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Posted By : Penrichardson - 10/9/2016 7:48 AM
I awaken every morning with a migraine. I feel it lying in the bed and although when I stand up I get brief relief, it comes back very quickly, because it is already set in. I either walk it off or take immetrex if bad. When I lie down in the bed at night I can feel possibility of a headache in the back of my neck depending on what position I lie in-some positions worse than others. I have tried every type pillow and position at the advice of the Chiropractor. Once I get rid of the headache in the morning I don't have any during the day (I used to get them in the day too until I started the Chiropractor).

I've had migraines since my teens (I am 52), which have escalated the past 10 yrs. Have been to Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedists, Pain Management. Tried preventives, Botox, Steroid Epidural Injections, Nerve Block, Accupuncture, PT and had MRI's, Xrays and 2 Sleep Studies.

I have bulging disk at C-5 and C-6 although the majority say it isn't anywhere bad enough for surgery. Chiropractor has helped the most in the past few years. The Chiropractor says it looks like trauma to my neck is the cause and probably nerve pinching, so I continue the Chiropractor therapy, massage and neck strengthening exercises. I dread going to bed because I know how I will wake up. Every few months I will awake with NO migraine whatsoever and my mind is clear & I feel so great.

Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions?


Posted By : Dakota - 10/12/2016 5:59 AM
I have suffered from migraine headaches for 4 decades. After numerous tests, I am hypoglycemia. I now take a drink of unsweetened tea and peach juice to bed. Whenever I wake up during the night, I take a few sips. When I awake to start my day headache! Hypoglycemia creates many issues for the body and mind....

Posted By : Penrichardson - 10/12/2016 6:09 AM
My primary doc did a full work up a few years back to see if that was the problem. I can't remember the full results (with my brain fog), but it seemed I was a bit, but not enough for him to think it was the cause of the headaches. I think I will try the tea and peach juice anyway-can't hurt. So are they 2 drinks or do you mix peach juice in the unsweetened tea? How much do you drink during the middle of the night-oh I see just a few sips. Maybe it will help me.


Posted By : AmethystQueen - 10/13/2016 12:06 AM

I have the same issue. I currently take Amitryptiline to manage my migraines and it works great. Whenever I get a migraine, I usually wake up with one. The migraines start from my neck, which is injured do to a car hitting me or I feel it radiating from the area of my head injury. I actually went to a neurologist today and she wants to start another med but she said having some vitamin supplements may help manage migraine pain. I go for a MRI next week because I never had one after suffering the head injury from the car hitting me.

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