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HealingWell.com is about living mindfully and healing well with chronic illness. It is a community where people come together, reach out, find support and understanding, and share what works for them with others. HealingWell.com features a thriving support community, blog, videos, newsletter, articles and resources to help you actively manage the challenges of living with chronic illness. The goal is simple....to help you take control of your illness and start "healing well".

HealingWell.com was launched in 1996. Today it has more than 150,000+ community members, 20,000+ newsletter subscribers, and 300,000+ social media followers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This site was created by Peter Waite, who was diagnosed with chronic illness nearly 20 years ago. Peter's vision was to create a community where people could reach out and find support and understanding from others dealing with chronic illness. He also wanted to encourage people to help others dealing with similar health challenges and by doing so find healing themselves. You can follow Peter's HealingWell blog to read more about his insights on chronic illness and his approach to healing and mindfulness.

Over the years, HealingWell.com has been featured by several major media publications, including BBC Online, USA Today, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Industry Standard, Reader's Digest, PBS.org, Forbes.com, and USA Weekend Magazine. HealingWell.com has also been the recipient of numerous awards. We have grown largely by word of mouth, serving millions of visitors around the world each month.

HealingWell.com is supported by donations and advertising.

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