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When Mom or Dad Has Alzheimer's... What Type of Care is Best?
Clare Absher
Planning ahead by exploring living arrangements and care for your parent or loved one with Alzheimer's is critical when it comes time to making the right decision.
Should I Hire a Home Care Assistant Privately or through a Home Care Agency?
Clare Absher
If you are a family caregiver and realize that you can't do it alone and help is needed, then congratulations are in order!
One in Three Will be Affected by Dementia
by Jacqueline Marcell
If you're caring for elderly loved ones and find the task daunting, then you're in the same position that new author, Jacqueline Marcell, found herself.
Maintaining Selfhood and Dignity in Alzheimer's Patients
by N. Bryce
How to avoid labeling a person with Alzheimer's Disease and see each one as a real person.
Book Excerpt : Is It Alzheimer's?
by R. Granet & E. Fallon
An introduction to a new book about how to help someone you are concerned may have Alzheimer's and what to do about it.
Alzheimer's : Few Clues on the Mysteries of Memory
by A. Hingley
Guides you through the maze of Alzheimer's, its symptoms, treatment and ongoing research efforts.
Tips on Wandering in Alzheimer's Patients
by E. Knox
Wandering is one of the biggest risks for Alzheimer's patients. Find out what you can do.
Tips on Sundowning in Alzheimer's Patients
by E. Knox
Sundowning is a state of increased agitation, activity and negative behaviors which happen late in the day through the evening hours.
Where is the Joy in Alzheimer's Caregiving?
by B. Murphy
The author shows that by allowing joy to happen caregiving can be rewarding in its own way.
Alzheimer's Disease and Incontinence
by B. Murphy
How to maintain patient dignity and manage incontinence care.
Managing Agitation Behavior in Alzheimer's Patients
by R. O'Boyle
Suggestions on how to identify, understand and manage agitation behaviors.
Intimacy, Marriage and Alzheimer's Disease
by R. O'Boyle
Even with the onset of dementia, there are still facets of your relationship you can nuture.

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