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Posted By : tinkerbell1122 - 10/25/2004 9:08 AM
Heres the deal
My fiance was in a bad car accident when he was really little.
Weve been together for five years and he suffers from migranes as long as Ive known him.  They seem to start right where the scar on his forhead is located(from the car accident) and spread to his entire head.  I helps a little when i push on his eyes.  The problem is that he hates taking pills( he refuses most the time,except when i make him take ibuprofen every now and then)
My question is is there anything besides pills that could help him?
Thank you!
---Erin Beth

Posted By : Louey - 10/26/2004 4:43 AM
Has he considered trying accupuncture? Also yoga is good, and try to make sure he drinks a lot of water, and don't let him skip meals.
Make sure he gets his vitamins too!
Also, make sure he gets enough sleep.
A book I have found useful is this one:
ISBN  0-7645-5485-9
Title: Migraine for Dummies
Authors: Dianne Stafford and Jennifer Shoquist MD
I hope you find it as helpful as I have!
I got my copy from the local library  (I live in the UK).
Let me know how you get on
Good luck! :-)

Me: 30yrs
Fiance: 32yrs
Kitten: 3 months old 

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