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Posted By : cuttshaw - 7/19/2004 4:09 PM
2 days ago I awoke in the middle of the nite to a headache that was so painful that I couldn't bear to look at light. I had to crawl to the kitchen to take some ibuprofen and could barely stand swallowing. After an hour, there was no improvement. I had some old fiorinal left over from some chronic headaches a few years back. (I know its not a good idea to take old medicine but I was in so much pain). After 1/2 of one, I was able to fall back to sleep. When I woke up my head, neck and shoulders were almost tender to the touch.

Years ago I had ocular (?) migraines that affected my vision but didn't give me any real pain. This headache was so bad, I was afraid it was a stroke or something! Should I see a doctor about this? Does it sound like a migraine? What kind of doctor should Isee?

Thanks for your help.

Posted By : kristen s - 7/20/2004 9:57 PM
I suffer from migranes that cause light to bother you. They can be so bad that you feel as if you are having some kind of stroke, but not too often. They can range from dull constant pain to very severe pain. I see a neurologist for my headaches and if it is migraines then they can prescribe different meds to help prevent headaches (although nothing has worked for me). I would definately see a doctor if it continues to happen. I think most people say if you get a headache more then twice a week you should see a doctor.

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