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Posted By : MelySan918 - 7/16/2017 10:06 PM
I have been on 150mg of Topamax for 5 years for severe migraines with auroras. My husband and I are planning to expand our family and I know Topamax is not a good medication to be on during and pregnancy and breastfeeding. Would anyone have any suggestions on any alternatives for Topamax during pregnancy?

Thank you

Posted By : straydog - 7/17/2017 12:30 PM
Not sure when you plan to start trying but I think perhaps seeing your neurologist to see what medication he can prescribe that will not interfere with a baby. I hope your dr can find something that will be safe for all.
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Posted By : BnotAfraid - 7/17/2017 7:16 PM
No I am sorry I don't

On 250mg a day myself. Only thing that is consistent with relieve.

Talk to your doc.

Best of luck.

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Posted By : LadyAislin33 - 7/25/2017 10:27 AM
I'm not on Topamax anymore (I experience to many terrible side effects), but I am 1 month away from giving birth.

I'm not going to lie, it's been a tough struggle for me. I've had a chronic headache with migraine for over 10 years and I was on a lot of medication including narcotics and I had to go down to almost nothing. My doctor prescribed to me Benadryl shots (which I've been on for years) and Percocet to take when it got really bad. My headaches have progressively gotten worse with the additional stresses that come with pregnancy. Therefore, my doctor is having me take oral magnesium as well as giving me magnesium shots. He's actually just written me a prescription for it, so my wife can give me the shots at home. I will tell you that the magnesium has been extremely helpful. I'm one of those people where you give a medication to 4 people, I would be the one where it doesn't work. However, the magnesium does work for me and I’m finding it helpful.

I would look into the magnesium and I wish you the best of luck!

Posted By : kchw496 - 7/27/2017 2:09 PM
Definitely second the magnesium. There is so much research on it. Have you looked into the research on CoQ10 and migraines?

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