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Posted By : Jenni462 - 3/11/2005 6:36 PM
HEY guys,
If this isnt news to you just ignore me, but ive suffered with AWFUL migraines for years, ones where the only thing i could do was cry myself to sleep...about a year ago i started taking B-12 supplements, a high dosage like 2,000 mcg and i have gotten probably ONE migraine since then, and it wasnt even the crying urself to sleep kind of migraine...of course ill still get headaches once in awhile, but thats life...i also know a girl who has gotten b-12 shots for another reason and has noticed she has not gotten a bad migraine urself a favor and give it a try! it cant hurt!!! its sad to think that after all i went thru just a vitamin cured my migraines but it did! It sucks, especially cuz doctors dont tell u about it, but since when do they recommend anything but drugs lol...While it may not work for everyone, it definitely did it for me and my friend and im assuming this isnt a big secret but give it a try!


"whats so wrong with being happy? kudos to those who see through sickness" -Incubus

Posted By : kayakmom - 3/27/2005 6:38 AM
THanks Jenni! I am so glad this is such a help to you. I have tried B 12 but maybe I am not taking enough.

Posted By : bp49 - 4/19/2005 8:42 AM

Thanks Jenni - i'll take a look.  I'm always looking on the internet and forums such as these for other ideas how people manage their migraine.  i use a migracap which i find excellent to use and would recommend anyone giving it a go especially if you usually find a bag of cold peas and hiding under the duvet helps.  the cap combines both and not so cumbersome!


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