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Posted By : Hateanxiety - 8/24/2017 3:17 PM
I know many of you have heard of this for winter but wondering if anyone knew this affected up to 10 % of people in the summer especially right around allergy season making our allergy symptoms worse because of the anxiety and depression Wondering if anyone is being treated for this if so course of treatment and if they are benefiting from it? My allergies have been real bad this year and I am just learning of this condition but for years every time it gets this time of year I find myself wishing for late October when allergies end here in my area soon as it gets that time of year my lightheaded dizzy and other symptoms clear up along with all my depression that allergies bring anyway please share your thoughts thank you

Posted By : tune - 8/28/2017 12:20 PM
I rarely have asthma during the winter months (I live in AR) and I look forward to the cooler season because of that.

Last year, when my asthma developed, it was April - Juneish until I felt better / got it under control. This year, it wasn't until June, July, now that I am having problems. I usually always developed pleurisy first THEN my asthma flares. My anxiety has also been bad, along with other health problems. It always hits me in the summer months. Not sure why, but I feel for you. Here here to a speedy recovery friend!
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Posted By : cilly - 9/6/2017 11:06 PM
I got flu shot already.Since getting the shot felt sick almost twice with sore throat.
Having a flu shot shortens the duration of cold turning into sinus issues,you can try.

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