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Posted By : peanutmrs - 4/4/2017 8:11 AM
For about a month now, I have been experiencing extremely tired eyes. No matter how much sleep I got, I would still feel unable to keep my eyes open during the day. Then throughout the month the eye pain would change to stinging and pressure feelings. I saw an eye doctor who performed every test and looked behind my eyes and said everything was perfect and she suggested that it was a sinus problem. She recommended taking sudafed and using a netipod rinse. This did not help.
I then went to my family doctor and urgent care who referred me to a ENT and to get a CT scan. The scan came back normal and the ENT ensured me that my sinuses are clear. She then referred me to a neurologist who I have not yet seen. She believes that I am having migraines. I am having a hard time believing that I would have a constant migraine for the past month? For the last few days I have also been feeling nauseous (I'm not sure if this is related)
The pain gets worse when driving or focusing on a screen for a period of time. I have now lost my job over missing too many days, and I am unable to drive for extended periods. I suffer from mild anxiety and depression as well. Does anyone have similar problems or advice?? Thank you

Posted By : straydog - 4/4/2017 1:08 PM
Hi peanutmrs & welcome to the forum. While you have been seen by some other drs & checked out fine in those areas the consult with the neurologist will give you some answers. I would not be quick to dismiss the idea that this is not a migraine. Migraine symptoms vary with each person. Some people can have mild symptoms when others have severe ones.

If you have done much reading in this forum you will see many threads of folks suffering for long lengths of time for one reason or another. There is a lot of treatment available to treat migraines.

Take care.
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Posted By : peanutmrs - 4/4/2017 3:40 PM
Hi straydog,
I was actually seen by the neurologist this afternoon and she prescribed me with two different medications. Hopefully this will finally be the cure!

Posted By : missmigraine - 4/5/2017 1:15 PM
I was going to suggest maybe dry eye...Glad you got some answers!

Posted By : BnotAfraid - 4/5/2017 1:35 PM
Did you get an eye exam? do you wear glasses?

I suggest this and what others have already

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Posted By : peanutmrs - 4/5/2017 3:14 PM
I did get an eye exam and everything came out normal. I do not wear glasses. I do use eye drops occasionally for dry eye but only receive relief for a few minutes.

Posted By : peanutmrs - 4/7/2017 6:44 AM
In the mornings it feels almost impossible to open my eyes. They feel as if they are stuck together. They feel extremely dry. I've been sleeping with a humidifier in my room but feel no relief. Anyone else experience this or know if this could be migraines??

Posted By : straydog - 4/7/2017 8:54 AM
The only time I have this issue is during the allergy season & I use warm wash clothes to get the gunk off. When you had your eyes checked did you tell them you were having issues with dry eyes? My mother had bad dry eyes & preferred to use an OTC several times a day called Artificial Tears. An ophthalmologist many years ago said I had dry eyes, which I now think was caused by a medication I was on at the time. He offered to write me a script for something but I declined it. I really can't say it is migraine related. I have a long history of migraines & dry eyes were never an issue for me.
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