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Posted By : BDS18 - 2/9/2012 1:33 PM
After much trial and error, I have finally narrowed my urinary symptoms to the common denominator- sulphite allergy.

I have experienced at times, urgency, complete bladder emptying without warning, bladder discomfort, very like a bladder infection and slow leakage.

I had these symptoms investigated. Urinary cultures were negative, and so was a cystoscopy.

Initially the symptoms were triggered by chocolate, then sodas followed in fairly rapid succession by wine, coffee, tea, tomato paste, raisins , citrus and possibly soy.

If anyone else has had similar symptoms, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Posted By : Razzle - 2/10/2012 10:40 AM
Yes, this can happen with sulfites.

Strongly suggest you look into Methylation Cycle Genomics. Here are some links to help you out:


Very few doctors have a clue about this stuff, but some are learning...

Best to not undertake treatment on your "Dr. Amy Yasko" if you want more details. She pioneered the whole methylation cycle thing as a means of treating kids with Autism.

Take care,

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Posted By : supermum - 9/29/2017 1:04 PM
did you ever find an answer to all this as I am having a torrid time and need help

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