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Posted By : migrainesuffer - 10/9/2016 8:46 PM
Hello, I'm an 18 year old girl, I suffer from migraines badly, the doctors here where i live said that they haven't seen a person who suffers from migraines like me, I been hospitalized so many times with migraines, and they gave me every single medication in this world for these migraines, I also get migraines every single day, when i go to the hospital for a migraine, they give me IV and they make the room dark and give me an ice pack or a cold cloth for my forehead, and they shut the lights off, There are times where i wake up with a migraine, I vomit, i get sensitivity to light, sound and noise, i get nauseated, there are times where i faint and get dizzy, my eyes get blurry and i cant look at any light at all, I seen a neurologist for these migraines and they cant do anything for me either.. I might need brain surgery sometime soon because i also have a weak blood vessel, but the doctors here in Canada told me that i will be suffering and dealing with migraines until the day i die..

Please reply to this message, if there is anything i can do or try... I have tried and did everything for relief and nothing works..

Posted By : Bluepaint813 - 10/10/2016 3:39 PM
It sounds like you have tried everything under the sun.

Have you tried an elimination or migraine diet to figure out if your migraines could be triggered by food? Have you tried to find physical triggers like smells or exercising (or lack thereof)?

I'm a lifelong migraineur, but I did find relief by removing triggers from my life and became medication free.

Posted By : migrainesuffer - 10/10/2016 5:06 PM
Yes, i have tried that all too.. and lucky you! I wish i could become medication free ... the doctors and i don't know what is triggering mine, but any light can give me a migraine headache, even if its bright anywheres... So when i am doing something i got to try and do it with limit light.. I am also getting open heart surgery this November 18th, because my heart only beats 6 times a minute.

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