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Posted By : Just call me Al - 8/20/2004 11:54 AM
     I've had 'bad headaches' since I was about 12 yrs old. I didn't find out that they were migraines until about age 30!  I had a bad habit(childhood baggage) of down-playing all pain or illness. Told myself all sorts of stuff to explain away the pain. The litany sounded something like this: Its not that bad. I got too much sun; Its not that bad. I read too much; watched too much tv. Its not that bad!  All the while trying to carry on with a normal life. I think that if my migraines had involved vomiting I would have been forced to seek help sooner.
     Looking back, I can't believe I functioned as well as I did. Once I got a diagnosis -from my optometrist- I gave myself permission to do something about it. I take maxalt, which works ok, but often find that the pain sometimes comes back within 24 hours. I think this last time it was a combination of hormones and a cold front/storm system and bright light that kept me 'fighting' for the last 8 days or so.
     I am sure I will be asking a lot of questions in the future, but right now I would like to know if anyone has tips for someone who has photophobia as a major trigger.  I have prescription lenses that darken with uv exposure. Still too slow to prevent eye pain and sometimes a migraine, but better than being caught without prescription sunglasses handy. They don't work in the car either so i have clip-ons for that.
     Didn't mean for this to be soooo long. sorry. Thanks, Alicia

Posted By : kayakmom - 10/9/2004 10:06 AM
Glad that you are finding a little help and have a DX....Have you tried wearing a hat along with the lenses? I find that the changing lenses do help me, but they arenot that dark in the car so I often need a hat, too.

my daughter is photic sensitive and light flickers can trigger a migraine or her seizures. I am also photic sensitive and it increases my headaches....I have read and tried, if you are near a flickering light, cover one eye and it helps reduce the impact....

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