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Posted By : BunnyGirl86 - 8/25/2016 9:29 AM
Good Morning Everyone.
I'm usually on chronic pain forum but i am having migraines again, i have had them almost every day for 2 weeks and i have had one for 3 days that i cant shake with imitrex.

i have a major history with migraines due to my spinal issues and surgeries/procedures causing spinal fluid levels to drop ect.

anyone have any tips as to how to manage at work, it feels like a vice on my brain.
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Posted By : BnotAfraid - 8/25/2016 10:33 AM

Do you use the imitrex nasal? I find that works with in 15 mins and gives less muscle aches than the tablets.

I am guessing you have already gone through the lowering of lights etc.. at work..

When I worked I used a small herbal bag, about 7in long, 2.5 in wide. Heated it 1min in microwave and layed it on my shoulder next to the neck. Gave me relief.

Go some place quiet, bathroom if you have to. Using controlled breathing; 3 slow breaths in, 4 slow breaths out [the long exhalation naturally calms the body] Meditate for 3mins. Just focus on relaxing your muscles then picture something the calms you. The ocean, a park, sun through trees,
a chocolate cake...

I hope this helps.


Once you feel better, return to work.
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