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Posted By : Crayzy - 5/7/2016 8:46 AM
Hello world. about a month and a half ago I had a migraine with a visual aura spinny light thing. I used to do about 7 hours of fighting per week and it was during a class that this happened

about a couple days later I was walking around in Costco and the lights triggered me to feel really off. I've head a headache that comes and goes, feels like pressure behind my eyes and gets bad with lights. I also get dizzy. This has been nonstop for a month and a half but changes in severity. I don't know what this is. The neurologist said it's a migraine but it's been going on for 50 days.

The reason Im worried is that it's bilateral and not always severe. I constantly feel hung over and it kinda feels like a sinus headache because it's around my eyes and sinuses. I am also often dizzy with certain movements and light sensitive but I have no congestion.

Also my eyes sometimes hurt with movement and sometimes throb.

This all started with a migraine but could be something else.

I am a 24 year old female. I recently found out I have very low stored iron at about a 10.

Posted By : BnotAfraid - 5/9/2016 9:08 AM
First make an appointment with a Neurologist immediately. If the pain is too bad see your family Doc in the mean time.

For iron, a good home remedy, if you are not diabetic, is a table spoon of black strap molasses every day. I did this for years til my body was stable. I put it in a glass of milk, it as not so strong.

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