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Posted By : Sirrus - 8/24/2005 10:08 AM

I have had a headache for a month and a half now...
It starts about 30 minutes after waking and stays persistent all day.  It is primarily on the top right side of my head and in the back right.  So it is definately one sided. Also have been feeling dizziness.

I saw the doctor twice and they think it is anxiety related.  I was instructed to go on anti-anxiety medicine Zoloft.  Also, I have started seeing a chiropractor that thinks he can help with the headache.

I am very nervous because it is localized and one sided, persistent.  It is never overbearing pain, but it worries me because it is not a generalized headache and I can pinpoint the general location on the right side.  Is persistent daily one-sided headache super rare?
Do I have a reason to be nervous?

They advised an MRI if it does not get better after this month, but they seemed relatively confident it is anxiety related.

Any thoughts?

Posted By : Nicky (coquitlam55) - 8/25/2005 7:28 PM
Hello Sirrus,
Do you generally suffer from chronic headaches? Do you take any medications daily? Do you drink coffee daily? Do you eat anything just before the headache starts?
If you don't generally suffer from chronic headaches I would push for that MRI sooner rather than later. If you do, I would consider rebound headaches, even though its one sided. Does anything make it better or go away.
A short time ago I kept getting a one sided migraine and it would start about 30 minutes after I got up. It turned out I was forgetting to take my beta blocker, which explained why it would go away at night.
I asked the questions about coffee and eating because I have also found foods to trigger headaches and know for me coffee is a bad one. I couldn't figure out why I had a headache each day and then gave up lattes. At first the withdrawl from coffee gave me a headache, now coffee gives me a headache. Its a catch 22. Yeast in muffins and chocolate also trigger migraines (one sided headaches for me). These are foods I sometimes eat at breakfast.
My opinion of the anxiety explanation is that its horsepucky. My experience is that if anxiety is going to give me a headache I have a restless sleep and wake up with a headache. It doesn't come 30 minutes after I wake up.
Oh and the last thing, how hot are your showers or baths. Hot showers, though I love them, trigger migraines for me, make the blood vessels expand. Do you have a hot shower and then get the headache?
Those are my thoughts, though nothing is based on a medical degree all on personal experience. Don't ever be afraid to push doctors or change doctors. Especially when it comes to head pain that can't be explained.
Good luck!

Coquitlam55 (aka Nicky)
"The world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it." --Helen Keller
I try and remember this each day I have a headache that I'm not sure I can overcome.

Posted By : Sirrus - 8/26/2005 2:57 PM
Just got the MRI - only 25 minutes long...
No contrast used.

Report said "Normal brain scan"


Posted By : Nicky (coquitlam55) - 8/28/2005 9:08 PM
Congratulations! That's great! yeah

Coquitlam55 (aka Nicky)
"The world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it." --Helen Keller
I try and remember this each day I have a headache that I'm not sure I can overcome.

Posted By : Sirrus - 8/29/2005 5:22 AM
Definately....but I feel like my headache is getting worse. Its a constant pain in a particular area - its like I got kicked in the head or something.

Ahh...what to do. I guess Ill have to make an appointment with a neurologist eventually...

Posted By : Nicky (coquitlam55) - 8/29/2005 6:52 PM
If its getting worse I would get it checked sooner rather than later.

Coquitlam55 (aka Nicky)
"The world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it." --Helen Keller
I try and remember this each day I have a headache that I'm not sure I can overcome.

Posted By : tysmyboo - 8/30/2005 12:49 AM

I tend to have the same...head pain starts shortly after waking up. Its not rebound or anything like that...its always right sided and just stays in the same place. Now, I will also get big bad throbbing migraines in addition to that constant/persistent head pain...but the throbbing migraine types may be in the same or different locations.

I had CT and MRI all come back normal.

Topamax and Inderal daily are helping with both types of headache

Sara-Migraine/Headache Forum Moderator
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Posted By : Sirrus - 8/30/2005 7:52 AM
Thank you for your response Sara!
Its nice to know that someone else has similiar symptoms.
I plan to see a neurologist soon if this continue, but its good to hear its not terribly uncommon.

Posted By : Sirrus - 9/8/2005 7:51 AM
Sara, do you know the cause of that daily headache? I think I'd like to get to the root of it instead of treating the pain...any ideas>?
Could I have hit my head alittle and just not remembered? I'm sure an MRI would show that..

Posted By : tysmyboo - 9/9/2005 9:06 AM

I have actually hit my head on two different occasions and had two minor contusions and not had any head trauma that would show on brain scans either CT or MRI...

That is the best reasoning that my doctor and I can come up with for most of my head pain other that good ole' "migraine disease" :-)   and things such as new persistent daily headache etc.

There may not be that "one" solid reason that we are all looking may be something that we just have to try to prevent and deal with the best we can.


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Posted By : Sirrus - 9/9/2005 9:54 AM
But if it was only a minor contusion then wouldn't the pain subside after afew days, not become chronic? :) If it is the case, the only solution is medicine? Figured even minor head trauma would go away after awhile...

In any case, thanks again for the response!

Posted By : cahill - 9/19/2005 6:30 PM
Hi all,
       I am 25 and never had headaches before but since last December i got a persistent headache on my RHS and frontal,it`s like an elastic band round my head after i have a beer and relaxes to a constant pressure pain on the RHS FROM THEN ON. I have had this constant pain every day since december and am a fit young man. It doesn`t interfere with exercise but just won`t go. It`s hard to sleep at night and when i wake up in the morning it goes for about a half hour and it comes back again for the day.Alcohol aggevates it and i am off it now but not long and it still persists? it`s not anxiety as it goes for awhile in the morning and comes on again like a steady pressure to my RHS and frontal and maybe on my LHS also but not as much as RHS....It`s just mind boggling and really really annoying.
i really don`t know what to do about it,can any of you kind people help me?
thanking you.

Posted By : cahill - 9/19/2005 6:48 PM


just to shorten my symptoms-

 headache on rhs and frontal rhs mainly but can affect frontal and lhs but to a lesser degree.(alcohol can bring this on)

I have it everyday since december and only relief is in the morning for a half hour or so

I never felt sick,drowsy,dizyness or anything like that,i`m athletic and a fairly healthy Irish Man apart from this persistent`s getting the better of me.

I don`t like taken pain killers but have tried solpadine etc and they don`t help.

I`m not depressed or anything or suffering from is good apart from this?

I`m off to bed and look foreward to hearing from yea all...but you never know it could be gone in the morning......fingers crossed eh guys :-)



Posted By : cahill - 9/19/2005 7:00 PM
your headaches do sound like mine which is relaxing for me but not meaning to offend ya like...knowing i`m not the only one with similar pain....hope your feeling better too eh like....does Guinness or alcohol make yours go away for the night after a few and then get worse in the`s hard to be a student with the whole not been able to drink and stuff...just crazy here in ireland....hope it`s improving..


Posted By : lilactime - 1/10/2007 6:53 AM
sirrus hope youve solved your problem . i had a headache on my left side for 6 weeks , doc said sinusis , antibiotics initially cleared it up , but it came back , not intense but always there . packed in alchohol , caffeine and chocolate , now still there but not nearly as bad , actually feel like im getting better . managed without nurofen plus for 1 week now , which helped . may even have a couple of beers at the weekend , havent missed caffeine or chocolate at all .

Posted By : Paranoid Girl - 1/10/2007 8:34 AM
i have pain in the exact same place. like you said -- its not unbearable but always constant. does yours feel tender to the touch by any chance?

Posted By : Nicky (coquitlam55) - 1/10/2007 4:41 PM

Hello cahill,

Welcome! I'm not a doctor, just a long time headache sufferer. Your headache sounds like it might be a tension headache, especially because exercise doesn't affect it. When I have a migraine I can't even think about exercising. Tension headaches usually feel like a tight band around your head. They can be triggered by clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth at night when you are stressed out.

You may find that muscle relaxants or anti-inflamatory medications relieve the pain with minimal side effects or any chance of rebound headaches.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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Posted By : lilactime - 1/10/2007 5:09 PM
paronoid girl . my headache is not tender to touch . ive had trouble focusing , had eye test , was ok . bright flourescent lights at work make this worse . i do long distance running this makes it better , must be endorphins . had alot of sinus problems in past , could be linked ?

Posted By : AngMichelle - 1/10/2007 10:53 PM
My migraines are usually always Rt side, over the temperal (sp?) nerve, to the back, and sometimes down.
BUt what you all are describing sounds like tention, chronic daily h/a. See a Neuro. they will know what to do. BEST to you all.

Posted By : lilactime - 1/18/2007 7:43 AM

sirrus . did you cure your headache






Posted By : GCutter - 1/19/2007 10:26 PM
Same exact symptoms over here...had a constant headache on the left side which feels as though someone has kicked me there. I had a sinus infection about two months ago and now it has left behind this headache. But I feel like six weeks is way too long. It arrives about 30 minutes after I wake up and is just this constant dullness throughout the day. Quite frustrating and scary actually. Had a CT scan and it came back negative. Seeing a neurologist on Monday.

do suffer from panic and anxiety but its way too long for that. any suggestions on what drugs have worked for them. Nothing seems to be working...

Posted By : lilactime - 1/20/2007 8:40 AM
mine lasted 6 weeks , then faded , till now , when theres almost nothing , sinusis can take months to clear up . try packing in chocolate caffiene alchohol

Posted By : GCutter - 1/20/2007 10:16 AM
Sinuses can give you a headache in the back of the head?

Posted By : zino - 1/21/2007 5:08 PM
Paranoid girl,

I've been getting these one sided headache for about 4 months now. I've had every test possible done, including brain MRI and seing a neurologist. I was even seen by an infectuous disease specialist, since the headaches started once I got back from a 3 week trip to Europe. Anyway, they found nothing. So I am now resigned to trying to figure it out on my own. I kept telling the doctors about the tenderness I felt when I touched my head on the side of the headache. All the docs pretty much dismissed that symptom. You are the first person that I've heard with this same symptom (tender to the touch). Please post if you find anything that helps. I will do the same.

Posted By : zino - 1/21/2007 7:21 PM
Is anyone suffering from the headaches on statins?

Posted By : lkarma - 1/27/2007 12:30 PM

Hi ParanoidGirl and Zino -

I have had a one-sided HA for two weeks now.  It is tender to touch on the top of my head, on the right side.  It is also diffusely tender throughout the right side.  It is worse when I exert myself and if I bring my head lower than my heart (i.e. to pick something up from the floor), it is immediately worse as I return to an upright position.  I feel that it has gotten progressively worse and that an increasingly larger area of my head has become involved.  I have some dizziness.  It is worse in the mornings and it is responsive to whichever pain medications I take i.e. fioricet, vicodin, motrin.  It does not respond to valium which makes me think it is not a muscle tension HA.  I have only had labwork done, which has been negative.  My insurance company just denied me for MRI.  I may see a neurologist. 

Does this sound like either of your experiences?  Have either of you found anything out regarding your headaches?

Posted By : GCutter - 1/27/2007 1:37 PM
I went to a chiropractor actually and that has helped. He took a look at my jaw and the pressure points in the inside of my mouth. It has helped a lot as perhaps your headache is due to nerves from your jaw. Ive done that and had some acupunctre which has helped a bit.

Posted By : Timberstone - 2/2/2007 9:30 AM
Like cahill above, I have the RH headache about an hour after having a beer. Wonder how he made out. His post was 2005 to this board. I'm 47, fit, active, 5 11, 155 lbs, healthy. I smoke and drink a few beers most evenings. Have for some 25 plus years. Antibiotics always worked with, what was a winter sinus infection headache each year. Not this time. So I'm experimenting with vitamins and minerals. As drinking depletes potassium, magnesium, calcium levels etc..and my PH is down. Doing a lot of research on PH. Many claims say a PH of 7.4 is ideal and wards off diseases and cancer can't live in a more alkaline body. Makes sense to me! Coffee, beer, smoking and most everything I love is acidic or causes a more acidic PH. So I'm suspecting my RH headaches are related to low PH and a unbalanced system. RH headache is posted here as group B addresses this, However, vitamin and mineral balances are not an exact science and everyone is different. Small wonder every multi vitamin has different ratios.

So I'm wondering if others here have experimented with vitamins and minerals and their effect on their headaches? I wish is was as easy as saying, if you smoke and drink, you need blank mg's extra of this and blank mg's extra of that, plus a good multi. Could it be that simple? Or is it more peronally taylored to each individual? Does anyone have thoughts on the vitamin mineral connection and PH levels with headaches? Apparently there is a low PH epidemic in humans. Poor diets, soil depletion, use of preservatives and pesticides etc... You can get PH test paper called litmus paper at a health food store or online. I'd love to know if anyone with RH or any headaches has a normal healthy PH of 7.0 or higher. You have to test your saliva after not eating or drinking for 2 hours for acuracy. Like when you first wake up. My bet is there is a connection to headaches and low PH.
Many people who don't know their PH would like to, so I hope you'll be inspired to check and let ua all know here.


Posted By : zino - 2/6/2007 10:26 PM


Sorry it doesn't sound like my headache.  It doesn't get worse when I lower my head and I don't have any diziness.  Still haven't found a solution to mine but I keep searching.  Good luck


Posted By : zino - 2/6/2007 10:32 PM

Thanks for the tip. I have been having some problem with a couple of crowns and bridge on the same dide as my headache. I will check on the jaw connection.


Posted By : GCutter - 2/6/2007 11:41 PM
good has seemed to work for me. I have done that and went for some acupuntre to relax the nerves and that has worked wonders. Let me know how it goes.


Posted By : Tireduk - 2/8/2007 6:17 AM

I've been suffering with right sided headaches for about a year now, in the last 3 weeks i've had an mri scan of the brain, the results showing a right sided cholestarol granuloma of the peretous apex, i searched them web and found a case study stating the symptoms which were extremely similar to mine, dizzyness right sided pain sudden onset lasting from 30 minutes to several hours, saw a specalist on Monday this week who does'nt think the symptoms are related but coincidental? Has anyone else suffered from this and had treatment which has worked?


Posted By : Travis_Nobilis77 - 2/11/2007 12:00 AM

Hey Sirrius:  I couldn't help but stop and reply to your entry, because I had lived with a low grade, constant left sided headache for 25 years.  (It averaged about a 3 or 4 on the 1-10 pain scale, enough to disrupt my life in many areas).  Sirrius, in no way is "persistent daily" or "chronic daily headache" rare in the scope of headache phenomena.  Most specialists at headache clinics will tell you that this type of head ache is, in fact, very common in their practices.  I am sure there are MDs on this site who will vouch for this fact. 

 The fact that it is very specific can be a bit harrowing, especially when they cannot pinpoint anything "physical" going on, but this is because most headaches are at the cellular level---the chemical level of disease and can only be studied upon close examination under the microscope, following brain tissue dissection!  Hopefully now with the nitrogen based FMRIs (functional MRIs), this will change.  And no longer will GPs be so quick to put your condition and countless others like it, in the waste basket category of "tension headache". 

I think it is a whole lot of "hooey"VIEW IMAGE, having had your doctor state the same; it is always a cop out when they are unsure.

Keep on keepin' on as you develop better and better coping skills to live with your condition, and try to keep a grateful and positive attitude always, as you  (and millions of others) await for the elusive cure(s).

Travis Nobilis77

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Posted By : Scorpio7 - 2/13/2007 12:32 PM
I had very similar symptoms for the past 2 months (one-sided headache that appears 30min-1hour after waking and lingers for the day...not severe but enough to disrupt my daily schedule). Tried everything to get rid of it (changing birth control, biofeedback, propanolol, feverfew, cranial sacral therapy). The last resort was a dentist who specialised in jaw problems, and I was fitted with an NTI-tss splint to prevent teeth-grinding during sleep. The effect was instant and's definitely worth a try if you know you grind your teeth at night or have a stiff jaw that pops. A one-sided headache caused by jaw problems is a 'temporal headache', rather than a true migraine (though I'm pretty sure the stress the having a dull headache all day have triggered migraines for me).

Posted By : Painface - 2/25/2007 12:43 PM
I am suffering from daily headaches. They started about 4 years ago. When they first started they lasted about 2-3 weeks at a time which i thought was bad. Since Oct 06 they became daily with little relief. I've had all the scans done MRI of the brain and neck. CT's & bloods too. I've tried acupunture and have seen an Osteopath who reckons i have abnormalities in my neck and skull and he has been doing re alignment work. This has given some relief but nothing permenant. I went back to see the neurologist an d tried teling him about the Osteopath but in Ireland they do not recognise Osteopaths work. He wants tme to try beta blockers and if they don't work then Idon't know whats next. The Osteopath wants me to continue with him. I am so uncertain as to what is wrong with me and then I am listening to conflicting advice. To describe my pain, it is usually focused around my right eye, above it and my temples. I get pain across my forehead, a pulsing out the top of my head and also a containstant pain in the back of my head and my neck. I have alot of muscle tension which i have tried to get relief from through massage and even electric pulses. It is really affecting everything in my life, my socail life is non existent. WORK is a disater i have had so much time off i am afraid of loosing my job. I do not siffer from dissiness or nausea but you can see the pain in my face. hence my nickname Painface my partner calls me. He is very supportive but i don't think he or anyone realises what i am going through. Can anyone with similar problems offer some adivce?

Posted By : DDB - 3/2/2007 10:06 AM

I have a similar history, going on daily headaches for 3 years. I've had every test in the book, with some success...until recently backsliding for whatever reason. Rule number one is you cannot ever give up. Many individuals have major success with Topamax and beta blockers. I have tried just about everything, but finally felt some relief with amyltriptiline (Evavil). I can't help but think that my headaches were triggered by a stressful event in my life (as much as I longed for a physiological reason). I have learned it's better to throw more than simply pills at the problem. Exercise. Also try relaxation techniques (also called biofeedback). I myself am still searching for a cure and for greater relief, as not a second goes by that I am not in pain.

Posted By : Annuk - 3/3/2007 3:37 AM
Hi Tireduk, Painface and DDB,

Welcome to Healing Well. Sorry you are all suffering. I hope you will find some support here from other sufferers. Please be patient as sometimes it can take several days for a response to some questions.

Tireduk, there are not many people on the board here in similar circumstances to yourself so it may take a little longer for a response, so please do not become disheartened.

Painface, I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions, how long do your headaches last? Do they occur at night as well? Does your nose block or your eye water on the affected side? Do you want to lie down or walk around with them?

DDB, I am glad you have found some relief with Elavil. We would all like to think there is a cure out there but sadly there is not, but to find relief for our particular brand of headache well that may well be a possibility to hope for!!! It is certainly something I am working towards!!!!

take care


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Posted By : Travis_Nobilis77 - 3/5/2007 11:49 AM
Hey yo' Painface!  How's life across the pond in the beautiful land (so I've heard) of Emerald.  (Nothing like starting with a bit of roughly attempted humour for one who suffers with daily pain, huh?).
I just wanted to cue you in on my entire response (below) to Sirrius on Daily Persistent One-sided Headache circle.  I think it is applicable in your case, too.  My chronic daily headache has been diagnosed (very) variously as either a Histaminic Cephalgia variant, and, an intractable migraine variant.  The former of these---my most frequented medical labels---was a diagnosis put on by the famous Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago.  It is the one I tend to agree with , as I do not have nausea and vomiting with the daily headache; nausea and vomiting tend to be more associated with migraine headaches.
Anyway, I wish you all the best and positive energy on your quest to find answers to this very difficult problem.  Wishing you good results, Painface, with the Osteopath, too. 

Posted By : zino - 4/24/2007 9:17 PM
Just an update to my one sided headaches... They have been gone for about a month now.  The only thing I did is to stop chewing gum... I used to chew about 6 peices a day...
The other possibility is that I stopped the statins about 7 months ago and maybe it's finaly helping...
Hope this helps...

Posted By : Stookie - 9/2/2007 10:21 AM
Hi everyone,
I've been suffering from dull headaches in the right-hand side of my head and sometimes it makes my eyes hurt too.  It's mainly at the top back right hand side and even if I don't have a headache, if I shake my head then the pain is always there.  My vision is also slightly blurred.  This has been going on for a couple of weeks and I'm really worried.  I did start a new job about 6 weeks ago where I am on a computer for 12 hours, but I only do 1-2 shifts a week so I'm not sure it can be that, I am a worrier and always fear the worse, but the main reason I am worried is because it is one-sided and always there.  Please help someone, does anyone else have the same as me?

Posted By : sissyrn - 9/2/2007 12:43 PM
Dear All,
I read your entries and thought to myself "there I was 2 years ago". I had daily headaches with the last major headache last for over a YEAR with almost no relief (relief would be 30 minutes and then it would start again.) I had headaches on my right side from the corner or temple past my eyes to my forehead in a triangle shape. ALWAYS on my right side. These had last for 15 years. I had tried everything from BC powder to migraine meds (from injections on) which caused me to have a cardiovascular reaction (my blood pressure was stroke level and I was informed to never, ever take the med again). During this time I moved twice and each time a new neuro to see me. Then began the MRI's (I have only had 5) and the CT scans (I have had 4) to check and see if I had any type of lesion. Finally last year in 2006 I had neck surgery (for a totally unrelated problem) and my surgeon told me anatomically I basically had no bend to my neck. My neck was straight up and down. He actually with my spine bent my neck so that I now have a natural bend. It made all the difference in the world!! I still have headaches (about 10% of the fibro population) have headaches. Also my entire mothers side (every female) have headaches so they are hereditary. So my point is to look at the following:
Heredity, Anatomy (make sure you spine is correct and they are no herniation or disc bulges) {***Personally not a big fan of chiropractic adjustments unless your doctor is very good (good reputation) and takes xrays before adjusting you***}Grinding of your teeth at night (your dentist may check to see if there are small fractures in your teeth which may indicate you grind), TMJ (which if you have this and you grind you can guarantee a headache), if female you may have a hormonal imbalance (lack of estrogen or too much can cause hormonal headaches)
and last but not least sleep apnea may cause the morning headaches due to lack of oxygen.
I hope this helps... the only reason I know any of this is my 25 year journey to find out what was wrong with me (I began to have headaches at 15 years old). Officially I continue to have headaches but not for a year and daily, hourly every minute of the day. I wish you well. I can understand how devastating it is to suffer so. I wish all of you good health.


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Posted By : sissyrn - 9/2/2007 12:59 PM
Read my entry. Most partners, husbands, friends and family do not understand chronic pain. From my signature you can see the major start of my health problems (1996, the year after my child was born and the beginning of the end of my marriage in 2000). My advice has been to anyone that asked (I hope you are asking lol), has been to make them an active part of the learning part. Encourage them to go to the doctor with you and keep them up at night with you (lol) when you are hurting. I have lived with chronic headaches since I was 15 years old (I am 40 now). My family (particularly my mama) since she too has suffered from headaches since childhood (and her mama and her grandmother). The important part is MAKE them understand. How supportive of you, I don't know.
As far as your face hurting, I can understand this. My face used to hurt also and the Right side of my head at the temple. I have the parts of a true migraine (nausea, problems with sound and smell and most importantly light) but not real migraines. I have had doctors act like I was faking and have seen some of the best neurologist in the cities where I lived (as a nurse you get to know some of the better doctors). I don't know how osteopaths are in Ireland (I live in the US), however I am not a fan of chiropractors (Are they the same there?). I do not think it is a good idea to adjust backs (some people totally disagree), but I am a fan of accupuncture and massage. Also you do not indicate any meds except for beta-blockers. Topamax worked for me. But some over the counter meds excedrin tension or migraine headaches worked. Also I, with my other pain issues started having pain meds. I allowed myself to hurt for about 10 years and finally said enough was enough. I took the meds.
Find out what works for you... follow up on your neck problems (it was the answer for me) and make sure you have a great doctor that listens. My doctor now who is a pain medicine, rehabilitation/physical medicine doctor has finally straightened me out.
I wish for your peace both physically and mentally. I know that chronic pain can take away so much. Make sure you keep yours.


Systemic Strep 1996 (The START of it all)
Epstein Barr 1997
Fibromyalgia 1999 (But feels like forever)
Hypertension 2000 (When my husband became my ex)
Diabetes 2005
Neck fusion 2006 (diagnosed with spinal cord compression
disc and spine degeneration)
Osteoporosis 2007

Opana (new), Zanaflex, Ziac, Norco, Cymbalta, Glumetza, Amaryl

Posted By : Stookie - 9/4/2007 5:07 AM


Hi me again,

My headache seems to be worse today, it's not debilitating or anything but dull and always there.  I had an eye test yesterday and was told that my eyes are perfect and not the cause of my headaches.  I'm really worried about these daily one-sided (right-sided) headaches and blurred vision.  I feel tired all the time.  Sometimes I think that the headache has gone but then a test it by shaking my head (sounds stupid I know!) and the pain is still there on the right hand side.  Can anyone help me with this?


A very worried and low Stookie  sad

Posted By : heretohelpothers - 9/10/2007 8:26 PM
Hi all. I'm a fellow headache sufferer for the past seven months EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's really getting old. A top headache specialist diagnosed it as New Daily Persistent Headache. Said they don't know what caused it but my General Practitioner put it in her notes as being attributed to a Cymbalta wean after I went off of it. Who knows, but I've tried almost all triptans, many painkillers, oxygen (which they use for cluster headaches), all to no avail. Verapamil does keep the headache in check so that I'm not debilitated and left crying in bed, but it's still not fully gone so I just started on Topamax. Boy, what side-effects with that so far. I agree with the nickname Stupamax on that one, but I think I will stick with it for a while to see if it can help. Doc said it may take up to six weeks to fully kick in. But who knows, maybe it would have to be at a higher dose, too. I'm still on the Verapamil. I occasionally go to physical therapy (massage, electrostimulation, traction, etc.) Original reason for being on Cymbalta was for depression caused by chronic pain from a car accident that caused a back injury.
Anyway, it's nice to know I'm not alone in this but scary to hear other's stories too b/c I have no idea when this will go away. It's starting to get to me mentally and has definitely affected my social life (I'm a single 29-year-old female living with pets, so it gets very lonely at time living with this problem; family and friends just don't understand).
Anyway, I would love to get other responses if anyone has suggestions or encouragement.

Posted By : dazzy-headache - 12/10/2007 11:39 PM
stookie are you still getting your headaches i am getting the same as you but on the left side.

Posted By : Pezzano24 - 3/13/2008 5:11 PM
I to have had persistent right sided headaches..ranging from dull throbbing to piercing pain with dizziness, light sensitivity and slight nausea.
I'm familiar with migraines....used to get them in high school.
and there is nothing worse then going to bed with a headache and waking up with the same one....ech! awful :(
But these have been a more constant companion recently and always right sided, which I find disturbing and my little hypochondria voice is whispering scary things like...this could be a brain tumor. bla bla bla....
I feel slightly more at ease knowing I'm not the only one experiencing these symptoms.
Cause I don't know about you guys, but a working class girl like myself with no health insurance can't afford whimsical trips to the doctor and MRI scans.
allows me to weed out my options so to speak.... :)
good luck to all you headache sufferers out there....I can honestly say it is one of the worse things to deal's up there with chronic back pain.

P.S lavender is good for headaches.....drinking it kinda helps :)


Posted By : Mobius_7 - 5/9/2008 9:20 PM
Thank GOD wow, I've been googling my symptoms about 10x before I found this topic. I had to sign up to this site for this topic alone. I've had this SAME EXACT feeling in my head. Top, and to the right, sometimes stretching down to the upper neck. Not necessarily painful but a sensation of course. The first time I felt this (about 3 days ago) I had my second ever panic attack thinking I had a brain tumor or brain cancer. But knowing a handful of other people have my same symptoms is very reassuring. I'm guessing it's not harmful but just problematic. And I do have some anxiety problems and I've read in this topic before that it may be stress related so, again, very reassuring that I'm not having some rare deadly disease. Still, I would like to know exactly WHAT is going on up there.

Posted By : august55 - 7/15/2008 5:18 PM
sad I've had one sided headaches for about 2 months.  I have to take aspirin or ibuprofen to get relief .  The crazy thing is these headaches always come back as soon as the med's wear off .  The doc said he thought I had trigeminal neuralgia, then he said it could be a cluster headache.  He gave me med's that didn't work.  The other day I got real dizzy and off balance.  Well the next day I got up and I was numb on my right side.  It started at my head and ran down to my arm to my hand.  I went to the emergency room and got a CT, but it came back normal. Today I had a MRI.  Haven't got those results yet.  Just wondering if anyone else has had these systems?

Posted By : alimaly - 12/2/2008 11:47 PM
I started getting a onesided headache (Right) for a couple months now and felt as if it is some growth pushing on my eye - tender, painful etc. I have not seen a doc yet but will ask for an MRI soon. Your experiences, thoughts and suggestions here are really priceless. Makes me feel much much better than before i read.

Posted By : k headaches - 12/12/2008 9:38 AM
I do not have a history of headaches, but began getting headaches about 3 weeks ago. They are always on the left side of my head. There always seems to be some pain on the top left side. Even if I don't have a headache, I will get throbbing in that position if I shake my head. It does not hurt when I bend over. As the headaches develop, it also hurts on the back left side and on the left temple. The headaches happen during the day and night, but are treated effectively with tylenol. They do come back after the tylenol wears off. Obviously, I am worried about having a brain tumor. However, I have not had any other neurological symptoms like dizziness, vision problems, or coordination problems. I am scheduled to have an MRI next week. So, I'm hoping to at least rule out brain tumors or other possible life threatening conditions. Has anyone else recently had symptoms such a these? Thanks.

Posted By : washburn - 2/17/2009 7:26 PM
The very 1st post in this thread describes my headache so well I am just gonna cut/paste:

"...It starts about 30 minutes after waking and stays persistent all day. It is primarily on the top right side of my head and in the back right. So it is definitely one is localized and one sided, persistent. It is never overbearing pain, but it worries me because it is not a generalized headache and I can pinpoint the general location on the right side..."

So, that is EXACTLY what I have, EXACT same spot ...for about 3 months now. Most days.

so here are some more details:

this started at a really stressful time in college, where I slept about 4-5 hrs only and stare at a laptop about 8-9 hrs a day, sitting.
I still do all that.
I do NOT feel dizzy really...UNlike the 1st post here.
there have been days I don't have it, but mostly it is there
very low grade, but i feel it. it is never really painful.
VERY rarely the area of pain changes,but mostly it is top right area of head, a bit towards the back.
when I turn my neck at certain angles, it does feel like it could be muscular...not 100% sure.. (remember Skelaxin didn't help)
I do not do any exercise (i know...i should, but i am in the worst stressful semester in college)
Fioricet and Skelaxin didn't help
GP thinks it's very probably stress
I am a tense/anxious type of person
STILL have to stare at the laptop 8-9 hrs a day (I am in pharmacy school) from very short distance...
**** i recently got detected with high ocular pressure and optometrist thinks I may have signs of glaucoma****
I still don't get enough sleep; I do feel better late at night...I think.

so, with these details, what do you guys think? I am very relieved to see almost exact word per word description of my head ache posted by some here...
I am thinking of going to my GP and telling him it didn't get better
(although I must admit that I have never felt as bad as the 1st time it began; so it HAS gotten less, but it is annoyingly still there, low grade)

Posted By : Azrael - 3/12/2009 7:33 PM
Exact same issue here. Started around 2 weeks ago. Right sided headache, with pain and pressure behind right eye. Usually happens once every day. Not very painful but sometimes its brutal. I associate it with stress and lack of sleep, mostly because this is my hardest semester at school and im trying to get into medschool (irony...). Although i usually get 7 or 8 hours of sleep, when i get 4 or 5 i wake up with the worst ones. I am 20, used to be very active but not so much lately. I am pretty fit and have no other problems. I usually wake up with a dry mouth. Since the headache seems to go away completely at times during the day I always hope that it wont come back and yet it always does. Am going to get a blood test in a few days

Posted By : Azrael - 3/12/2009 7:38 PM
And oh yeah. I very very rarely have head aches, maybe 1 per year(not even hangovers, even after drinking quite a bit). But i had this exact same problem back in grade 10, although not daily. I usually associated it with going to history class in the portable.

Posted By : joejrsmith - 6/6/2009 9:15 AM
These are the most postings of what seems like my symptoms! And for so many years, crazy. Like many people, I think I tend to think the worst in a situation. And I have had hypochondria like tendencies in the past. There are three specific times where I have thought myself to have had a severe disease which turned out to be nothing. Here are the facts as I know them:

*I have in the past 6 months been under a lot of stress
*I drink coffee daily
*I have had a dull headache for the past month, mostly on the left side of my head. My scalp has felt a little sensitive also, but barely. The pain is fairly consistent. Every now and then it's worse than at other times, but it's pretty tame most of the time.
*I got pretty sick 2 weeks ago with flu like symptoms, vomiting and a fever. I didn't really eat for three days. A week before this I started noticing the headaches.
*It was around the same time that I started getting the headaches that I accidentally hurt my upper neck area. I felt shooting pains down my arms into my hands. The pain in my neck mostly subsided, but I have been moving the past 2 days and this morning my neck pain increased. I may have hurt it at the gym recently too....geez!!
*I also got a scooter and have been wearing a motorcycle helmet the past month. I know that I have felt pain in my head from wearing helmets in the past.
*I was in California for a week where I was pretty busy and didn't notice it as much. I'm not sure if it's because I was busy or because it was a different environment.
*I get seasonal allergies pretty bad and live in Austin where I know has worse allergies than most places I've lived.
*I've never really had this sort of consistent headache in memory.
*I'm taking Lamisil which has a side effect of headache.
*I'm also taking flonase for allergies. I have no allergies, which is sweet :)

I saw the doctor 2 weeks ago and he gave me anti-inflammatory medication for my back. My back started feeling better, but my headache is still around. I have an appointment on Tuesday to go see a neurologist. Should I request an MRI or CT scan? Anyone with similar symptoms have any suggestions/insight as to what may be going on?

Posted By : joejrsmith - 6/6/2009 9:15 AM
Oh and I've been grinding my teeth for years!!

Posted By : joejrsmith - 6/12/2009 9:56 AM
Is anybody out there? :)

Posted By : MustangMike - 6/16/2009 3:48 PM
It appears as if no one is really responding anymore except people with the headaches. I am right in there with the ones suffering and will post my symptoms as well in hopes that someone will shed some light on the possibilities.

Here are my symptoms:

Pain behind right ear
Have had migraines since I was a child (am 26 now) but not like this, this isn't a migraine (I still get migraines)
It's triggered by many things
It will always start after a small amount of exercise
It ALWAYS starts if I have 2-3 drinks of alcohol (not a hangover, while drinking)
Aspirin is the only thing (OTC) that will help at all but doesn't always
Most of the time it doesn't start for any specific reason
I am not overly stressed
I drink coffee and will get headaches if I dont have caffeine but it's a different headache

I don't wake up with it and it isn't constant. I can go days without it but that's rare. It can trigger a migraine but this pain isn't like the normal migraines I've always had. It's to the point where I'm starting to feel as if it's something more serious. It can be sharp or dull from one minute to the next. Basically it has limited my mobility so that I can't really exercise because I'll end up in bed for the rest of the day, sometimes a few days. I am waiting for a phone call from the neurologists office to schedule an appointment. I'll post what I come up with but if anyone has any ideas in the meantime, I'd appreciate your comments. Thank you.


Posted By : boosh - 7/8/2009 8:50 AM
My daughter has one sided head pain. MRI normal. A nurologist said it was trigeminal nueralgia. It initally got better using gabapentin, for over nine months. However, it has just come back as bad as ever. Gabapentin has been increased to 900mg three times a day. We are seeing the consultant next week.  Maybe some of you have TN as it is called! Hope you get ease soon.

Posted By : scooter3 - 8/15/2009 7:37 PM
I'm not a Dr. but i have suffered form many of these symptoms myself and i am being seen at the Cleveland Clinic. Some of you may want to check into "HC" (Hemicrania contunia) and others into "NDPH" (New daily persistent headache). The HC can be treated and usually managed very well with a simple perscription of Indocin. The NDPH will usually end up with a trip to Cleveland, Ann Arbor or Chicago for a Headache clinic.
I will say that I get temporary relief from a glass of wine or a cocktail before bed. I know this is not the norm but it does work for me. I have been on esgic plus, Maxalt, Immitrex, and many other headache medicines that did not work. Give the indocin a shot, hopefully it will work. You will need a perscription for it but it is just a simple anti inflamatory that is related to advil. That has worked quite well for me. Hope this helps.

Posted By : Irish Girl - 9/1/2009 2:34 PM
It's such a relief to see that I am not the only one! I have been getting daily right-sided headaches for the past month or so. The pain is never that bad, I would best describe it as a pulsating discomfort always at the exact same point on the right. GP sent me for an assessment and I am having an MRI done in 2 days as procedure but overall the doctors did not seem overly concerned. I have no other symptoms at all and have never suffered from migarine. One simple Solpadeine will take it away in under 15 minutes.

They started at a time when I was under a lot of stress and using a computer a lot for college work, but the doctor does not seem to see this as a factor. I'm probably over-reacting but I am terrified of a tumour.. :( Say a prayer for me!

Posted By : leeleeanne - 9/7/2009 11:04 PM
I am reading all of these and amazed as to how much I am similar. 
I have these one-sided (right) headaches that are dull and lingering and well, annoying!!!!
I have seen my GP.  He said to see my eye doc.  I did eyes are "perfect".  So, then my GP suggested a neurologist. He sees nothing to worry about and says we can do an MRI, but is 'pretty sure' it would come back with nothing.  He has suggested Cymbalta, Topamax or Amitriptyline.  I am NOT a drug/meds type person, so I am hesitant.
Myhusband is saying that I should stop my chiropractor for 2 weeks (I have only been seeing her for about 8 weeks..and have had muscle discomfort more so than normal) before going on meds. 

Posted By : addie2629 - 9/8/2009 12:34 PM
Hi, I am fairly new to this site/forum and generally post on the anxiety/panic threads but have been reading a lot of the migraine posts as I have recently been experiencing hormonal migraines.....
I have always had chronic headaches and most of them are tension related to anxiety.  I too have had the MRI & CT scan, both normal.  What I want to say is that I have experienced the same type of one sided pain you are describing and with me it lasted for almost 3mos.  It was a tension headache brought on by stress and heightened anxiety.  But in combination, at that time I also quit drinking, smoking, quit caffeine all at the same time which aggravated the headache for much longer. Just follow up with your docs on any strange symptoms/headaches (of which I like to call headpains!) But it is very comforting to know others have experienced the same type of pains!  Good Luck.

Posted By : korbnep - 9/10/2009 9:54 AM
This is actually the first time that I've looked at this thread. I usually don't read the ones that already have a lot of posts/replies due to both the time it takes to read the whole discussion and the hope that if a dozen people have replied to a post that at least one of the replies was able to help the original poster.

But glancing at the last page of this thread I see that many of you have posted descriptions of your headache problems and questions regarding them here. If I may offer some advice, I believe that you'll have more success in getting answers if you first look/search for a thread that describes a problem that sounds like yours and see if any of the information in those past discussions is helpful to you. Then, if you still would like to ask or discuss something, post a new topic with a descriptive subject line. I may just be speaking for my posting habits but I'm a lot more likely to reply (or even read) to a new question in a new topic than I am to a new question posted at the end of an old topic.

I make this comment solely for the purpose of trying to be helpful. The more accessible your post is the more likely it is to be read.


DX: NDPH, Recovered(?) CRPS
RX: Lamictal, Namenda, Wellbutrin XL, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Concerta (Methylphenidate), Clonazepam, Rozerem, Magnesium (1200 mg/d), Riboflavin (400 mg/d).

PRN: Ketamine nasal spray, Toradol IM, Celebrex, Haloperidol, Lodine, Zofran, Phenergan, Ambien CR
rarely: Migranal, Thorazine, DHE IM, Droperidol IM, Reglan, Provigil, triptans (Imitrex, Maxalt, Relpax, Zomig, Axert, Amerge)

I can be contacted personally via email at

Posted By : Irish Girl - 9/12/2009 12:52 PM
Update: My MRI came out clear, thank god! =) Was also told to get my eyes checked but my optician could see no problems. The consultant has just put them down to idiopathic headaches and told me to see him again in a few weeks if they get worse and he can give me medication similar to that of a migraine sufferer. They seem to have gone away over the last few days, fingers crossed it stays that way.
Good luck to you all.

Post Edited (Irish Girl) : 9/12/2009 12:55:54 PM (GMT-6)

Posted By : Grrrr - 2/27/2010 7:07 AM
This thread looks similar to my headache problems although my persistent headache is on the left side.. Had since August 2009 without any break... got an MRI scan due and have been told to stop pain killers as it's possibly a medication overuse headache. I drink too much too so have decided to quit alcohol completely until it goes (if it ever goes).

I also can hear my heart beat in my right ear when I lay on my right side = anyone else have that?

One thing it might be is Occipital Neuralgia and some of you sound like it might be related to your headaches as some of you have said 'Your scalp hurts when you touch it' - Look up Occipital Neuralgia - hope that light can be shed for at least someone....

Seems we're all in the same boat, no cure no answers... so depressing... I sometimes feel like my head is going to explode with the pain..


Posted By : Keymaster - 3/1/2010 7:20 PM
I will post just to let others know that they're not alone. I have been dealing with my headaches now for 15 years. I am now 38.

The first time I felt this "pain", I'll never forget it. It felt like someone rammed an ice pick through the top, left side of my head. Yes, I know this is a little different from what everyone here is talking about, but I'll explain later. Over the next 4 months, I experienced these pains every day, all day long. I panicked until I finally got an CT scan, which came back negative. Within days, the headaches went away. I was so relieved.

Over the next 10-13 years or so I would experience similar attacks, but only quick attacks that would last a few seconds and then would be over. The exact same spot on my head, but instead of several attacks over the course of the day, just one that day out of the blue a few times a year. That, I could live with.

That brings me to April 2008. My wife and I are waiting to board a cruise ship and we get some drinks while we wait. I get a similar headache, but this time it's a duller headache. Same spot, but about a 3-4 on a 10 scale. I had a headache every day of the cruise from the time I woke up till the time I went to bed, whether I drank or not. By the time I made an appointment and met with a neurologist at home, the headaches were gone. He prescribed Topomax but I never took it.

Fast forward to November 2009. Same thing occurs, except this time instead of having the headaches for a week, they last for 3 weeks. Same scenerio. Unfortunately, there are times where they become a 7-8 instead of a 3-4. I get a break in December and then they return in January of this year until, finally, in February I was in so much pain I had to make another appointment with the neurologist. My appointment was 2 weeks out, so I went home and dug out the Topomax that I never took the first time. Within 3 days of taking it, my headaches were gone. It's been almost 3 weeks now and I have been headache free so far.

Last Friday, I had an MRI and am currently waiting on the results. The Topomax seems to be working for me. The only thing I notice is that from time to time I feel some pressure around my temple on both sides and in other areas as well, but compared to the pain I was dealing with, it's no problem at all!

I hope this wasn't too long-winded, but if it pushes someone to go get checked out then it has done some good. I think most people in here would agree that a lot of us wait way too long before we decide to go to the doctor.

Posted By : sanjayhirpara - 4/19/2010 2:41 PM
Hi Sirrus,

I have same headache what you have. It starts with I wake up and get worst as day pass. Feel batter when I sleep. I have on same place on right side back head. I have one more symptom. Its pain sever when I moves.. or step down or step up the stairs. As Niky said... it could be because of coffee. It started few months after I started taking coffee. Let me stop coffee and figure it out that it getting cured or not. I will let you guys know. If anyone have any suggestions on my another symptom what i describe, please let me know.

Posted By : mommb - 4/20/2010 9:50 AM
cool hi to all that suffer from migraines, long story (10 yrs) short, my son age 36, post ulcerative colitis has suffered with this constant migraine pain left side, throbing and sometimes stabbing pain temple area. He had a perminate iliostomy done in dec. of 1999 and has had this migraine since then, constant 24/7 for 10 years. yes he has seen every doc from the university of Miami to Jacksonville florida, gi docs, nuero docs, pain docs all they want to do is pain meds, he has no life at all, lays down all day and night any movement sends him crazy with stabbing pain, sun glasses, dark house, no sound. I know about the Diamond Clinic in Chicago, does anyone know of a headache clinic in Florida?

Posted By : dealing - 6/18/2010 12:07 PM
watching my 3 day persistent one sided headache which is R or L to start......I experience deep pain behind the eye ball, same side nostril and same side molar pain ...nerve like sensitivity.General pain on that side of of scalp sensitive.......massage is good as is warm towel or heating pad. Same side back of neck sore with pain. Extra sleep and rest good to just wait it out....2 advil or 1 alieve can help .......... Sometimes after 3 days on one side it will clear then immediately shift to other side for about 3 days and nights. Then completely disappear til next " imbalance"
I feel various elements bring this headache on................
most obvious is my intake of coffee for that day...........if my routine is off..... ( 2 cups black at 7/8 am) .....not enough or too much and if I have chocolate that same day I can have trouble if other factors are present like hormone fluctuation (menstrual cycle) and sugar intake, heat ( temp.) or stress of some kind.
Couple of other factors....
I did have a very bad sinus infection that followed a common winter flu that I let it go for days before finally taking antibiotics. I feel nasal sensitivity altered since that time 10 years ago.
My Father suffered with intense migraines( ?..)......his were anxiety and tension I think plus he drank a lot of black tea.....8 cups a day.
Getting back to my caffeine balance is tricky. On the one hand a cup of coffee can do much to alleviate the pain but there is also an aversion to the stuff.
I generally like the coffee routine but at times like these I feel it may be time to quit..............maybe I have drank my quota.
yours truly .......Dealing

Posted By : jcTissy - 10/3/2010 1:19 PM
Just found this internet site about one-sided headaches and want to respond.  I have a chronic right-side headache every morning within 30 minutes of arising.  I have seen numerous doctors and none of them can tell me what is wrong.  One Ear, Nose and Throat doctor did tell me I had a sever sinus infection and one week ago I underwent a one-hour surgery to remedy the sinus infection.  This morning I am still in pain on one side with lots of pressure behind the right eye.  I have had an MRI and a CT scan.  Both showed the sinus infection.  Now that I had surgery to remove the infection the head-ache is still here.  I have never had headaches before and this one is persistent and constant.  I am taking strong pain medication but still feel the pain.  Does anyone else have this same problem.  I have read here that a few people are suffering with the same chronic headache. 

Posted By : healthylife1229 - 10/11/2010 4:13 PM
hey everyone,
i was reading yall's messages because i have had a persistent one-sided headache now for about 2 months.  i got my eyes checked and started wearing glasses when i am doing anything like taking notes at school, driving, watching tv, but the headache just hasn't gone away.  it feels like there is a constant dull cramp in my right temple area. it is tender to the touch like paranoid girl was saying..also if i massage it and put pressure on it it temporarily feels better while i am doing that, but then the pain returns.  i have still been going about my normal life, but this is getting really frustrating!! i haven't seen a doctor yet because i have really crappy health insurance, but i think i need to go--although i know the only thing they can do is an expensive MRI or CAT scan to see what is going on.  Has anyone talked to their doctor about similar symptoms and had their doctor tell them that it could be a tumor or anything? i'm worried confused   any advice will help! thanks! oh and by the way i am a healthy 28 yr old female--i try to eat a VERY balanced diet, not too much caffeine, alcohol occasionally (1-2 times a week) exercise regularly...

Posted By : Shrub - 10/12/2010 6:35 AM
Hi there,
I have had chronic headaches for 30 years. Mainly on the LHS but does travel to the RHS.
Finally I have found a doctor who is really on the ball. He has diagnosed Occipital Neuralgia and Temporo Mandibular Jaw dysfunction?
After finding this out and Googling it all, I realise he is spot on with the diagnosis. I have constant pain from a 3 to 10 every day and night.
Finally I have pain relief (even if only temporary) by taking Nurofen Plus, Rivotril and now Neurontin 300mg. I've had cortisone injections but they didn't work so I'm off to have the injections done again using xray. I've also just bought a mouth guard and the doc said to get a neck collar for support. All is worth a try.
My symptoms are like I've been whacked in that back of the head with a baseball bat, shooting pains, sore eyes, hurts to press on my jaw and lower skull..... I could go on. Might be worth Googling to see it your symptoms match.
I truly hope you find relief soon. It's so hard to function with headaches.
Best wishes to you all and I pray you have some pain free moments while you look for your answers.


Incredible as it seems, my life is based on a true story :+)

Posted By : faby - 10/31/2010 1:55 PM
Hi Grrrr

Posted By : TMH,justme - 12/10/2010 7:19 AM
Do you have sleep apnea? If you dont know, you should get checked. My husband went through this same experience, and it turns out that cluster headaches(such as you describe) can be caused by low oxygen levels, like you get with apnea spells. Just thought it might be something you woud want to know. It took us forever to get to the bottom of his problem, but once he started using a CPAP machine at night, no more headaches!!

Posted By : mfantom - 3/23/2011 11:21 AM

Not that I am an expert but has anyone on this forum checked their teeth? Dental issues cause a lot of pain in the head. I have had both migraines and dental (cavity and crowding related) headaches. Sometimes a visit to the dentist can help. Eating ANYTHING or hot or cold beverages or getting your blood flowing from getting up all could affect the level of pain you have from this. Just a thought. I had my wisdom teeth removed and had the first headache free day I have had in months.


Posted By : Maizie - 4/15/2011 9:37 PM
I have had a constant headache around the area of the left temple for parts of 3 years.  It started 3 years ago in August after a sinus infection.( I had been in Mexico while sick and could not take the time from my work to get medicine.)  It lasted to December.  It was not a bad headache. Just a constant pressure like a hammer pressed up against my head.  Also, it is always very tender to the touch.  It came back again, the following August, but that time it lasted until June.  It came back in October and I still have it now, in April. 
In 2008 & 2009, my gp treated it as a bad sinus infection--with antibiotics and steroids. In October, 2010, I went to my gp and was treated as if it were a sinus infection.  In November, I went back, and they added steroids.  In December, I went back and was referred to an allergist.  The allergist put me on a nose spray which might reduce the size of pollyps, in case I had them in my nasal passages.  It did nothing.  He tested me for allergies.  I was allergic to most everything to some degree.  He put me on a strong antibiotic for 3 weeks.  It did nothing.  He referred me to a neurologist.  He ordered a blood test to see if it was arteritis of a blood vessel. Negative. (They had done that test 3 years ago. Negative.) He ordered an MRI and it was normal.   He prescribed an anti-inflammatory which did not help.  I took it a week.  I am now on Zonisamide, a migraine preventative, and have been on it for a week.  It doesn't seem to be doing anything so far.
I have just recently been told by my dentist that I grind my teeth.
I also take Nexium for acid.

Posted By : justhermom - 7/10/2011 8:44 AM
Hi! I have been reading all your posts with great interest as I am trying for months now to help my daughter with various issues, the most recent of which is constant headache for the last 6 months! I will try to give you all the very long story in not so long a format, but want to say that I feel for all of you as it destroys me to watch my child suffer all the time! First off, history (she has just turned 14) of breathing, asthma (misdiagnosis), VCD, wheezing when suffering from colds, etc. She is an avid soccer player, plays at a pretty high competitive level and very driven kid. We dealt with these various (nothing serious) things here and there and then just before Xmas 2010, she started with a fever, headache, turned into mild pneumonia. Went to doc, chest xray showed nodules on lungs. Was on prednisone for a time and on inhaler (which everyone seems to throw her on at the slightest thing!) This sent us to 2 pediatric pulminologist. Blood tests showed elevated levels on 2 things which brought concern for lupus (in family) and sarcoidosis. Eventually got through the respiratory/sinus infections, etc (took months) and everything cleared out but the headaches never left. Has seen pediatric rheumatologist and been retested and those things that were positive are currently negative. Has had head ct scan, chest ct scans, numerous pulminary function tests (all fine) and an MRI (normal) of the head. We have appt in 2 weeks with pedi neuro but I have little faith in docs these days. It seems they just want to medicate you and tell you to take aleve or something. My daughter also has braces and has had a Mara appliance to move her lower jaw forward. I am beginning to wonder if something was pushed too far out of whack. I have tried B2 on my own and no help and now am trying to boost her digestive system as I have read that poor absorption of protein will cause headache, acid reflux (they also said she had that), etc. Now that it's clear the headache is due to something other than a "cold" I have to get to the bottom of this! I am okay with trying meds but refuse to accept that this is the only way and that one needs to be on them forever. I feel they are far more toxic than beneficial in most cases! So anyway, am 10 days into the digestive experiment and she knocks heads in a game and since then (5 days ago) headache is far worse. So am I now looking at a mild concussion on top of whatever was going on initially???? and what do I do or who do I call? Each doc seems to shove you off to another with no answers in the interim!!! Frustrating to say the least and am completely at a loss as to how to help her. So, any of this ring any bells with anyone? Anything you are trying besides what docs tell you to? Appreciate any and all thoughts and wish you all success in getting on pain-free with your lives!!! Many thanks :)

Posted By : Morrisdancer - 7/12/2011 4:09 PM
I have just signed up for this forum so I am not quite sure how to do stuff, but I just wanted to share my experiences.  I started having a persistent headache around the middle of May this year.  I was coming up to the end of my degree and was under massive stress.  Although I have now finished my studies, the headache just never really went away - I still have it today.  It is mainly one-sided and my scalp feels tender towards the back of my head.  I sometimes get 'twinges' around my head aswell as the constant non-throbbing low-grade pain.  The GP has put me on codeine, which takes the edge off the pain, but doesn't take it away completely.  It's very debilitating, but having read about other people having similar experiences, it makes me feel a bit better.   (Not that I want others to suffer, but there is some comfort knowing that other folks live with this problem).  I may re-think my situation a little now and wait to hear from anyone out there who may be able to help or relate similar experiences.
Thanks x

Posted By : cherluvya - 8/17/2011 12:21 AM
I've had a right-sided migraine since November 2010. The MRI showed too much activity in my brain associated with cancer or a tumor...but neither showed on the MRI. So...they are giving me Kepra...a seizure medicine to try to calm my brain. It hasn't helped...nothing helps. I live on daily meds...mostly spend the day in a dark room laying in bed. Basically no life. I have pins and needles often down the entire right side of my body...sick to my stomach...and very sensitive to light. My memory has been affected and to top it off...I have cancer. The headaches began shortly after I finished radiation treatment.

I've had so many tests...and now I am on to the 3rd doctor. I've been hospitalized twice because the migraine caused seizures with temporary paralysis after. It hurt to touch and is always in the same place on the right side. I was so surprised to hear many of you say that. The next step for me is an MRI of my neck and spine. I'll keep you posted if they come up with something interesting. I would like a life back someday...and the full use of my brain.

10 months of dealing with this kind of pain is becoming...unbearable. Cancer on the side...just makes it ridiculous. I have six children and nine grandchildren who I love dearly and would love to spend quality time with.

I don't know what statins are...I'll look it up when my head isn't screaming. I'll bookmark and keep reading what I can.

I also can't read very well anymore. I read a few sentences then get lost at where I am. Short term memory problems really suck too. Ha...I am so Eeyore anymore. I use to be Snow White.

Posted By : Drey - 7/18/2012 2:51 AM
Hi all, Is one side headaches also often happening to a 9 yrs old girl? My daughter experiences this for about 4 days now. her upper right head keeps on like blinking and becomes worst. Her pedia gave her 200mg ADVIL and it helps. I am worried because she is too young for this. Thanks

Posted By : girlfromipanema - 8/6/2012 8:39 AM
Hi, for the last 2 years I've been going to the doctor with this constant naguing pain in the left side of my head, which is very tender to the touch, like I've got a bruise deep down in my brain. When I bent down, the pain pulsates and it's very worrying. The doctor eventually send me for a X-ray (pointless I thought) and it was normal. I tried to get to the bottom of it many time, but I was send home with paracetamol every time and nothing was done about it.
Anyone knows how can I get my doctor to investigate this further? thank you.

Posted By : wolfcry - 8/11/2012 8:34 PM
I too have been waking up with daily left-sided headaches...i feel nauseated when the headache first comes on...i feel light headed a little at times and very tired and out of it when i wake up and for a few hours! I am on inderal for a heart condition that i was born with~ I have been for many years!
I get coital headaches often, and had headaches like this before...the drs did countless mri's and catscans in the past and kept saying nothing was wrong, i went 8 months like that, taking plavix and baby aspirin because one dr kept insisting i was having tia's but he was wrong, though he did save my life...i had a heart blockage and when that subsided, so did the headaches!
These new headaches are similar but no where near the old headaches, and i looked gravely ill then, i do not this time...i often take my blood pressure back when i had the blockage it was high and then would crash and my pulse was at a steady 50 bpm... now my blood pressure is almost always at 105/65 when i check it and my heart rates a steady 70bpm...i don't know for sure but am guessing they are migraines again, sometimes i get floaters in my eyes a day before they start, sometimes they just come, but they always come on right after waking up! some people are treated with inderal for migraines, but me, i have been on them too many years i guess to benefit from them!

Posted By : Erebus Desmus - 9/7/2012 11:28 AM
Dear everyone having one side headaches
kindly read this...
Abnormal Blood Flow
Migraines can start and stay localized on one side of the head, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. While the exact cause of migraines is still not well understood, it is believed that the blood vessels first constrict and then expand, allowing an increase of blood to a specific area of the brain, which creates pressure and pain. This can happen in any area of the head or just on the left side. Alcohol, diet, stress, loud sounds, smells and many other triggers can cause a migraine to occur.

Weather Changes, Smoking and Heredity
Cluster headaches tend to occur on just one side of the head, and often, two, three or more times in a row for days on end. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke claims that these types of headaches are more common in smokers, and can also be triggered by changes in the weather. Cluster headaches may be mistaken for allergies. A tendency for cluster headaches can also be inherited, or result from a head injury.

If there is an aneurysm in the left side of the brain, it may cause a cluster or migraine-type headache on the left side. The National Headache Foundation states that aneurysms can be congenital, or occur as a result of very high blood pressure. In some cases, aneurysms produce no symptoms until they are very large and about to burst, at which time the headache will be severe. Headaches due to aneurysms may also cause symptoms during periods of physical exertion.

Posted By : Erebus Desmus - 9/7/2012 11:29 AM
I hope it might help you...

Posted By : 001mum - 9/8/2012 9:23 PM
Erebus Desmus said...
Dear everyone having one side headaches
kindly read this...
Abnormal Blood Flow
Migraines can start and stay localized on one side of the head, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. While the exact cause of migraines is still not well understood, it is believed that the blood vessels first constrict and then expand, allowing an increase of blood to a specific area of the brain, which creates pressure and pain. This can happen in any area of the head or just on the left side. Alcohol, diet, stress, loud sounds, smells and many other triggers can cause a migraine to occur.

Weather Changes, Smoking and Heredity
Cluster headaches tend to occur on just one side of the head, and often, two, three or more times in a row for days on end. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke claims that these types of headaches are more common in smokers, and can also be triggered by changes in the weather. Cluster headaches may be mistaken for allergies. A tendency for cluster headaches can also be inherited, or result from a head injury.

If there is an aneurysm in the left side of the brain, it may cause a cluster or migraine-type headache on the left side. The National Headache Foundation states that aneurysms can be congenital, or occur as a result of very high blood pressure. In some cases, aneurysms produce no symptoms until they are very large and about to burst, at which time the headache will be severe. Headaches due to aneurysms may also cause symptoms during periods of physical exertion.
Erebus Desmus-your post above is good. Thank-you.

Over the last 35 years I would get migraines that if treated within 20 minutes were managable. This summer,there was a change, pain on the left side,near/above left eye started July 1st and continued for 8 weeks (every day. all day. all night).
It seemed similar to my "usual" migraine pain but with a twist. That twist was with an upset,anger,or pre-orgasmic the pain almost knocked me over. I was speechless with its intensity. Called my doc. He has a substitute in for the summer (he has been ill) & this doc was fearful that it could be an aneurysm. She sent me immediately to Emerge and a CT was done that night. It was negative. A referral within 2.5 weeks to a neurologist who said a CT is useless and thought an MRI should be done. He took an in-depth history and demanded to know all vitamins, supplements, herbal treatments,caffeine,alcohol and OTC pain meds. This doc is well known for his ability to Dx migraines with great accuracy and to involve his patients in resolving the pain.
I have a long painful history of herniated discs C3 -C5 in 2000 as well as L2- L4 in 2009)  with residual pain in the left arm and right leg.    But I live my life,have raised my kids,train future service dogs and work PT as a health care professional. I am used to pain- (?-what a thing to get used to eh?)         but wow! this over the left eye stuff gobsmacked me!   truly scared me.              I do grind my teeth and wear a custom night guard. My stress has been higher, but perhaps life has caught up with me.
The neurologist and I chatted and since he was very comfortable not doing an MRI we discussed my options.                      #1 was that I needed a holiday (a little, more than a little paternalistic I thought)but he is right. and to reduce my stress levels.
#2 re: medication, I stopped all Ibuprofen and he suggested several vitamins, B2 100mg twice a day , Magnesium twice a day,      B6,12 daily,      calcium &  Vitamin D3 1000iu twice a day and also I take B50 a couple times a week PLUS a really old-been-around-for-ever tricyclic anti-depressant called Nortriptyline in really small  doses   10 mg for 7 days and if no migraine relief take 20 mg for the days 7-14  and if still no pain relief take 30 mg days 14-21 ,add 40 mg a nightx7 up to 50mg a night. It helps with sleep  and i am VERY mindful it is a potent drug that can have side effects. These small doses are an "OFF label" use and problems (which for me weight gain would be the quite bothersome) should be minimal. I have read that it is HIGHLY  effective with cluster migraines-which the neurologist thought I had.
#3 I have started using a very small flattish pillow at night and it seems to help my neck. I have decided to budget for a new bed (and there are LOTS of mattress sales on right now-the present bed is 24 years old-so it's a new bed instead of a mini-holiday) I recognize I do have some neuropathy and the Nortriptyline also has been effective in treating  residual nerve damage pain in my left arm.  I keep a fan on at night to allow decent airflow in the bedroom I have found a massage therapist who is "just perfect" and helps get some knots out. A  chiropractor who has treated me before is aware i will NOT allow EVER any neck manipulation or "cracking' is willing to help  resolve my neck and jaw discomfort. I have an appt on Tuesday. Fascia release is what I am hope will be helpful.   hey!  shoulder muscles are connected to the neck muscles which are connected to the um"head"? muscles  and so on..........  
#4 I was surprised that he so quickly "pegged me" as a super senstive person. i feel heat. i feel cold. wind bothers me, crooked pictures, can't stand the TV sound too loud,  my shoes pinch. hate wool sweaters and scarves.                                   I sense and feel and touch and taste what most people never even notice!   baggggggggggahhhhhh        i am a perfectionist &   adore detail.     thus  migraines.  so partly there is a emotional source for me.    I now often shut off all electronics, no radio in the car.   I  have a walk with nature every day.   I use a soap i really like.  soft fabrics.    cotton blanket.    We will have another dog soon and that will help.  I honestly believe that sending my last foster back for training was too stressful for me maybe even our own dog.      black labs all the way!!!!
The Nortriptyline seems to be helping and the headaches break through only occasionally,I  hope to stay at 20 mg or 30 mg a night.  no more.  The pain pre-coital remains, but at much, much less intensity.  
I wish you all well. Tiny lifestyle changes may help. We all have pressures and stressors that affect our body. If these stresses can't be resolved we  can  TRY do something to counter-act  & hopefully add some calmness in our life.             KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS!                                   


Posted By : Jtoz54 - 9/10/2012 5:31 PM
Hi I suffered from headaches and dizziness all my life. 5 years ago I discovered that I was Salicylate Intolerant, allergic to aspirin and all foods containing salicylates. Aspirin is a salicylate that comes form the bark of the willow tree. All plants produce salicylates as a natural insecticide. It is in things likes fruit,most vegetables, tomato sauce, olive oil and many more. Theres a good list of foods in the book,"Salicylate Intolerance and The Healthier I Ate the Sicker I Got."

Right before I hit bottom I had such a pain in my right eye that I went for a CAT scan to rule out a tumor. Once I went on a low sal diet I got rid of my headaches,sizziness, nausea, neck pain, arthritis, asthma, dry eyes, nosebleeds and a foggy headed feeling.
Check out
No one should just accept a diagnosis of Migraine Headaches when they can prevent them by finding out whats causing them. Its usually a food intolerance. Unfortunately there is no test for Salicylate Intolerance because it isnt an allergy. You have to go off the foods that are high and very high in sals and see how you feel. Good luck, Joan

Posted By : ChrisMc - 6/24/2013 3:35 AM
This thread is a saviour. Just reading about it makes me feel better although my head doesn't.

My symptoms are, (well i will tell you how it started)

This may give you a giggle.
about a year or so ago me and my ex girlfriend were having sex. Nothing unusual right. As i was getting to the vinegar strokes and started to tense a little i felt an overwhelming pressure on the left side of my head. I heard it squealing inside my own head. The only way i can describe it is when you dive deep under water your head makes a funny noise to let you know there is too much pressure. It was exactly the same as that. Now ever since, I have headaches on that side, I get dizzy, light headed and my ears fel as though they are full with water.

Sorry to be so crass but that is how it happened. Any advice (on the symptoms) would be a great help.

Posted By : Ariadne5 - 3/21/2015 2:44 PM
Sirrus, Paranoid Girl, Stookie

It sound same as me. Upper right side & never really goe away but some times (for me a high stressor like when my kids fight)
Glad to hear what you have tried ad haven't.
My Next Step is going to be Lyme's Disease. I recently researched it and have many symptoms.
Make sure you get a Western Blot test as the ELIZA test is 85% Inaccurate...why they let it still be used is beyond me.
Folks are being diagnose with MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue all because the ELIZA test is no good..
Lymes is not just in is now worldwide as birds carry the ticks around too.
If you have a mystery illness check Lymes with a western blot as the sooner it is diagnosed the better chances you have for not having damages done as Lymes progresses over time

Posted By : thorn - 4/8/2016 7:56 PM
Travis, ive been suffering with pressure in my temples and across my forehead for approx. 6-7 yrs. Tried different Dr's. Had MRI and scan of sinuses no results. Thanks for your insight with your headaches at least I know in not by myself. Did you ever find any relief? If so tell me how please. Thorn41030

Posted By : thorn - 4/8/2016 8:12 PM
Travis, ive been suffering with pressure in my temples and across my forehead for approx. 6-7 yrs. Tried different Dr's. Had MRI and scan of sinuses no results. Thanks for your insight with your headaches at least I know in not by myself. Did you ever find any relief? If so tell me how please. Thorn41030

Posted By : Bobbijune - 4/12/2016 6:20 AM
I'm new to this forum and see something in common with many of you. Our migraine headaches tends to be on the right side of our heads. I've had them for 50 years, yes...I'm old. The last 14 years have been daily, no relief yet. We're trying different drugs right now. One thing I've noticed the last two mornings is my sinus was congested on the right side where my migraine was. I cleared out my sinus with a dot of organic peppermint oil in my palm and inhaled it. Wow, cleared everything out including my headache!

Posted By : harrow - 4/26/2016 6:35 AM
Bobbijune, has the organic peppermint oil given you long term relief?

Posted By : gilbertbtf - 5/27/2017 9:58 AM
Please... This is exactly what I've been having for nearly a year now and I need to know what happened to you and if it went away... You're my hope.

Posted By : straydog - 5/27/2017 4:49 PM
gilbertbtf, you have posted on a thread that is over a year old. The folks above have not posted here since the above dates.

If you have not seen a good neurologist for the headaches, ask your dr to make a referral to one. There are many different types of headaches & migraine headaches.

Take care.
Moderator in Chronic Pain & Psoriasis Forums

Posted By : Messenger - 6/27/2017 7:29 AM
Things you might try---

Special computer glasses---they helped some friends of mine who spent a lot to time using a computer (You can order them cheaply online if you know your prescription)

Diet---Get "Wheat Belly" cheaply on Amazon and the diet book that goes with it

I am still working on solving my occasional right-sided headaches but did give up all alcohol. I can't tolerate wine. They put a lot of chemicals in it to preserve it for longer shelf life.

Thanks for all the posts.

Posted By : Clustersurvivor33 - 8/5/2017 11:47 PM
Hello I get those as well in one location right side behind the eye slightly different tho mine are severe in pain and I get them every day 3 times a day minimum for 3 months at a time. Have you ever had any CT scans or mri

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