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Dental Care for Diabetes  Sherrine  10/2/2016
Prediabetes diagnosis  Virgogirl67  5/29/2016
Glucose vs. A1c question  onthefence  4/30/2016
Statins and type ll diabetes  Ringer4  3/14/2016
My Glucose is 250 mg/dl  Sammas  3/7/2016
Hello type 2 Diabetic here  MickeyMom  2/26/2016
Type 1 Diabetes Complications  janetsinger19  2/16/2016
Pre-diabete****  BookRead66  2/7/2016
Steroid induced diabetes??!  Rose*flo  2/3/2016
Need Some Diabetes Direction  Angeleyes13  1/20/2016
Collecting Some Thoughts on Diabetes  HFAfellow  1/12/2016

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Alternative Therapies for Diabetes
Many alternative treatments have been studied in treating diabetes, including acupuncture, biofeedback, guided imagery, and vitamins.

Diabetes Treatment is More Convenient, Less Painful and Less Expensive
Prescription drugs are improving, monitoring devices are getting more advanced (and less painful!) and there's even good news about diabetes and insurance in America.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Diabetes
Thanks to the increase in sources and types of health information, now we can all walk into the doctor's office prepared with questions and ideas about our own health issues.

Blood Glucose Monitoring at Home
For millions of Americans with diabetes, regular home testing of blood glucose levels is critical in controlling their disease.

Obesity, Lifestyle and Your Patient's with Diabetes
New information supports the significant benefits of incorporating physical activity, behavior and use of medication into the treatment of obesity.

Diabetes Demands Triad of Treatments
There are over 16 million Americans suffering from diabetes mellitus, a chronic disease in which the pancreas produces too little or no insulin, but there are new treatments available.

Overcoming Juvenile Diabetes
Most people are first diagnosed with Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes during the teen years.

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