its so freaking scary and i googled "pain behind eye" and i see this with cancer and stuff please help im writing this in panic from my iPhone!!!!!! ( ive had this fobia for cancer due to the spread and if it turns out that i HAVE cancer behind my eyes that would be VERY ironic..)
Abd i pray not for me, but for my familys sake that it isnt so.

Posted By : Sylvia B - 8/20/2011 7:40 PM
after years on right eye pressure and face swelling, doctors in alabama diagnoses me with maxilary sinusitus, after taking prednisone and antibiotics and not gettn any better, finally on a trip home to fl i get a lump under rght eye, the llost sight in that eye ,i go to teaching hosp, the dr find tumor behind eye,they do unsucessful biopsy twice , cantget enough to properly diagnose begin or malignant. so i had 8wks of a chemo called rituxian, tumor shurnk some ,so now i`m gonna hv radiation to see if it will shrink or go away.. I`m praying for a MIRACLE, that`s all i can do now!!

Posted By : Boilerman - 8/31/2011 8:09 PM
I live in Omaha, Nebraska and would like to know of a doctor in that area that could treat my wife who has many of the symptoms described here.

Posted By : A pugs - 9/4/2011 12:53 AM
Hi all!
I am 20 years old and only recently have I started getting what I consider migraines. My left eye feels like it has a ton of pressure on it and I notice that my left eye will twitch sometimes even when I don't have a headache. I know I'm about to get a headache whenever I feel a pain in my left eye. Recently the pain has lasted a number of days and still has yet to go away. During the times when i feel the pressure my eye hurts really bad and it almost goes to the back of my skull. Additionally I will feel vertigo, dizzy, and nausea. My feet sometimes even feel vibrations if that makes any sense. The area under my eye also has horrible pain when I try to massage it. Excedrin and tums don't work. My eyes have gotten really sensitive to light too I noticed. I was just wondering what it might be, reading through the thread I am worried it could be a tumor!
Please help because I can't sleep when I have these headaches!!

Posted By : angel29 - 9/8/2011 1:25 PM
hi im 29 and suffer with pressure around my right eye and bad mirgraines,,,,,but yesterday i had a really funny turn i was stood up washing dishes when my eye felt like it had popped out and my vision went all blurry so i sat down and it lasted about a minute and then it felt like my eye went back in it was so scary it was awfull has anyone else had the same exprience becos im so freaked out by it x

Posted By : Tropicgirl - 10/9/2011 5:34 PM

I have some symptoms that have started few days ago that has got me a bit worried. To start with I'm sure it's not stress related as I don't really have much stress in my life!! Few days ago I was looking up for a few minutes and my head started hurting like hell and I started to feel dizzy. When I looked straight up the pain was gone instantly. My symptoms today are: Bitter taste in my mouth(all day, even after eating something sweet), dizziness, and I don't know what to do with my right eye everytime I move it I have this excruciating pain behind my eye, on the right part of my temple and the right front part of my head (i'm sure there's a name for it!!). I don't really have headaches apart from this. The thing is I hate going to the doctor, I just want to know first if someone have been having similar symptoms and if they can please give me a verdict if it is something I should be worried about or not. Will appreciate some help/comments. Thanks

Posted By : gohannah - 1/5/2013 10:51 PM
Hi there, I have pressure behind my left eye, it hurts allot and is pretty frequent, i first had this in grade 6 and im now in grade 9, my crappy doctor chalked it up to be just regular child migrames but im kinda freaked of by it. Advils dont work for me so i've just stopped taking medicane for it, and waited for it to pass, what should i do now?

Posted By : j4son - 3/1/2013 12:45 PM
Went to the doctors last year after suffering from headaches in my forehead on the left hand side. They are brought on more by drinking fluid and anything with calcium in it. The two courses of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor did nothing and I went to the Opticians because my vision in the left eye was not good and the eye also doesn't move upwards as well as it should.
The Optician sent me to an eye hospital and they gave me a CT scan and it turns out I have a benign tumour the size of a golf ball behind my eye that has been there for approximately 20 years.
I should be having it removed soon. Only found out today so waiting for next appointment for a biopsy.
Good luck to you all.

Posted By : Raidersyea1 - 3/8/2013 10:41 PM
I'm 30 yrs old have had cluster migraines for 4 1/2 yrs. tried a lot of pain medicine and was on imitex 100mg for 3 yrs. eventually it was not working and was shutting my body down. I quit it and just dealt with OTC meds and pain meds. Now my clusters are showing up monthly like clockwork for 3-4 days and also is a bad sinus infection on my left side of face and head. Had a ct scan done came back negative. Have appt with neurologist next week especially cause my dr keeps prescribing me antibiotics which don't help till my migrane is gone!!! A friend of mine recommended indocin 75 mg, so I'm gonna give a try!!! Worst pain in the world to have these symptoms.

Posted By : curiousguy - 6/19/2013 7:59 PM

My symptoms are a little bit different than what others have related here.

1. I have the room spin a bit when I lay down on my side and my head is on the pillow. It lasts for just a few seconds. This has happened before and went away. I was told it was an inner ear infection.

2. I have a dull "presence" (not actually a pain but I feel it) behind the center of my forehead at about the eyebrow level. It's not on one side or the other, seems right in the middle.

3. There is a very slight light-headed feeling. I haven't fallen or stumbled, but I feel just a bit out of balance at times throughout the day.

4. I have had that "presence" feeling from the top of my forehead to the crown of my head, and it comes and goes.

5. There is sort of an itchy feeling at various points on the head.

Not sure this has anything to do with it but I tested my reading glasses recently and the 1.75 lenses don't work as well as before. Now I need 2.25.

I wonder if anybody has experienced these specific symptoms.


(age 64)

Posted By : supj - 12/13/2013 11:41 PM
For the past several years I have had a constant feeling of pressure either in or behind my right eye. I noticed it some amount of years after I started wearing contact lenses.

I have gotten my eyes checked multiple times, and whenever I bring the issue up they say it's due to dry eyes. However, I've looked up the symptoms of dry eyes and it appears that a symptom accurately describing the pressure feeling isn't often listed.

No headaches. Eye pressure normal based on tests (14mm/Hg in the right and 12mm/Hg in the left). Apparently I have some dry punctate epithelial erosion on my right cornea, but am unsure if that's related.

Eyedrops mostly don't seem to make the feeling go away indefinitely. The only drops that seem to help only do so to some degree and temporarily.

Not sure what else to do about it besides continue using the drops.

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Posted By : tdimes - 1/23/2014 2:10 PM

Pretty close to your symptoms. Behind and above right eye, stabbing in temple as well. Change in seasons does me in (west coast). Dehydration, pushing too hard in the gym, work stress, sun exposure. Advil helps...but only sometimes and never quite offers complete pain relief. I've tried the prescription medications and each one delivers one side effect or another. What helps, especially as a first line of defense, is a natural remedy called LipiGesic M. It's over the counter, but it provides relief almost immediately. The speed and efficiency of pain relief is due to the under the tongue delivery via a small liquid filled pouch. The product was recommended to me by a dear friend who is an investigative reporter for a major network's news division (talk about pressure and stress). I thank her weekly for steering me toward
LipiGesic M, and since I have FINALLY found a product that does what is say it well do, without prescription side effects, I feel it is only right to share this find with others who share this burden.


Posted By : Marsky - 1/24/2014 8:39 AM
I know I've posted about the dangers from consuming the chemical loosely labeled as an artificial sweetener - Aspartame, aka Phenylalanine, Ace-K, Nutra Sweet, Amino Sweet, etc. - but I have to ask do you drink diet sodas, Crystal Light (bottled or powder mixes), chew gum that is sold at grocery stores, chew breath mints sold at grocery stores, consume Yoplait light yogurt, eat sugar free or light processed food items? Also Weight Watchers processed labeled foods? If you, you are ingesting this chemical into your system, there are 92 known and documented serious side effects to Aspartame, vision and eye problems are one, migraines/headaches is another.

Purge your system of this chemical and your symptoms could just very well go away. If they didn't, you'd at least get this harsh and extremely harmful chemical out of your body.

Google aspartame and side effects, you'll be as shocked as I was this chemical is permitted to be included in 6000+ food items and drinks. It's also in 5 hour energy drinks and many energy drinks. Beware.

Posted By : Mikeyfear - 7/15/2014 4:22 AM
Hi i first want to start by saying im 26 year old male.
I found this thread from googling my symptoms which are "temple pain eye pressure".
*Thanks Admins for keeping the thread alive for the sake of research*

I first started to have severe migraines with aura (visual disturbances) that lasted on and off for a year, which increasingly got worse as of May 30th where i had a migraine for multiple days. It would come and go. Out of an entire month it felt like i had more migraines then no migraines at all.
As of 2 weeks ago my migraines suddenly stopped. But what started was a twitch in my left eye lid. Shorty afterwards was a pressure sensation in my eye socket similar to the feeling of pressing into the eye socket from underneath the eyeball, mild dizziness, and a dull pain sensation in my left temple which would strike at random and last a second and go away. From pressing on the tear duct i realized that i dont have any air bubbles in it like i normally would have, as i do in my right eye. This has lasted every single day now for 2 weeks! Today i realized that i have redness around the lower right portion of the iris (toward my nose), and that when i try to rest my eyelids closed my left eye hangs open slightly.
I have been googling like a mad man. But this thread most closely relates to my symptoms. And the replies here have me mortally concerned! I have been trembling in fear and anxiety from day start to day finish for about 2 weeks. Some days i cry because i am so scared of dying. I do admit to being a hypochondriac, though i havnt been so convinced in my entire life due to the strict narrow nature of the symptoms that i can relate to on this thread.
Anyways I have finally worked up the guts to call my doctor. I know im in for a long road of testing, evaluations and doctors visits.
I will make sure to post any findings from specialists until i receive relief in that eye for the sake of research. I hope everyone is ok and that everything is taken care of. Please pray for me. As my prayers will be out for you guys tonight.

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Posted By : BnotAfraid - 7/15/2014 11:31 AM

Welcome to the forum.

Do calm yourself. People do not die from Migraines, although we may wish at times that we do.

Once you talk to your doc. They may prescribe some meds, see if they work. If they don't then find a neurologist associated with a major hospital in your local area, that is know for working with migraines. This will decrease your bouncing from doctor to doctor.

STOP researching on the internet. You can only believe 10% of what you read on it. Most is posted be non-medical people. It will only make you more crazy!

Peace and comfort
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Be still and know there is Peace.

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Posted By : Mikeyfear - 8/12/2014 2:42 PM
Finally the good results are in, After taking BnotAfraid's advice in buckeling down to see a doctor, i went! The neurologist said that my MRI, and MRA images concluded that i do NOT have a tumor, clots, or aneurysms! After living in fear for so long now, i feel like im on top of the world. Thank you lord! Though i will follow up with the optometrist to see if i have any eye problems. Because there is definitely a problem.

Posted By : Nickybow86 - 10/20/2016 4:32 PM
Hi everyone
I hope this post is still somewhat active. I am a 30 yr old woman with terrible right eye pain. This is day 7 with the pain and I'm going insane. I had this pain 10 months ago for the first time and was told to go to eye doctor , they told me I needed glasses for reading and more than likely it was eye strain. It didn't go away and I was given antibiotics for sinus infection (which runs in my family and myself) , it did eventually subsidwe and I put it down to sinus and eye strain. this time round it is back again for no apparent reason? My nose has just become blocked with a feeling of fullness behind my eye and bridge of nose area! What is her opinion guys ? Waiting on a ct scan which should be in the next 3 weeks? I have be getting ear aches on that side and was told it was inner ear infection... My right hand feels "funny" at times and I can't control it .. I did have shingles on this eye a few years back too... Im so scared its a tumor ! I have 2 small kids and need my health. confused

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