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Posted By : Missamerrica - 8/28/2017 4:04 PM
I just got the call from my allergist. My IGA levels are over 600 normal levels are under 100. The only things that came up that I'm not allergic to is cod and milk, via full panel allergy blood test. She said I probably have a lot of false positives but we still don't have a conclusion on what is going on with my body. My body is attacking itself, that much we know. However, my allergist and PCP don't know what is causing or has triggered the acquired angiodema and uticaria. I end up in the ER several times a month, on average every 10 days. The ER Dr.'s put me on steroids for a few days and I still have symptoms of both just not as bad. My allergist put me on 4, 24 hour tabs a day of Allegra yet I still have symptoms. We are going to try Xolair next. My problem is that I want to know why this all of a sudden came on a few months ago. I'm 40 in 3 months, have only been allergic to bees and intolerant to gluten. We found a tumor that ended up being benign, plus my cancer screening came back clear and all other bloodwork has shown normal levels. I'm frustrated, lost and have no idea what to eat. Please help!

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