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Posted By : russ21o - 2/26/2017 11:19 AM
Do you guys have any tips to beat anxiety about migraines. All day i think about getting a migraine and how it would ruin my day. Just thinkin ablut it euins my day even when i dont get a migraine. Please help

Posted By : notsosicklygirl - 2/26/2017 11:51 AM
I understand what you mean to some extent. I hadn't had a migraine in a very long time, then I got 2 in a short period, and now I am concerned that this can of worms has been opened and another could occur at nearly any time. I would imagine there's not much we can do, either get better treatment options for the migraines, take something to prevent them, or take something to attempt to help with the anxiety itself (but unfortunately, it's unlikely this will help the migraine - though I did take antidepressants for mine with great success)... Sorry you're feeling stressed.
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Posted By : missmigraine - 4/1/2017 5:43 PM
I'd have an emergency bag for situations.

I'd have my meds(a triptan, nausea med, fiorcette)
Instant ice
peppermint oil

Maybe that might help you feel less stressed having that for immediate use?

Posted By : missmigraine - 4/5/2017 7:57 PM
Yes my bag is the same! i don't leave home without it...
triptan, zofran, fiorcette, peppermint oil....

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