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Posted By : Hambo - 6/7/2017 1:02 AM
Hi All,

First time posting, but I'm looking for some background info to research before I head down the specialist / allergist path.

Throughout most of my life, I have had some strange food sensitivities come and go. For example:
- Egg allergy as a child. Went away at some stage during primary school and only returned recently (I'm 32) after completing a body-building challenge where I ate 6+ egg whites every morning for 3 straight months.
- Cow's milk protein allergy as a baby. Went away until well into late 20's, then came back with a vengeance (excruciating stomach pain for hours). I don't quite get this one, as I can have yoghurt, sour cream, ice cream, custard etc until the cows come home, but not milk. I can also have Lactose-free milk, so go figure. I can also have dishes that have cooked milk.
- Recently developed sensitivity to Avocados. Similar stomach pain to milk but shorter in duration.
- Recently developed sensitivity to Bananas. Similar type of stomach pain to milk but far less painful.

Could these be related in any way?

Posted By : Alcie - 6/9/2017 3:30 PM
Avocados and bananas have some proteins in common. Google them with "allergy" and you will find several types of allergies. The type of symptoms vary according to the protein causing the allergy.

You may have a lactose intolerance. It's the norm for adults. Very common. I would simply avoid lactose. I can tolerate some yogurts, sour cream and custard, but not some cheeses and some ice creams. The additives in a lot of yogurt and ice cream are worse for me than the lactose.

Were the egg whites some sort of package mix? They may have had additives too. Of course a lot of people have egg allergies.

An allergist can do some skin tests, which are fairly accurate. The blood tests are not so good. They have me allergic to peanuts, which I am not. An allergist can have you sit around for a couple of hours consuming increasing doses of specific foods - "challenge testing." You aren't supposed to do this at home, but I do if my reaction isn't a bad one. There are some descriptions in old posts - see the search box at the top of the page. Don't do at home if you have a serious reaction!!!

I'm not a doctor, and neither are the other patients here or on most other forums. We are only telling our personal stories, not giving medical advice.

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