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Posted By : EdJones - 8/28/2016 11:59 AM
In case anyone is interested, I found something natural that has worked for my migraines. You probably have it in your pantry at home. I noticed it only works (for me) on migraines and not sinus headaches. if you have true migraines, you can try this:

1. open a packet of chili flakes (yes, the same little packets they send when you get take out pizza).

2. put a pinch on your tongue and don't swallow. Just let it create a lot of saliva and when you have a lot of saliva, swallow the saliva and spit out the flakes. DONT swallow the actual flakes or you could get a bad stomach ache.

3. Repeat this a second time.

I saw something similar on a video on Youtube, but can't remember where. If you do this, follow it EXACTLY. Please let me know if it works for you. If it doesn't, try it again. Your headache may not be a true migraine. It worked for both me and my sis within a minute or two.

Posted By : Lanie G - 8/28/2016 8:18 PM
Actually, I have read of others who say chili peppers (any hot peppers) in food can ease the pain of a migraine. They did not put chili pepper flakes on their tongue, but they ate spicy food like salsa, for example, made with chili peppers. I don't have migraines but if I did, I'd probably try anything to get ride of a migraine. Good luck and I hope you get relief.

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Posted By : jenagade - 9/5/2016 10:06 PM
It sounds feasible, chilli peppers contain capsaican which is the stuff that makes them hot and is used in pepper spray. There are topical creams with capsaican in them which people with chronic regional pain syndrome or nerve related injuries use and its works pretty well. You have to be careful though, with the cream you have to start out with a little bit at a time because it can irritate the tissues, it feels like someone is holding a blowtorch to your skin if it gets too intense, and you never want to get that stuff on mucous membranes like your mouth or eyes. Sorry for rambling, my point is its an interesting idea and unlike some natural remedies this one actually already has been proven for nerve related pain so it makes sense that chilli flakes could help with migraine pain.
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Posted By : Jake takes the cake - 11/6/2016 5:53 PM
there is also a spray called "sinus buster" which is supposed to be for sinus headaches, but apparently helps with migraines. It has capsaisin in it as well.

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