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Attacking AIDS with a 'Cocktail' Therapy
by J. Henkel
New combined drug "cocktails" have helped change AIDS from being an automatic death sentence to what is now often a chronic, but manageable, disease.
How to Prevent and Treat AIDS
by M. Kubic
New drugs, a home blood test collection kit, an oral diagnostic test, an HIV antigen test, an HIV-1 antigen test for blood supply, and an HIV viral load test are among recent products used to prevent, diagnose and treat HIV and AIDS.
Mother and Child: The HIV Connection
by M. Segalr
About 1 in 4 of babies born to HIV-infected women at that time become infected before or during birth
Concern About AIDS in Minority Communities
by A. Greeley
Rapid increases in HIV infection are showing up among minorities, specifically in the African American and the Hispanic communities.
Women and AIDS
by M. Segal
Infections with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, have been rising faster in women than in men.
Condoms: Barriers to Bad News
by T. Nordenberg
For those who choose to have sex with someone who has any chance of being infected, using a latex condom during every sexual encounter can significantly reduce the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Olive Leaf Extract for HIV?
by S. Meyer
Get the update on this alternative treatment for HIV and how it could possibly boost your immune system.
Algae for HIV : Blue, Green or Red?
by S. Meyer
Another review of a popular alternative treatment for HIV that claims to strengthen immunity.
Alternative Therapy for HIV : The Scoop on DCNB
by S. Meyer
Sharon Meyer explores another alternative treatment, DCNB and why it should be approached with caution.

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