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Posted By : Chartreux - 9/14/2016 7:59 AM
Is there a link between seizures and alzheimers? I really believe my mom is having seizures and going into psychotic states and that it's part of her alzheimers.
She is in the ER today because of talking about murder and striking staff at the nursing home, yet yesterday was a very good day for her. So I'm thinking it's possible she had a seizure last night.
My brother needs to ask about this as he has POA (power of Attorney) on my mom and lives closer to her.
It's just hard for me...She's in Michigan and I'm in Texas...
Also, are there are tests for alzheimers? My brother says there are none and just lets the doctor say she has dementia. I thought there was testing for alzheimers, so what is true?
Thank you and thank you for letting me vent, it's been frustrating.

Posted By : Steve n Dallas - 9/14/2016 11:15 AM
Sounds like dementia to me... Maybe with some Sundowners thrown in.

My dad escaped from his care center and went to a nearby neighborhood to warn people about the little green men that was here to take over.... When he first started with Sundowners I finally got to talk to him first hand about seeing people in his apartment.... I mentioned that they sound like nice people and it could be good to have company.... I asked him if it bothered him that they were there... He looked at ME like I had lost MY mind... "Wouldn't it bother you to see people you know aren't really there?"

My mother is almost as bad... Some parts of the day she is funny/happy and appears normal. Then she'll turn real mean and all the care center staff know to watch out if she has her cane in hand...

Posted By : eat2bwell - 9/14/2016 1:13 PM
Check out the Ketogenic diet. Some people find it helpful with dementia and alzheirmer's.

Posted By : JaSanne - 9/15/2016 7:44 PM
I believe the description of your mother's behavior would fit the symptoms of Alzheimer's, though I can't say one way or another about seizures. My father had times of clarity and then times when he was incoherent or agitated, and it would cycle, usually due to an underlying infection. His disease affected his organs, causing infections and ramping up the dementia until it was under control with antibiotics. Whenever my father was having an episode where he wasn't acting like himself, his eyes would be glazed over.

As to your question regarding testing - has your mother been evaluated by a neurologist? From the Alzheimer's Association:

"There is no single test that proves a person has Alzheimer's. A diagnosis is made through a complete assessment that considers all possible causes."
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Posted By : Alice22 - 9/18/2016 8:21 PM
I don't think even a neurologist can diagnose someone with Alzheimer's with 100% certainty. They usually say "likely Alzheimer's". When my mother was exhibiting the early signs of dementia several years ago and my sister brought her to a neurologist, he said it was probably Alzheimer's. But during another visit years later he said he was less sure about that because she was declining very slowly. I believe I read that Alzheimer's can only be diagnosed with certainty after the person has died through an autospy.
Having said all that, having worked in nursing homes for several years, my guess would be that your mother has Alzheimer's, and I think mine does, too.
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Posted By : elenacook - 12/23/2016 8:57 AM
When you say "seizures", can you describe exactly what you mean?

Epileptic-type seizures are relativekly rare in Alzheimers.

There are a battery of tests that can be done for dementia - its very important to screen for easily reversible causes eg Vit deficiences.

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