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Posted By : gfields - 11/29/2016 7:22 PM
There has been a study released saying Mefenamic acid cures alzheimers disease in mice. Has anyone here tried this drug?

I would like to find out a way to get this and try it. Of course, no doctor would prescribe this for me.

Posted By : Steve n Dallas - 12/1/2016 5:42 AM
The article states among other things:

"Plans for clinical human trials are already at an early stage, with scientists working on a proof-of-concept for human neuroinflammation."

It could be years before they "start" trials on humans.

Posted By : notsosicklygirl - 12/1/2016 5:46 PM
I took it for headaches and it works wonders. There's one available under the brand name ponstel. Hopefully it works as well for Alzheimers in humans!

Not to be silly, but i think it's prescribed for "that time of the month" type stuff and migraines. You could say you've taken it for migraines in the past. I'd say the brand name... tongue
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Posted By : riteaid14 - 5/15/2017 7:13 PM
Since I heard that medicine maybe can reverse the Alzheimer's disease symptoms completely, I had tried it for more than nine months since then, I found no way it can be done, though I did feel the medicine does help relieve some symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease by some degree on some aspects, like numbers, languages, logistics and reactions but not in name recognitions, certain kind of memories and Hippocampus functions-short term memories. In all, it does helped me a lot in my daily live, at least so far so good; although more research/trial for human use is underway, it could be years before it can reach a conclusion and prescribed to patients. Hope the researcher can finish the trial and make good for all the suffered people! Be remember, this is not a cure for all medicine, don't expect whole reverse of the Alzheimer's disease symptoms; since when cells died, it's dead forever, nothing can reverse the dead process, the only thing it can be done is to repair those damaged cells due to inflammation and make it work regularly again, that's it! Though this is still a great news but it has it's limitation and should not be treated as a miracle! the Alzheimer's disease is a very complex medical condition, mixed treatment options are required simultaneously, be patient and wait for trial result before firecracker celebration can be fired. yeah

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