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Posted By : dkw - 4/25/2005 1:58 PM
I am 66 years old and yesterday experienced something similar to what I think I experienced once before (about 8 months ago).  All of a sudden I started to feel a little faint and dizzy and my eyesight was blurry.  I closed my right eye and could see well.  When I closed my left eye, there was a grey "curtain" covering the lower half of my right eye.  I didn't see anything else other than that "curtain."  After a minute or so, it started to discipate from the outside of the eye to the inside and then was gone.  I wondered if I was having a mini-stroke.  At work this morning, discribing what had happened, one my my employees said it was probably an aura, associate with a migrain.  I had no headache or any other reaction or symptom after the vision went back to normal.  I have never experienced migrain headaches and not heard of an aura. I have been on the Internet this morning and found lots of information including descriptions of symptoms similar to what I experienced yesterday.  This website has been very helpful.  Based on what I described, would others who have experienced similar symptoms, suggest that I experienced an aura yesterday.  Is this referred to ocular migrain.  Should I visit an eye doctor, neuroligist or wait until this might happen again.  Are there any natural products that others have found successful in controlling this?  Thank you for your help.

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