Lyme Disease

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Why are there no accurate tests for Lyme?  ShmilyKate  7/23/2016
NOT Lyme?? What the heck is going on?  collegelymie  7/22/2016
This a tick bite?  Whodunnits86  7/22/2016
Moved to two doxys - lyme rage  jiggly080365  7/22/2016
Does this look like a Lyme rash?  Hope 196  7/21/2016
Neurological Lyme Treatment  jiggly080365  7/21/2016
Great article on LYME  Huddie  7/21/2016
Stevia. Lyme biofilm treatment  phsinvent  7/20/2016
Lyme, stress and itchy skin  julymorning  7/20/2016
Is anxiety a symptom of Lyme?  Luv2Travel  7/20/2016
Anyone get second tick bite?  pictureofhealth  7/20/2016
Lyme treatment help!?!?  Jlnisbett  7/20/2016

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Introduction to Lyme Disease
Comprehensive guide to symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and ongoing research.

Tick-Borne Illnesses: An Overview
Lyme Disease is one of a number of infectious diseases that are transmitted by ticks.

Neurological Symptoms of Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease often manifests itself in the nervous system. Find out what to look for.

Don't Take Lyme Disease Lightly
Did you know that Lyme disease infected more than 23,000 Americans in 2002, more than double the number of those infected by West Nile?

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