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Posted By : Jojomac - 8/26/2017 6:38 AM
I was told this week by a general dr I have celiac based on results from a stool test. I now realize celiac is not diagnosed this way. CAN it be? Do I not even have it? I got into a GI at U Of Chicago end of sept and I'm not sure if I should stay on gluten for further testing (which I have emailed her about) or consider this to be a true diagnoses and continue to avoid gluten like the plague. Mostly just interested in any info on this test and its validity. Don't know why they would give it to me and why the results from the lab would say I have celiac if this is not how you diagnose celiac.
Thank you!

Posted By : cyclinglady - 8/26/2017 11:23 AM
The stool test is not considered a reliable diagnostic tool per celiac disease experts. You will be accessing one of the best celiac centers in the country. Read through their website and learn about the disease.

Do not stop eating gluten. All celiac blood tests (measures antibodies) and biopsies obtained via endoscopy, require you to be on gluten. If you go gluten free, all tests will be invalid.

Why bother? Maintaining a gluten free diet for life can be hard without a firm diagnosis. This is the ONLY autoimmune disorder that scientifically proven to be genetic. All first-degree relatives should be screened for celiac disease, if you get a diagnosis. Even if they do not display any symptoms (some celiacs are called silent celiacs). Finally, once you have one autoimmune disorder, you can develop others like thyroiditis or type 1 diabetes.

Eat gluten (like a slice a day). If your symptoms are awful, talk to the people at U if Chicago. You might see if there is a cancellation.

I was diagnosed four years ago. I am thankful that I can manage my celiac disease with diet and not drugs.

Take care!

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