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Posted By : Dr.hezam - 4/3/2017 5:35 PM
iam 35 y's old medical doctor postgraduated student of internal medicine, in 2001 I started to complain of heavness and pain in the left eye with appearance of zigzag lines in the visual field,photobia,eye strain and left sided headache mostly at occipital and parietal area the eye pain is fluctuating mild to moderate but most time is moderate, these symptoms constant all the time till now relieved by sleep,darkness and paracetamol and aggravated by tension, shouting and light, because the pain is mostly in the eye and I had photobia, eye strain and I see fixed zigzag lines in the left visual field, I visted many ophthalmologist I visted many ophthalmologist they prescribed different glasses and gave me eye drops for allergic conjunctivitis and tear drops ,they told me zigzag lines is floaters must to forget it, but with no benefit, and one of these doctors nearly in 2005 told me that I had foreign body in the left eye under the nevus after old trauma "which was at childhood by Thorn penetrated my left eye "he removed nevus but no foreign body was found but with no benefit , in 2014 a dentist told me the pain may from teeth and he extracted my last left upper molar also with no benefit, in 2014 I take fluoxitine 20 mg daily for 6 months I felt slight improvement ,then I stopped it but I still suffer of left eye pain, heavens, photobia, I see zigzag lines and left sided headache all these symptoms couse lot's of suffer and disturbed my study. 2 months I dicussed with supervisor and he told me this may be migraine he gave me topiramate I took it for 16 days but I stopped it due to side effects lik confusion which effect My study performance, and 45 days ago I started to take fluoxitine by may slef because I read in" medscape and in up to date" is prophylaxis to migraine but till now I noticed no clear benefit.

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Posted By : straydog - 4/3/2017 6:25 PM
Hello & welcome to Healing Well. So very sorry to read about what you have been dealing with. Sounds like you have had several drs just guessing at what is going on instead of coming up with real dx.

Have you been seen by a neurologist? Here in the states many people that suffer with migraines are treated by neurologist. MRI's are also done to rule out any underlying conditions. We also have headache clinics for those that seem to not get the relief needed. There are many treatments available, it is a matter of finding what works for the patient. Botox injections are another option being used & successfully.

Please go to & look up the medication that you are now taking. This is a very informative site. Take care.
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Posted By : Dr.hezam - 5/11/2017 2:56 PM
According to the history I sent, what's the diagnosis please?
I visited neurologist here in yemen he advised me to take paracetamol

Posted By : BnotAfraid - 5/11/2017 2:58 PM
We are not medical professionals. We can give you a diagnosis. That must come your doc.
If you do to like the doc in Yemen, try to find another.

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