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Posted By : w82heal - 8/13/2017 11:00 AM
For the last few months, when I wake up, I'm so nauseous. My jaw hurts, my nose is dry, and I feel a lump in my phlegm is stuck there. I have seen the END and GI. Both did a scope and everything looked normal, but my throat was a bit irritated. I had environmental allergy testing done. Turns out I'm allergic to most trees, grass, and weeds.

I was given a nasal spray and randitine. I was doing well for a few weeks, but it recently started up again. I'm going to call my allergist again about shots. I already use a saline rinse, nasal spray, and gargle with salt water.

I begin feeling better as the day goes on. I always thought allergies meant runny nose and sneezing. I barely need to blow my nose and when I do, it's only in the morning.

I guess I'm wondering if these are normal symptoms of allergies. If so, Any suggestions?

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