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Posted By : Kiki33 - 3/31/2017 8:50 AM
Hello everybody,

I thought I will start this topic as I just came from doctor and this is my diagnosis. Wording is so odd and I can't believe that this is an official diagnosis. I guess anything that doesn't classify for migraine or any other type of headaches, fall into this category.

I am prescribed Propranolol and will do lumbar puncture after a while but I am wondering what are your experiences in dealing with this daily pain?

God bless us all and give strength every single day to go and live with this condition!

Posted By : BnotAfraid - 4/5/2017 1:38 PM
This is an 'umbrella' diagnosis.

See my diagnosis's under signature. These came from John Hopkins.

My current doc, uses PCDH, with aura's etc...

I was on P for years, now I talk Topomax with 3 other meds... combos work best for me. My pain level is usually 3-5 on the pain scale. I will never be pain free.

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Posted By : cilly - 4/25/2017 1:36 AM
I have daily headaches,strange maybe i have migraines,don't knnow.

I am Allergic to pressure changes ,mold and dust.

Taking Advil Pm today and it helps.

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