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Posted By : sangria14 - 8/28/2016 6:41 PM
I was wondering if anyone can offer suggestions/advice/help.

I had an LP (as part of a research study, I'm not sick otherwise) on 8/16. Afterwards I had the typical post LP headache and had 2 blood patches, which helped that type of headache.

My last blood patch was on 8/23 and I spent most of this week resting. I had the typical spinal headache on and off. The past 2 days I returned to work and now my headache is totally different.

It feels like there is a nail pressing down on the very top of my head. It is not helped by lying down. It is not helped by tylenol, advil or percoset. It is only mildly helped by caffeine. I have no pain in my eyes and I'm not worsened by light/sound. Also, intermittently, I have a fullness in my ears - like they need to pop (when in an airplane).

I read a thread on this website from 2008 that seemed to point to similar symptoms that went away in a few weeks but I was wondering if there is anybody who is on this site currently that could help.

Posted By : BnotAfraid - 8/30/2016 2:53 AM
Wow that is a new one on me.

have you called the doc that did the procedure and let them know about the pain? It could be nerve related.

Hope you feel better soon.

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