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Posted By : Blu's Mama - 10/6/2016 12:56 PM
Hi all,

I usually hang out in the Anxiety/Panic forum but just wanted to share my migraine history and see if anyone has similar experiences??

I'm currently 25 years old, female, and experienced a couple juvenile migraines growing up. The first one I was on vacation and had the worst head pain and nausea and sensitivity to light. After laying down and closing my eyes for a bit, it went away. The second one I was in high school (maybe 14 years old) and noticed a line dividing my vision in half. Eventually it progressed to projectile vomiting, and horrible head pain which subsided a bit later.

Since then, I've not had a migraine, but have had instances of ocular migraines (spotty vision, loss of peripheral vision) which felt like the migraine aura I experienced in HS but it never progressed...

Just wondering if you can eventually outgrow them?

Posted By : Bluepaint813 - 10/8/2016 9:02 AM
I can remember having migraines since I was four. I probably had them earlier because my mom described me as colic and threw up often. I'm 31 and migraines plagued me all my life.

In all the research, reading forums, and people personally telling me their stories, I never came across someone outgrowing them. Everyone is different, but the only way I completely avoid migraines is avoiding the triggers. It could be possible for someone to outgrow them if the triggers were coincidentally removed from their life.

Posted By : allstar - 10/8/2016 8:20 PM
Migraineur here in my late 30's. Since before puberty. Migraines consist of non-aura mostly and occasional aura with pain. Rarely ocular.

My migraines have certainly 'changed' throughout my life. Triggers have also changed, but they certainly have never completely resolved. More or less, they appear to wax or wane in combination with hormones, triggers, stressors, allergens, or are completely random.

There have been times where I've used preventatives, no preventatives, lots of Rx, no Rx and only over the counter.

Specifically, I would encourage you to look at your current environment and determine if you have any new triggers, changes,new medications, and/or additional stressors.

Best of luck!

Posted By : migrainesuffer - 10/9/2016 8:53 PM
Hello, i know what migraines are like, I'm an 18 year old girl who been hospitalized for months with migraines, i been on every migraine medications including this one, and not 1 is working or been helping, When i go to the hospital for a migraine, i always become hospitalized, migraines suck for me!! The doctors here told me that they haven't seen a person suffer from migraines like me... I might be needing brain surgery because i also have a weak blood vessel, but that isn't what is causing my migraines... I been suffering from migraines since i was 6 years old... The symptoms i get are: Blurry vision, sensitivity to light, sound and noise, vomiting, nausea, sometimes dizziness, and fainting, and there are a lot more... I get migraines every single day and in a month, I get 28 migraines..

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