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Posted By : rebounder4ever - 1/28/2017 6:39 PM
I did some looking into the not so great qualities concerning scoping. Endoscopy and colonscopy.

Didn't like it at all.

CONTAMINATION!! Yep, sometimes there are pieces of the previous tested patient(s) still on/in the scope (blood, feces, etc) There was some testing done with different disinfecting agents, with one: peracetic acid. Found to dissolve "proteins" far better than the usual: glutaraldehyde.
One has to hope that the actual cleaning and SOAKING of this equipment IS ACTUALLY being done fully to remove debris. I have also read that the clinics don't want their scopes tied up for too long in between patients and that is another problem with getting the scope free of disease causing items. The instructions for CIDEX *glutaraldehyde MUST be followed for the entire 45 minutes to work. It's been known that the usual time they are left to clean is 10 minutes.

*Superbugs, HIV, HepC are just a couple of previous patient left behinds that YOU could get infected with.

After a simple test showed "positive"results, I was told by the doctor to have a scope done, which I thought was jumping the gun a tad. I ordered at home tests, three of them, and all three came out negative. I then ordered a test through a lab that I paid for and yet again this one was NEGATIVE.

I no longer see that doctor. The clinic this doctor was affiliated with complete their own test results. Hmm....

Be careful out there!

Posted By : cyclinglady - 2/9/2017 2:50 PM
What home tests are you talking about?

All medical procedures carry risk. You have to determine if the risks out weigh the benefits.

Are you testing for celiac disease? If left untreated, you can develop many issues, including lymphoma.

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