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important question about gerd  rabiya  6/22/2017
Kumbucha For GERD?  DukesMom  6/20/2017
Would daily use of NyQuil caused GERD  RemyRemy  6/18/2017
GERD on Steroids!  DukesMom  6/15/2017
Future cure of gerd?  rabiya  6/11/2017
GERD and Chronic Illness  YetSoFar  6/5/2017
GERD Help  Snasti  6/4/2017
Seasonal Allergies & GERD?  MBrooklyn85  6/4/2017
GERD and PVCs. Anyone else?  Melissuh  6/2/2017
prednisone and heartburn  chicke  6/1/2017
Struggling with Heartburn  hopeful1982  5/31/2017
Newly DX with GERD  Mrs.Worried  5/26/2017

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Traditional Nonsurgical GERD Treatments Not Impressive
But newer methods are replacing ones studied, experts say.

If You've Got GERD
Suggestions to help manage symptoms.

Prevent Heartburn
Stay clear of foods that cause symptoms.

Keep GERD Under Control
Treatment can prevent complications.

Is GERD Causing Sleep Problems?
Suggestions to tame your heartburn.

Reflux Problems Not Limited to Adults
Babies and children can also suffer from severe gastric distress, experts say.

Heartburn Can Be a Sign of Serious Disease
Left untreated, acid reflux symptoms can cause throat strictures, cancer, group warns.

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