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Posted By : JOVIGIRL71 - 9/2/2017 2:16 PM
hi everyone ,
i'm actually from the colitis forum but i have some other health issues with snoring.
i saw a ENT doc on thurs. she looked down my nose and all that. my dieiated septum is very
thick. basically all my insides in that area are closing in. i get bad headaches and earaches as well.
i'm going for 2 stages of allergy tests then another sleep study. i will most likely need surgery.
has anyone with allergies dealt with all this?
a friend of mine she thinks shes a know it all... says well its cause your over weight.. one.. thats not
true that. my doctor said anyone can snore it depends on their make. i said yes i can stand to lose 20 pounds she said thats great but dont let others tell you its your weight.
i've been very depressed about it.
whey dont people find out fact before they say something hurtful
has anyone gone thru this and have you have things removed to help with allergies or snoring?

Donna....... kinda lost

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