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Posted By : fillydilly - 3/29/2005 7:48 AM
please help... i have been having migrains now with nausea for about two weeks now... last night was my first auras please tell me is it just when you look at light... i had my bed side lamp on and the tv on and starting seeing auras so i thought it was from the lamp so i turned it off but while i was watching tv i kept seeing them... i am very new to this i am seeing a rhumy and have alot things going on and now this which could and can been a part of lupus which they are looking into but anyway about the auras are they seen anytime are when there is some light around... thanks alot filly


Posted By : kayakmom - 3/29/2005 10:43 AM
I am not sure what the aura is that you saw. Usually an aura is like a warning sign and it goes into the migraine. Lights and TV can sure affect them. Some auras are like sparkly lights, others a blurring of vision, smell, pain with light or noise....

Can you call your doctor and explain what happened? Might be the best way to fing the right answers....

Hoping you do better soon..

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