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Posted By : Aussiegirl30 - 2/24/2013 5:54 PM
Hi everyone! I am new here and desperate for advice. I have been diagnosed with migraine associated vertigo. I get a lot of headaches - some bad - I have had one experience when I lost half my vision years ago (which I am told was an aura) and another when I got double vision for 20 minutes. My main problem though is severe attacks of vertigo at the time of my period and daily dizziness.
What brings me here though is a strange visual symptom I get. I have had it for 10 + years - since all this junk started.
I often get a sudden black flicker in my vision. It's as if someone quickly flicked the light switch on and off in the room. It's just a split second. I often ask if anyone else just saw the light flicker on and off but nobody ever did!
Has anyone else with migraines ever experienced this?
Another weird symtom I had once before a vertigo attack was one night when I got up in the dark - went into a brightly lit room for two minutes and then went back into the pitch dark. When I went back into the pitch dark from the light, I had jagged flashing at the bottom of my vision for about a minute, then it faded. Any ideas?
Any help at all is appreciated!
I am still struggling with my diagnosis and I think I am just looking for some comfort that I sound like a migrainer!
Thank you so very much.

Posted By : Linelli - 5/8/2013 4:19 PM
Ive noticed my vision flicker black for a second a few times recently! I thought it was just me going mad cause ive not seen a thing about it on the internet! Have you seen a doctor or anything about it??

Posted By : Aussiegirl30 - 5/8/2013 8:17 PM
Hello, thanks for the reply! My neurologist just it down to migraine.
Do you suffer migraines at all? Or auras?
I don't get a lot of severe headache, more vertigo and aura symptoms.

Posted By : reskawannabe - 5/12/2013 3:50 AM

I had aura just like you, but mine started as zig zag lines and then start spreading through my vision field. then, it turned dark and I couldnt see anything. It was always like that whenever I had my attacks. aura can be in any different kind, not only visual but also sensory ( I sometime had sensory aura)

anyway are you sure you really had vertigo? you felt like you were floating or spinning?

Posted By : nspeedracer - 5/14/2013 12:51 AM
yes, i get that with migraine. flicking lights, or waves of colors in the dark ect. my migraines finally got better after being on Mepron for a week, a treatment for Babesia that i got along with Lyme. nothing helped my headaches until this, this last month i have been in the ER every week until that medication kicked in! it saved my life.
the visual disturbance can be part of migraine, called aura.
good luck to you.

Posted By : Ccbrunk - 5/16/2013 5:40 PM
I don't think I can help too much because my doctors are between diagnoses, but I can relate. You're not alone!

I've been getting migraines for over a year now, and I frequently get blurred vision or vision "shaking" during the headaches. At the peak of my migraines I lost vision in my right eye and saw flashing shapes. At first my vision narrowed and went black, and then in the darkness I saw the shapes flashing. It was very unnerving to say the least. My migraines have been better over the past few months. My neurologist says I have level 3 seizure activity (absent seizures) and my MRIs showed a cyst on my pineal gland (which started at 7mm and is now 8mm a year later). My doctor thinks I have MS, but the MRIs haven't shown that.

Before all this started I could count all the headaches I had in my entire life on one hand. I couldn't even swallow a pill a year ago! Now I can take up to 8 at a time... I guess that's not a good thing.

Posted By : frightenedgirl - 2/17/2014 7:23 AM
did anyone find a cause of this?
I have the exact same thing as the very first post except I do not have headaches or any migraines.
but my vision the lights flick on and off ?
any ideas?

Posted By : JungRulz - 2/17/2014 6:30 PM
This is what I saw for years during the visual migraines I had for years.

In the second example, the colors weren't that bright, but they were in the more jagged shapes as these.

These are what are known as a scintillating scotoma, or translated into humanese, it means a colorful blindspot.

There are a variety of migraine symptoms, mine were strictly visual, no headache. Others get these as an aura before a headache.

If you're interested in reading about the range of migraines, this book may be of interest. It's written by Neurologist Oliver Sacks and is done for understanding by non-professionals.


Whenever someone experiences these symptoms for the first time, you should see a doctor to rule-out any other physical issues, but migraines can indeed produce a broad range of symptoms.

Posted By : JungRulz - 2/18/2014 2:18 PM
Just a note: Paracetamol is the British name for Acetaminophen (Tylenol) before anyone thinks it's something new.

Posted By : frightenedgirl - 2/18/2014 7:04 PM
but what if someone has this flickering vision but no headaches at all- no migraines ever- then any thoughts on what it could be?

Posted By : JungRulz - 2/19/2014 5:09 PM
See my link above to the scintillating scotoma I'd see during migraines. I never had any headaches. You can have visual (occular) migraines without pain.

Yet, when these problems first occur, talk to your family doctor or see an eye doctor (an Ophthalmologist not an Optometrist), never self diagnose from the internet.

Take note if it's in one eye or both. Is it in the right or left side of vision. A little secret about vision, each eye has approximately half the retina wired to one brain half, half to the other. When I saw the scintillating scotoma, it was in each eye, I could see it in the dark. It looked like it was in the right or left eye, but it was in both eyes, to the left in both or the right in both. The visual migraines I had occur in the visual cortex of the brain, not in the eyes themselves. But things can happen in individual eyes. So taking accurate note of what you're seeing is important to helping the doctor analyze your situation.

Posted By : frightenedgirl - 2/20/2014 9:14 AM
oh okok I see-----mine happens in both eyes at the same time. Is this serious or easily treatable?

yes I do have to go to an eye doctor I guess

Posted By : NoFearNoMore - 2/20/2014 11:47 AM
Has anyone been diagnosed with Constant Atypical Migraines--Aura only-no headache/pain?

In 2004 was broadsided on 4 lane at 65+mph. When I woke up, I called EMS, cut out of car and transported to Emergency. Xrays (yes xrays!) done and sent home. For 9 months I had constant neck pain with constant flashes of light/constant dizziness/--like someone was taking pictures of me on auto flash. My PCP did many Head Cat Scans with negative results, so I was finally sent to a neuropsychologist who did a stat MRI of my Neck and was scheduled for surgery to put in titanium plate at C5-C6. Neck pain stopped, but the "aura" did not. I have been taking Zonegran (seizure med) to stop aura from occurring. Tried stopping the med twice, but the "aura" came back. Neuro states this is not seizure activity, but EEG is abnormal.

Posted By : JungRulz - 2/21/2014 2:09 PM
To Frightenedgirl.

I wasn't suggesting that it was more serious, just a tool to help the doctor understand if the problem is related to one eye or more along the lines of migraines. Visual migraines occur in the brain itself.

I would see a doctor if you have not already done so. As I said, an Ophthalmologist is a Medical Doctor, I would see an ophthalmologist. Optometrists are good, but cannot prescribe medication and if they found or suspected something, would send you to an Ophthalmologist anyway.

Posted By : SimplyMrHill - 11/30/2015 2:50 PM
Hi frightenedgirl,

I've experienced a split second black out today. Like you described, it's almost like a blink, but you know you haven't blinked!

Did you follow this up in the end? If so, were there any results? I had it for the first time today, I don't suffer with migraines or headaches, nor do I have eye trouble. I've had a slight speck of light in my vision appearing uncommonly for a long while, but my optician didn't say it was anything wrong when I had a check up done three months ago.

Basically, I was trying to take a pin out of the ceiling above my head earlier in the kitchen, I had my head back looking up trying to grab it and then it happened. As if the light flickered, but it didn't.

Any updates at all? I suffer from anxiety so this is killing me at the moment.

Posted By : miketheworrier - 12/22/2015 9:48 PM
HI Mr Hill. I made this account to reply to you and give you a bit of reassurance.

I had what you described happen with the split second vision loss earlier this year, which also happened to be a time where i was very anxious and stressed. I was focusing on cleaning my mirror and then suddenly i saw a split second flash of light (like i blinked but i knew i didn't because i was looking at myself in the mirror)

I immediately assumed the worst that i was suddenly going blind. I panicked and went over that very moment in my mind over and over. I assumed it was impossible to have any outside sources to contribute considering it was broad daylight next to an open window.

I then went to my local options where they put some eyedrops in and checked the back of my eyes. It was all perfectly healthy.

I am writing this comment to you about 8 months since it happened. I wish i didn't spend all those days worrying about it. Just think if it was something serious you would have time to actually notice and feel it instead of it happening for the smallest amount of time possible. It was probably just a bird flying past the window or you blinked and didn't realise.

Anxiety can play cruel tricks on you and try to make your life as miserable as possible. Dont let it win.

Hopefully this hasn't happened again since you posted. Have a merry christmas!

Posted By : S1lver - 5/4/2016 4:49 AM
Most days, for 11 months I've experience this symptom. It's very much like someone switching a light off/on for a few microseconds. Blinking without the blinking. There can definitely be no exterior source because my house is full of natural light and so the lights are generally off.

Got my eyes checked out and they are completely fine. I was on some vitamin D pills for a while and my subjective impression was that helped solve the issue. I've been off them for a while and the issue has returned. Not sure if a total coincidence.

At best I don't suffer any in a day. At worst I've had over two dozen.

Posted By : nova14 - 5/15/2016 12:28 PM
S1lver said...
Most days, for 11 months I've experience this symptom. It's very much like someone switching a light off/on for a few microseconds. Blinking without the blinking. There can definitely be no exterior source because my house is full of natural light and so the lights are generally off.

Got my eyes checked out and they are completely fine. I was on some vitamin D pills for a while and my subjective impression was that helped solve the issue. I've been off them for a while and the issue has returned. Not sure if a total coincidence.

At best I don't suffer any in a day. At worst I've had over two dozen.

Dear my friend, I need to talk to you about this problem. Is it possbile to send me an email
I apperciate for your consideration and time

Posted By : healthprobs - 6/30/2016 8:08 AM
I have been experiencing this issue for a while... sometimes it was actually the lights flickering or a bird flying past the window, but other times I was positive that it was my eyes... and I think it was both eyes but it happens too quickly to really tell. It usually happens when I am stressed or frustrated by something, and/or when my heart is beating fast, even if I am not stressed. Another website said that is was "fasciculations" in the eye muscles, which are brief muscle contractions. This seems plausible but I don't know why it would be in both eyes then. Just posting this to spread some info that might help, and so you know you're not alone.

Posted By : BnotAfraid - 6/30/2016 9:03 AM
This could also be silent migraines. auras.

I have auras with and without pain.

Mine are very bright with colors, other times it is as if someone has flashed a bright like in my eyes.

I have tried Vit D and D3 did not work, did not help depression either. I paint mine when they come. Some are very beauty.

Have learned to sit closed my eyes and watch, only lasts about a minute or two.

Well, when I first wake up it half an hour.

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Posted By : Phi64 - 7/15/2017 10:29 PM
Hi, my wife and I both experienced the flash of black together earlier today, it plagued my mind knowing we both experienced the same black flash at the same moment.Neither of us suffer from migraines or have any health complications. I also notice frequent bright flashes of light, in my peripheral vision and occasional bright flash that all over, similar to the flash of black. Shadows passing in my peripheral vision. Ball of light with a tail descending then changing direction heading in a southern direction away from me. I have video footage which I took with my phone to show anyone really... last strange thing I noticed was lights dancing in the distance. Anyone experiencing similar occurrences??

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