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Posted By : xy123 - 9/10/2016 5:33 AM
For many years, I have not been able to listen to music without getting a migraine headache after 5 minutes of listening. It's frustrating. The headache (and the eye - neck pain) lasts several hours (at least 8-9 hours) to a day, sometimes more than a day, if I don't try to treat it cleverly and be very careful.

Apart from music, I also can't look at pc monitors for more than 15 minutes. I can't read online articles as I wish, never.

I'm wondering if any of you have the same (or similar) problem(s), and whether you've found a solution to them...

My sincere regards to the community.

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Posted By : Labradorite - 9/11/2016 3:59 PM
Hi xy123,
im sorry you are experiencing this!
I know how frustrating it is. I don't have as much trouble wth sound but i do have similar issues with sight. you've probably tried this but i have found that lowering the brightness of the screen helps me deal with looking at monitors more easily. I have also considered copying text into text-to-speech apps so that they can be read for me when i am having the most issues. Not a great solution because i like to read but at least i still get the information. I am also a visual artist and I hate the fact that the migraines not only are painful but add n extra layer of difficulty to my work because it effects my vision.
I hope you find some relief soon!

Posted By : xy123 - 9/12/2016 2:56 AM
Hi Labradorite, thank you for the suggestions. I use f.lux program, it's been a great help, but still, problems continue. If you haven't tried it, I'd strongly recommend f.lux for you.

For texts, I print them. My room is full of printed texts, it becomes messy at some point... As for text to speech, it's a good idea; but I don't think I can handle it, probably it would be another trigger for me. Maybe in a low volume, it'd be ok. Thanks.

I hope the same for you.

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