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Posted By : Sweetred - 6/3/2016 4:27 PM
I've been having head pressure in the back of my head for about a year now, it just recently been constant, my eyes fee tired and I sometimes feel off balanced, no faint, no stumble, no injury, just anxiety, allergies, and sinuses. My face feels like it could be a nerve , my left glad is slightly swollen, and I have mild pain at the base of my neck, idk if its from working on computers or actually something is on my brain. Have anyone ever heard, felt, or seen this before?

Posted By : BnotAfraid - 6/5/2016 9:47 AM
Sweet, you need to get to a doc ASAP and possibly get some tests done.

There are variance number of things this could be, some more serious that others.

Nothing to putter around with. If you do not have a doc, go to one
of the Urgent Care facilities if you have one around you, or the ER.

Better safe that sorry.

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Posted By : Sweetred - 6/6/2016 6:20 PM
I've had an MRI, MRA, CT scans, xrays and 2 cardiac work ups done. All was normal and clear. They did find a 1 cm cyst that isn't life threatening though. And since then I've had few dizzy spells, my Dr summed it up as anxiety, and hypochondria.

Posted By : Sweetred - 6/8/2016 1:23 PM
Well come to find out , its an arachnoid cyst, 1cm in size , I go see the neurosurgeon on Friday, pray for me.

Posted By : Lucy777 - 6/10/2016 8:29 PM
Sorry to hear you have the cyst, Sweet! I just saw this thread as I have been out of town. I am glad they found it before it grew any larger! Please let us know how things went with the neurosurgeon, and I am praying for you and for the doctor to have divine help with your treatment.

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