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Posted By : Cheart99 - 10/6/2004 7:51 PM
I just like to post this. I have found that over my 15 years of migrain suffering that A cold compress on my head helps alot. I keep one of those bean bag thing in my frezzer and on out so that i can heat it in the microwave. I have found that sometimes a cold or hot on my forhead helps to aleviate the pain.  And when that dosent work i place the hot one on my neck and the cold on my forhead and that works. Try it sometime it may help.

Posted By : kayakmom - 10/9/2004 9:49 AM
I have had some relief with this method as well. The medications do not work all the time for me so I tend to avoid it is I possibly can. I have no way to tell if a med will work, since it seems hit or miss....

I use an herbal pack that is freezable or microwaveable....they are so nice!! I also take a cooler with them when I drive a lot (usually 120 miles a day plus....)This helps my neck pain and helps reduce some of the headaches...

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