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Multiple Sclerosis: Drug Therapy vs. Exercise Therapy
by C. & E. Stull
Medical orthodoxy will commend the pharmaceutical approach, but scarcely mention exercise. This is one case where exercise was more effective than drug treatment.
Slurry Speech and MS
by L. Moorhead
Slurry speech, also known as dysarthria, can be a troubling and frustrating symptom of MS. The author contributes her ideas on how she copes.
Finding a Doctor to Treat Your MS
by C. Reynolds
One woman's experience and suggestions in finding a doctor that you can be comfortable with and who can guide you to where you want to be.
Looking Beyond the Storms of Multiple Sclerosis
by Charli
Too often, we focus on the storms that multiple sclerosis brings to our lives. We can take these thoughts of disability and turn them into thoughts of ability.
MS and the Fatigue Factor
by P. Martin
When asked about MS-specific fatigue, many sufferers anecdotally describe it as "bone-tired" or "wearing a suit of armor". But there is more to fatigue than you may think.
Herbs for MS
by L. Moorhead
Herbal remedies to help alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, including fatigue.
MS : The Silent Partner
by L. Moorhead
Multiple Sclerosis works silently and swiftly sometimes moving from symptom to symptom in a matter of days or weeks.
Telling Your Kids You Have MS
by L. Moorhead
How to face the difficulty of explaining your diagnosis to children in a way that they will understand.
A Woman's Touch : MS and Feminity
by L. Moorhead
When was the last time you were proud of your body? Or the last time you felt sexy? MS can ravage a woman�s sense of identity. Find out how to recapture your feminity.

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