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Posted By : Marissa - 4/4/2005 7:31 PM
I have been getting severe headaches every single day. sad Last year during September 2004 I got jumped and the back of my head was hit really hard to a point where I blacked out. Then about 3 months later, the most painful headaches started. I'm really scared if something is seriously wrong. Can anyone please help me? Email me at: if you can somewhat help me.

Posted By : kayakmom - 4/10/2005 11:16 AM

Marissa, have you been to a doctor about this? Sounds like it is important to have some tests done to rule out things.


I sure hope you can get help soon. Sounds really awful to have bad ones every day...I did email you as well.



Posted By : colee1979 - 4/12/2005 6:46 AM
I get very frequent headaches and migraines and I know how you feel. I was hit by a car about 11 years ago and thats when my headaches/migraines began(but have become more intense through the years). I have had three cat scans and was taking Relpax,Inderal and Esgic for about a year before I got pregnant this past summer. Now I take nothing for the safety of my baby,but it's hard I get a migraine about every ten days or so and it lasts at least 24 hrs. I wish I had answers that would make us both better,but I dont. But,I wanted you to know I understand.


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