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Posted By : russ21o - 2/12/2017 5:08 PM
Hey im new to this migraine scence because i only started getting them about six months ago. Ive had about 10 in six months so there episodic. Im a 16 year old male and ive heard its preety rare to have migraines. My mom has them to but she doesnt get an aura and she has chronic migraine. Im just really nervous about getting chronic migraines and im wondering if its possible for me to outgrow migraines. Or if its possible to not develop chronic migraines. Thank you

Posted By : BnotAfraid - 2/12/2017 6:05 PM
What does your doc say?

Caffeine and sugar and huge triggers [ causing factors] for migraines.

Stop all coffee, energy drinks, soda etc... drink Vitiman water, Bai, regular water, milk etc.

See if the migraines lesson.

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Posted By : russ21o - 2/12/2017 6:25 PM
My doctor and mom actually put me on to a small cup of coffee every morning. Besides that ive done everything to avoid triggers. No more tea or anything. Drinking a ton of water. Ive been able to go three months without a single migraine twice. But ive had two this week. Also the doctor says Sleeps important. But it sucks not being able to sleep in. I try to get 8 hours every night but its not easy. Im just hoping this ends soon because my sisters friend had aura migraines and she outgrew them so thats my motivation right now.

Posted By : Kriya - 2/14/2017 1:36 AM
Theres could be few causes to your migraine, as simple as not eating enough healthy food for example or viceversa, over eating food. it could be not enough sleep or viceversa, sleeping more than you should.

with time as we age and become mature, we have to take more care of ourself. So to not be skeptical, there to much other causes i know of that could be also the cause. psychological pain or accidents of hit in the head and other disease. which i cant speak it in here openly mind.

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